Embrace The Stripe Hype With These 15 Striped Bathrooms You’ll Want to Copy

striped bathroom
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra Deck Chair Porcelain Rose Tiles

One bathroom trend taking it by storm in 2024 is stripes. There’s something lovable about this pattern from fashion through to interiors, and it could just be the style you’re looking for to literally elevate your bathroom.

Stacked, vertical, horizontal, there’s plenty of ways to utilise this trend in your bathroom. We enlisted the expert help of Grazzie Wilson , Head of Creative at Ca’Pietra for her five top striped bathroom schemes. Plus, we’ve thrown in 10 of our favourites that will help to inspire your next project.

15 Striped Bathrooms You’ll Want to Copy

1.Stripes, But Make Them Micro

Traditionally we think of stripes as quite chunky in nature, especially in tile form. But micro stripes are on the rise, and they look even better.

Grazzie added, “Some tiles come with stripes printed straight onto their surface, and some do stripes in a more subtle textured way. Enter Bamboo (as shown below)”.

“These porcelain tiles are made up of matchstick stripes, and with their satin finish that varies from matte to gloss you end up with a wall that’s so textural you will find yourself running your hand over it every time you go to the bathroom”.

“Go one better and combine two colours of Bamboo tiles. One row in one colour way, beneath a layer in a different shade, and repeat”.

striped bathroom 2
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra Bamboo White

2. A Timeless Green and White Stripe

Nothing says Hello like green and white stripes expertly installed with these hand painted green and white stripes tiled by Sarah Balineum.

These tiles really come into their own in this shower enclosure as the tiled ceiling creates a cosy and inviting shower space.

striped bathroom 6
Instagram image credit: @orlaread

3. Stacked Zellige

These stacked zellige tiles offer a handmade, yet modern feel in this bathroom. The same format is used on the bath panel for a continuation of the look.

It goes without saying that the brass hardware details are the perfect finishing touch for this fresh look.

striped bathroom 7
Instagram image credit: @lizziegreen.co

4. Two-Tonal on the Tub

Don’t forget about the tub! Transform those white panels into something that not only looks beautiful, but seamlessly works with the tile play in the space.

Grazzie said, “Next up, a bathroom so mesmerising you may find you’ll in a total trend trance on the daily. There’s a lot to admire from the border art and multi-directional metro tile layout, but we’re here to talk about stripes, so all eyes on that bath tub”.

“We used our washed pastel effect porcelain tiles, aptly named Petite because of their bitesize form, laying them vertically and alternating the colours between the gloss Blue and Sky finishes. The result? A bath panel seriously upgraded and earning its style stripes”.

striped bathroom 3
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra Petite Porcelain Gloss Blue And Sky and Kashmir Porcelain Earthern

5. Take It Horizontal

Vertical stacked tiles are a go to, but have you considered horizontal stripes?

Wrapping these tiles around the room, it can create a cosy, enveloping feel. Take note from the below and pair black and white mosaic tiles for a striped effect.

striped bathroom 8
Instagram image credit: @waldoworks

6. Embrace Stripes With Wallpaper

If you don’t want to carry the expense of tiles, striped wallpaper is a great alternative that’s affordable and relatively easy to install if you’re a dab hand with wallpapering.

Wallpaper is generally not the best wall solution in a high humidity place, so you do need to consider where this is being placed and how it will affect your wallpaper over time.

striped bathroom 9
Instagram image credit: @washingtonwintershow

7. Say Yes to Colour-Clashing Stripes

There’s something ultra delicious about the tile play in the Ca’ Pietra bathroom shown below. Pairing juxtaposing tiles and colours creates intense visual interest, and is a great way to reduce flatness that can be felt from one tile choice throughout.

Grazzie added, “There are so many colour combinations that I love, but one of my absolute favourites has to be pink and orange (a bit controversial some might say, but to me, it’s punchy, powerful and full of panache, done right)”.

