Thursday, September 18, 2014

LFW day 3!

Gilet - River Island
Hat - Primark
Bag - Ted Baker
LFW day 3 was another amazing and jam packed day! Having to travel down for the weekend meant that I could only carry so much. I repeated wearing the staples that were the shirt and brogues as they are just really great all rounders to put with any outfit. I spotted this beautiful furry gilet amongst the racks of sale clothes in River Island in the summer, it was the only one there and it was just one of those moments that you know it's meant to be! Its such a fun and glam addition to this outfit and really injects some fun into the dull colours. I am loving these Mango jeans too from House of Fraser, the slim leg fit and ashen grey colour is the perfect colour for autumn in my eyes. House of Fraser have a really great selection of other skinny jeans for Autumn at the moment which are definitely worth checking out! I had so much fun planning my outfits for Fashion week, from what I saw it really is those that wear the most simplistic and clean cut outfits that look the best and are the most popular for street style snaps!
In the morning I had some outfit pictures in South Kensington as well as making the mandatory visit to Harrods! I then headed down to the ME hotel in the Strand for the Ada Zanditon show. As I was queuing to go in I spotted Arabella Golby and Becca Rose in front of me!! They were so lovely and they kept me company whilst we waited to go in. The hotel was stunning and the seating arrangement for the catwalk show was quite unusual, as you'll see it was like an evening dinner seating plan, the atmosphere with the fairy lights and the flower arrangements was gorgeous!
 Provided with our pick of detox juice before the show started!
 Some random guys loving the pink goody bags naturally!
The evening wear was just stunning, the floating net skirts from the bodice are so delicate and a sure sign of what is to follow next summer. I loved The different textures and almost 3D shapes to some of the bodices, the skirt above is definitely a favourite look of mine.
Ada Zanditon came out at the end of the show with one of the models. I was almost shocked at how short the show actually was as I wished I had had a chance to get some more pictures and videos. Nevertheless I really enjoyed myself!

My second experience at LFW did not dissapoint, it definitely topped the one in February for me. I still wish that I could have attended more of the shows but there's only so much you can fit into one day huh?! Be sure to check out LFW day 2 if you haven't already! I say roll on February where I'm going to plan shows and outfits weeks in advance this time! 

What do you think about my outfit for day 3? What do you think of the Ada Zanditon outfits?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

LFW day 2!

So this weekend bright and early I headed down to London for LFW! After experiencing LFW in February I knew that I had to go back and do more this time. I am a massive fan of London as it is and any excuse will keep me flocking back until I can make the move to the big smoke. This weekend was so jam packed that I unfortunately missed a couple of shows as there was just so much to cram in! Anyway, I still had the most amazing time, I've split it up into the Saturday and Sunday for blog posts and I forewarn you that it's a very picture heavy post! I thought I would start off with what I wore and then what I got up to on day 2 at LFW!
Blanket cape - ASOS
Shirt - New Look
Necklace - Ebay
Jeans - Primark (DIY rips)
Brogues - Red Herring
Bag - Ted Baker
I absolutely loved what I wore if I do say so myself! But in hindsight a blanket cape in about 20 degrees heat was not my smartest idea!! I was SO hot and almost close to fainting on the tube, but all in the name of fashion huh? I wore my new brogues which also wasn't the best idea, my feet now resemble a huge blister! I loved walking into Somerset house though, it's crazy the amount of people that just start taking photos of you, the atmosphere was fab and it goes without saying that it is the best place to people watch and gain fashion inspiration from others. Overall the outfit was a hit and the blanket cape will be ideal for colder temperatures anyway. 
The first event of the day was the Aspinal of London LFW event in the House of Fraser on Oxford street. I loved the owl balloons that were scattered everywhere around the store, with another 2,000 to be set off in the streets of London, all containing vouchers amounting to various things to be redeemed against the Aspinal of London range.
The lovely CEO of Aspinal of London greeted us all and handed us over to the gorgeous girls who are Ella Gregory and Laura Jackson chatting all things fashion, blogging and about the fashion industry.
I had such a lovely time and it was amazing to be able to speak to them as well. Each guest also got given a lovely goody bag with an owl balloon and Aspinal Of London heart keyring. We each also had street style pictures taken of us and the one with the most likes on their Facebook page wins a bag from their new range ooo!
The next stop was Somerset house. Even though I came up for a show in Feb I never actually visited Somerset house so I was like a child at Christmas! So overhwhelmed by the outrageous outfits, the photographers and the general atmosphere. Somerset house is just the perfect setting, it goes without saying that its just fab for outfit pictures too, the buildings are so pristine and clean!

I of course had my obligatory photo in front of this!
Snapping a bit of street style at Somerset house!
As I was leaving I bumped into Megan Ellaby ahh! She was one of the first fashion blogs I ever followed and I absolutely adore her style. Megan was so so lovely, I also met a few other bloggers on the weekend that I definitely fangirled at too! It's so weird meeting bigger bloggers as I  feel like I know them by living their lives through their blogs and Instagram, am I the only one who feels like this?! haha.
We then headed down to the Shopcade LFW pop up store in Covent Garden.
Any event that has Lola's cupcakes is a favourite of mine mmm
Such gorgeous furs and glitters from Gemma Goldstone, I love discovering new boutiques and unique clothing stores like this!
The cutest and fluffiest accessoreies from Amelia Jane London, I NEED one of the fluffy bobble hats!
After rushing around all day it was definitely time for a sugar hit. I adore the chain coffee shops as much as the next person but in London I love discovering cute, unique cafes and I was too happy to stumble upon the Primrose Bakery situated in Covent Garden.
Cupcakes seem to be my new favourite thing at the moment, so many delicious flavours to pick from.
I went for a carrot cake one and James got a malteaser cupcake, they were seriously SO good. If you ever find yourself in London I fully recommend a visit, you will not be disappointed. I already cant wait to head back again sometime soon..
A quick walk down to embankment and we stumbled across a Snog double decker!! Yes, you heard right, you could line up for a frozen yoghurt and head upstairs to sit in the bus whilst overlooking the thames. Why does London have the best stuff ever?!
This made me laugh far more than it should have..
We then stumbled upon an amazing carnival themed set up, I'm not too sure what it was all in aid of but everything was set around a carnival,pretty cool!
Love shack baby yeahhh
At first glance I thought this was your average carousel.. It's actually a bar with tables which are the horses.
It doesn't matter how many times I visit London, this will always be my favourite view.
One last picture to top the most amazing Saturday spent in London. Fashion, food and James, what more could I possibly need in life?! Do stay tuned for my next installment of LFW day 3 which will be up on Thursday! 

What do you think of my LFW outfit? Did you head down for the weekend? Do you like London? Whats your favourite thing to do in London?

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