13 of the Best Fence Colour Ideas For A Welcoming Outdoor Space

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Fences remain one of the most affordable ways to set a boundary and provide some privacy, but they’re not the nicest things to look at.

Before you start thinking about refreshing your fences paintwork, don’t reach for your typical everyday wood stain. There are so many better ways to refresh your fence, and make it become an integral part of your design aesthetic.

Just as a pre-warning, you won’t find one single dark brown look here. Take inspiration from the below fence colour ideas that will help to create a welcoming and stylish outdoor space this year.

13 of the Best Fence Colour Ideas For A Welcoming Outdoor Space

1.The Most Perfect Outdoor Neutral For Any Space

Neutral colours are popular both inside and outside a property, and they really do make an unexpected and stylish addition to a fence.

Take inspiration from the below where Cuprinol Natural Stone has been used to bring a modern and relaxed feel to this outdoor space.

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Instagram image credit: @the_suffolk_nest

2. A Beautiful Foundational Colour

If you like the look of neutrals, you’re going to love this stunning garden space designed by Luke Arthur Wells. Soft, neutral tones are easy on the eye and create a really relaxing place.

The fence paint colour used here is Well Grounded Exterior by Coat paints, a gorgeously soft biscuit colour.

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Instagram image credit: @lukearthurwells

3. Lean Into Those Natural Roots

There’s no denying that green makes for an excellent choice on a fence. It’s an earthy, natural colour and looks perfect in any outdoor space.

Lean into those earthy, olive shades with Pantalon by Farrow and Ball, this traditional colour is neither green nor brown and has a gorgeous metamorphic quality to it as the colour looks different in different lighting conditions.

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Image credit: Photography by Asher Mortensen, Wester agency @hotelthemonica

4. Don’t Stop At One Colour

If the idea of a one colour garden doesn’t sit well with you, try pairing a different colour on your fence and door. Stiffkey Blue exterior eggshell has been used here on the door for a wonderful pop of colour.

Keep your fences neutral with a soft biscuit tone, or go for something a little bit more contrasting like a green. Despite contrary belief, green and blue really should be seen together!

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Image credit: Farrow and Ball

5. Bring Timeless Definition To Your Garden

If neutrals aren’t your style, a defining paint like a charcoal grey, navy blue or black can be a refreshing alternative. Darker shades are not only much more forgiving in an outside space, but they bring definition to a garden and a touch of modernity.

Bishop Blue Wood Paint by Thorndown Paints has been used in this garden setting. A deep navy blue is a better choice than a black because the colour looks different in different lights, it’s got a little bit of extra visual interest to it than a flat matt black colour.

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Image credit: Thorndown Paints

6. Pair Beautiful Contrasting Shades

If you have your heart set on neutrals but worry it will feel bland in the space, why not pair two contrasting shades instead?

The added visual interest will draw the eye in, but complementary shades will work in creating a warm and more welcoming space.

The colours used in this stunning outdoor space are Hardwick White and Drop Cloth, both by Farrow and Ball in exterior eggshell.

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Instagram image credit: @hlhstyle

7. Sage Green Is The Easiest Colour On The Eye

I’ve mentioned it before on a calming bedrooms article that sage green is one of the easiest colours on the eye. Because of this, it naturally draws someone in and creates a calming and relaxing presence.

We absolutely love this garden transformation below! From a lifeless white to a stunning oasis, using the ever popular Mizzle shade from Farrow and Ball.

Instagram Image credit: @tomcouch and @joshsmithhosts

8. A Perfect Alternative To White

If you love sage green but want something a little more pastel coloured, Willow Tree by Dulux is a fab choice, and much more affordable than Farrow and Ball.

A sage green is a perfect alternative to a white, it’s easier on the eye than a white and brings more colour and warmth to the area.

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Image credit: Dulux

9. Embrace The Dark Side

If your garden is North facing or doesn’t get a lot of overall sunlight, you might be inclined to lean into the dark side instead.

A defining black will ground your garden and create a cocooning effect, especially if the fence wraps around a seating area. Black Ash Matt Exterior paint by Cuprinol has been used here.

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Image credit: Dulux

10. Add A Soft, Subtle Lick To Your Fence

We couldn’t resist including another dose of sage green inspiration for you, this time using paint shade Green 09 by Lick.

The sage green sets the tone for the space, paired with complementing reds and relaxing white furniture for a workable colour scheme.

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Instagram image credit: @stephsafford

11. Add Drama With Black

A black will certainly add drama and impact to your fences. By far one of the most forgiving colours that can be left until the summer season the following year.

Take note from the below and use Lick Black 01. Green works beautifully with a black colour scheme, create something similar by incorporating planters on the fence.

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Instagram image credit: @my_midcenturymakeover

12. Bring Mediterranean Vibes With White

If you want to instantly lighten a garden space, a white is one of the best ways to do it. It’s not the best colour in an outdoor space that withstands weathering, but it will instantly add a crisp and clean finish to a garden.

It brings a Mediterranean vibe with it, and it goes without saying that it is the easiest colour to pair with other shades in your colour scheme. White 04 by Lick has been used in the below outdoor space.

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Instagram image credit: @prettylittlevictorianreno

13. A Pop of Sunshine With Yellow

Nothing says Hello summer like a pop of yellow. There’s something unexpected but super welcoming about this colour on an exterior fence.

If you want a colourful affair in your garden, it really does make the perfect foundational colour to work from. Pair with colourful planters in contrasting colours for a really fun space. Recreate the look in your own outdoor space with shade Yellow 02 by Lick.

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Instagram image credit: @ourplaceinmargate
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