“It’s a colour coupling that might take your mind to the iconic fuchsia pink and coral combo worn by Taylor Swift at the Grammy’s by Atelier Versace, but if that’s a bit too strong, then try on for size the rich and warming Seaton tile tones of Marmalade and Shrimp”.

“We used them in this fiery shower room to zone the sink area from the shower enclosure, lining them up to give rise to a ceiling to floor pinstriped wall in colours that are bold but far from brash. I love.”

vertical stacked tiles 6
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra Rialto Santa Croce Terrazzo and Seaton Marmalade and Shrimp

8. Create A Large Horizontal Stripe Effect

Take a nod from singular stripes and raise them by one in laying two stripes of tiles in different colours. Otto Tiles have been used here to create a stunning horizontal stripe effect. There’s just something about that green and white combo in a bathroom…

striped bathroom 10
Instagram image credit: @Laura.fantacci

9. Lean Into Diagonals

Don’t let conventional stripes shoehorn you into a specific striped bathroom, diagonals look just as good.

Create a backsplash or feature wall out of them in your shower/bath enclosure for a bold statement.

striped bathroom 11
Instagram image credit: @annermascaro

10. Pattern Mash-Up

The sentiment, go hard or go home springs to mind here. It’s proof that going bold and trying something different can pay dividends in your space.

Grazzie said, “The gentle pastel tones of Petite in Sky and White but this time in the matte finish draw upon the colours in the botanical wallpaper to help them all tie together. Tiling halfway up the wall in a wainscoting-inspired approach creates further balance with a single row of the Petite tiles clearly sectioning off the two patterns. Both busy, both beautiful, yet balanced and 100% happy in a room together”.

striped bathroom 4
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra Petite Porcelain Gloss Olive & White with Rialto Terrazzo Laguna Floor

11. Meticulously Blend It Into The Floor

Take those stripes from the floor and half way up the wall. This style of striped bathroom creates a super cool and cohesive look that makes the stripes look intentional, as if they have slid straight off the wall.

We’re smitten with a blue and white combination for a restorative feel.

striped bathroom 12
Instagram image credit: @mondayonline

12. Candy Coloured Floor Stripes

Why not feature stripes on the floor instead? These candle coloured diagonal lines draw the eye in and really set the tone for the rest of the bathroom.

When can we move in?

striped bathroom 13
Instagram image credit: @numberseventy_1

13. Floor to Wall Stripes

Take those tiles from floor to ceiling, it’s even more effective in stripe form as it will elongate the walls, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

“Pink Sands, Deep Sea, Sky and White Sands combine and create a stripe upon stripe of complementary colours. But it doesn’t end there. Eyes to the floor and you’ll see further stripes still by way of our Deck Chair floor tiles in Rose”.

“Why lay those stripes one way when you can mix things up a bit more and have multidirectional floor stripes? Because of the carefully considered colour palette, you can 100% get away with as much striped playfulness as you please”.

“Proof that too many stripes certainly don’t spoil the broth but make it taste all the more scrumptious”.

striped bathroom 5
Image credit: Ca’Pietra Deck Chair Porcelain Rose & Seaton Ceramic

14. Wrap It Around The Bathroom

Horizontal stripes can look great. It’s easier to use these throughout the entire bathroom than a vertical pattern as it literally wraps the space.

A sage green and white combo offers a timeless look that will stand the test of time.

striped bathroom 14
Instagram image credit: @houseeditss

15. Create A Feature Wall of Stripes

You don’t need to use stripes all over to get the benefit out of this pattern. Install a wall of striped tiles on a feature wall only. It will draw the eye in, make a statement yet doesn’t make the bathroom decor feel claustrophobic.

Pair with differing tiles on the adjacent walls for a true design statement.

Plus, what’s not to love about a pink bathroom? We’re in!

striped bathroom
Image credit: Ca’ Pietra Deck Chair Porcelain Rose Tiles
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