Top 15 Wallpaper Trends for 2024 Unveiled

wallpaper trends 2024
Image credit: Fiona Howard Wallpapers ROCKPOOLS wallpaper in Sand

Wallpaper has always been a popular choice of wall covering in interiors. It perfect for disguising not so perfect walls, and it’s a great way to instil added colour and personality than traditional wall paint.

Wallpaper trends do come and go, and keeping up with trends when you don’t opt for timeless designs is key to having a wallpapered interior that doesn’t look dated.

The top designs for 2024 all take a nod from the interior design trends that are filtering into our interiors this year. Here are 15 of the top wallpaper trends for 2024 to inspire your next project.

Top 17 Wallpaper Trends for 2024 Unveiled

1.Tropical Inspired Prints

Larger scale prints are in, and tropical style patterns aren’t going anywhere. This style of wallpaper is incredibly popular in small downstairs toilets, bursting with personality and vivacity.

To nail incorporating a wallpaper like this, keep your flooring relatively plain and neutral to avoid the space clashing. This style of wallpaper works well on an entire length of a wall, or in a half panelling style.

wallpaper trends 2024 2
Image credit: Deus ex Gardenia ‘Resplendent Woods’ Wallpaper In Forest

2. Lean Into Warmer, Richer Reds

Experts have confirmed the lean into warmer and richer colours for use in our interiors in 2024, and if paint isn’t your thing, wallpaper is a great alternative to pay homage to these colours.

Rather than a conventional primary colour red, look for dustier or richer shades of red. Combined with white, and this stunning Sandberg Wallpaper leads by example. A gorgeous choice for a bedroom, living room or beyond.

wallpaper trends 2024 3
Image credit: Sandberg Wallpaper Forest Toile Red Wallpaper

3. Quiet Designs For A Peaceful Home

There remains this desire for quiet, peaceful interiors in 2024. It’s what Dulux based their 2024 colour of the year Sweet Embrace on.

Fiona Howards wallpaper designs demonstrate perfectly what quiet, thoughtful designs look like. Each unique design is conceived as a sketch inspired by nature and hand carved and printed slowly and carefully into lino blocks in Fiona’s studio. 

wallpaper trends 2024

4. Mural Art Is In

Wall murals have previously been out of reach for many as they can be timely and very expensive to achieve. You can now get the look in a cost effective way with wallpaper mural artwork.

This style of wallpaper adds a more fluid approach to interiors, rather than a traditional block style pattern. It avoids monotony in the space, and allows you to incorporate a series of complementary colours in harmony with one another.

wallpaper trends 2024 4
Image credit: I Love Wallpaper Moscato Mural in Gold Tones

5. On-trend Comforting Brown Tones

Perhaps, our favourite wallpaper trend for 2024. If you are a lover of neutrals but don’t want the ‘beige and boring aesthetic’, introduce texture.

Textured wallpaper is one of the greatest ways to instil a sense of comfort, cosiness and depth to a room. Take inspiration from the below brown textured wallpaper from Graham & Brown, it has cream undertones shining through when the light hits it, it is the perfect base for a stylish room.

wallpaper trends 2024 5
Image credit: Rustic Weft Toast Wallpaper Graham & Brown

6. Small Scale Botanical Print

It’s not all about large scale. Delicate, charming botanical prints are reigning supreme. In thoughtful, soft colours they add to that quiet and thoughtful interior that instils a sense of calm as you step through the front door.

The wallpaper featured below is the Jasmine wallpaper 3901 by Farrow and Ball.

wallpaper trends 2024 6
Image credit: Jasmine Wallpaper Farrow and Ball

7. Stripes Are Always A Good Idea

When we talk about trends, stripes aren’t ever a ‘trend’. They bring a timeless approach to an interior, whatever the age of the property.

Add a modern approach to striped wallpaper by elevating the ceiling with a bold colour. The ‘fifth wall’ is your opportunity to create an on-trend and stylish entrance. Pick the colour from the stripes and use a similar tone on the ceiling for a cohesive look.

Generally all types of stripes go, but these smaller scale, ticking style stripes are bang on trend for 2024 through wallpaper, and fabrics.

wallpaper trends 2024 7
Image credit: Smoke Blue Farnworth Stripe Wallpaper Laura Ashley

8. Large Scale Florals

Whilst small scale prints are having a moment, large scale florals are in. This type of pattern doesn’t have to just be enjoyed by large spaces, in fact, sometimes larger scale can give the illusion of a bigger space in a small room.

This is a mural wallpaper by William Morris which makes it somewhat easier to install than wallpaper. There’s never not a William Morris wallpaper that we don’t love. They bring a really classic style with them to an interior.

wallpaper trends 2024 8
Image credit: Marigold Wallpaper Mural by William Morris at

9. Two Tone Wallpaper

You’ve seen two tone painted walls and half wall panelling, but what about two tone wallpaper?

I see this as a new emerging trend that we will be seeing a lot more of in 2024. This juxtaposition of wallpaper styles is a real visual treat for the eyes, the idea is to create a perfect separation with a dado rail. Paint it in the same tone as one of the wallpapers for an intentional feel.

We love the choice of wallpaper here, using the same style but in different colour ways for a fun combination.

wallpaper trends 2024 9
Image credit: DIVINE SAVAGES CRANE FONDA WALLPAPER in ‘Soft Copper Metallic’ and ‘Black Gold’ PHOTO CREDIT @drummonds_bathrooms

10. Fake The Panelling Look

Panelling wallpaper isn’t new, but tongue and groove panelling certainly isn’t going anywhere. T&G panelling can prove not only expensive, but it often requires a DIY professional to install it correctly.

This wallpaper by Laura Ashley looks incredibly realistic. You get the 3D panelling effect, all without the grief. Panelling is subject to heat and movement over time and often requires being fitted onto a frame where you lose a little bit of space. This is the perfect medium, finished in a stunning and on-trend modern neutral.

wallpaper trends 2024 10
Image credit: Laura Ashley Dove Grey Chalford Wood Panelling Wallpaper

11. Blue Should Always Be Seen

Whilst richer, warmer colours are part of the 2024 colour palette, blue is an unexpected but gorgeous entrant.

We believe blue should always be seen in an interior, it’s relaxing, restorative and looks incredible on this small scale print wallpaper by Abigail Borg. The perfect example as to how you can perfectly mix a range of patterns for a visually exciting interior.

wallpaper trends 2024 11
Image credit: Kappar Stone Wallpaper By Abigail Borg

12. Neutral Textured Wallpaper

Finnish based brand Feathr is leading the way with textured wallpaper. This neutral, wood slat panelling look adds verticality and a sense of serenity.

We’re seeing a lot more movement towards textured wallpapers this year. The last few years have heavily featured panelling, but people are looking for more modern, peace centric designs in their homes now. This wallpaper is the perfect balance between texture and colour.

wallpaper trends 2024 12
Image credit: Feathr Surin Wallpaper – Sand

Feathr added, “There are some beautiful textured wallpapers out there that are perfect for creating a calming and relaxing space. They’re also great for disguising imperfections in walls, so they’re perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. What better example is there than the Surin bamboo texture wallpaper, which instantly transforms any space into a calm and balanced environment”.

If you want something with a more subtle texture, take inspiration from this classic Nordic texture pattern wallpaper called Raita, by Johanna Gullichsen, it’s just perfect to add some depth to the wall.

wallpaper trends 2024 16
Image credit: Feathr

13. Retro, Kitsch Designs Are Making A Comeback

Interior design often works on a lifecycle, and we are seeing some pretty retro and kitsch designs coming back into fashion.

This is an example of a trending wallpaper that is on-trend now, but won’t be in a few years time. This loud and proud wallpaper could be used as a focal accent in a kitchen, fun reading nook or even a bedroom.

wallpaper trends 2024 13
Lust Home Mad for Matisse Wallpaper in Earthy Orange, Toffee and Mustard

14. Moody, Sultry Tones

Darker, moodier tones of wallpaper all play into that lean towards richer colours. This Lime Lace wallpaper is enticing and a great choice for a kitchen, bedroom, living room or beyond.

Darker colours bring a sense of calm and cosiness, with a contrasting lighter shade that can help to achieve that stylish and earthy interior.

wallpaper trends 2024 14
Image credit: Lime Lace Bombe’s Fernery Wallpaper

15. Sage Green Is Easy On The Eyes

I have said it time and time again on Sleek-chic Interiors, sage green is one of the easiest shades on the eyes to perceive, and it’s not going anyway.

Sage green paint shades are ever popular, but how about taking it to your wallpaper? This whimsical wallpaper by Fiona Howard Wallpapers is the perfect companion for a sage green half panelled wall. There’s something ultra comforting about sage green and it is one of the hottest shades for wallpaper as we go through 2024.

wallpaper trends 2024 15
Image credit: Fiona Howard Wallpapers SUMMER MEADOW wallpaper in Sage

Wallpaper can be an exciting way to elevate your interiors and with recent years, panelling has become an emerging trend, but interiors are seeking something softer and more thoughtful now.

Wallpaper is a perfect design feature, but it can involve a little more involvement than paint. We think the extra time involvement definitely pays off! Which of these wallpaper trends will you be trying this year?

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