Small Laundry Room Ideas: 23 Stunning Space Saving Ideas

small laundry room ideas

Lucky enough to have a separate laundry or utility room? Make the most out of the space with innovative storage and styling ideas.

There’s no doubt it is one of the most functional rooms in any home, but this doesn’t mean it has to be uninspiring and lack style. Keep reading to discover some of our favourite small laundry room tips and tricks.

Small Laundry Room Ideas: 23 Stunning Space Saving Ideas

1.Stack Your White Goods

Maximise the potential of the vertical space in your laundry room by stacking your appliances, for example your washing machine and tumble dryer. 

This inevitably saves on floor space and can be integrated behind a door to make sure it’s hidden away.

small laundry room
Instagram image credit: @interiorsaddict

2. Add Verticality With Storage & Shelving

Consult a local carpenter to help build some bespoke shelving in a small laundry room. Alternatively, if you’re a fan of DIY then you may want to take this project on yourself.

Scaffold boards and old railway sleepers work really well and give a truly rustic feel. Store your laundry accessories on shelves to keep your countertops clear of clutter.

small laundry room 1
Instagram image credit: @hanashappyhome

3. Build Storage From The Floor To Ceiling

Use every inch of space you have available and build storage from the floor of your laundry room to the ceiling. 

Be inspired by the cosy set up pictured below and include a rail to hang clothes on as well as stylish baskets for storing any bits and bobs that you want out of sight.

small laundry room 2
Instagram image credit: @esdesign7

4.Steal Space From A Downstairs Shower Room

Downstairs shower rooms are often a very practical space that can be used as a wet room. If there’s space in yours, consider incorporating a designated laundry area with a washing machine, a tumble drier and some pull out drawers.

A great idea is hanging a patterned curtain in front of your laundry area to disguise it when it’s not being used.

small laundry room 3
Instagram image credit: @laura.fantacci

5. Utilise A Corner Space

Whether you have a designated laundry room or a corner of your kitchen, design your utility area in a way that is practical and stylish.

Oak worktops are timeless and extremely durable and adding hooks on the wall will allow you to hang things like baskets and laundry bags.

small laundry room 4
Instagram image credit: @at_my_surrey_chalet

6. Add Fold Down Drying Racks

Try to seek out multifunctional furniture and innovative storage solutions. These fold down drying racks are a fantastic use of the space as they can easily be stored away when not in use.

Paint them the same colour as your wall so they blend in and aren’t too much of an eye sore.

small laundry room 5
Instagram image credit: @thebigashreno

7. Make Use of An Alcove Space

Many homes come with awkward alcoves that don’t always make the best out of the space that’s available. Design a laundry room to fit neatly in an alcove to give the space a purpose.

Add sliding or folding doors so it can be hidden away when not in use. This is ideal for a minimalist home.

small laundry room 6
Instagram image credit: @ashleigh_caroe

8. Make Laundry Fun With A Bold Feature Wall

You don’t have to fall into the trap of having an all-white, clinical laundry room. Add your own personality to it by adding a statement feature wall using either a bold paint colour or a patterned wallpaper.

If you’re feeling really brave, create a colour drenching effect by painting the entire room a vibrant colour.

small laundry room 7
Instagram image credit: @uniquelytaylormade

9. Fit A Compact Sink For The Perfect Laundry Room Setup

You may need to consider bespoke alternatives if you are working with a more compact and awkward space. For example, if you need a sink in your laundry room but don’t have the room to install a traditional butler sink, then smaller and more compact designs are available.

small laundry room 8
Instagram image credit: @gabypopovici

10. Create Storage In The Smallest of Spaces

However small your space is, there is always a clever solution. Try and find containers such as baskets or canvas bags that fit neatly into drawers and cupboards that will minimise the look of clutter.

small laundry room 9
Instagram image credit: @leahlanas

11. Keep Things Light & Neutral With Gloss Wall Tiles

You may want to incorporate tiles into your laundry room design, especially if there’s a sink involved. Neutral gloss wall tiles are a great choice if you want the room to feel light and bright.

Rather than laying them horizontally, go for a more modern take and lay them vertically for a sophisticated twist.

small laundry room 10
Instagram image credit: @_compass_studio_

12. Defining Floor Tiles Work Well In Smaller Spaces

Small spaces are often one of the most fun and exciting to design. Because expectations are low, you can afford to go bold with your styling choices.

Patterned floor tiles are a fabulous option to add visual interest to a small laundry room. Victorian-inspired designs are definitely a showstopper.

small laundry room 11
Instagram image credit: @lauren.nicole.designs

13. Combine Horizontal & Vertical Storage Solutions

This might be one of the most compact laundry rooms we’ve ever seen but what a fantastic use of the space.

Don’t just stick to one form of storage, whether that be horizontal or vertical. Try and incorporate both to squeeze every last bit of practicality out of your utility.

small laundry room 12
Instagram image credit: @closetenvyofficial

14. Add A Retro Feel With Fun Wallpaper & Paint

There’s something really fun and playful about a retro-inspired laundry room. Vintage laundrettes are iconic for their particular retro look and you can recreate this at home.

Opt for a wallpaper print that pays homage to the past and pair with a bright coloured paint to really mix things up. You can’t go wrong with a checkerboard floor!

small laundry room 13
Instagram image credit: @annelukandesign

15. Create A Space For Your Pet!

A laundry room is the ideal place to create a cosy chill out area for your pet. If you’ve got spare room underneath your countertop, this is the perfect spot to place a cat or dog bed.

small laundry room 14
Instagram image credit: @christinedunningtonphotography

16. A Clothes Rail Instantly Ups Your Laundry Game

Try and implement a clothes rail into your laundry room design. This is fabulous for keeping all of your laundry in one place, even when it’s drying or waiting to be ironed.

We love these canvas laundry trolleys, they feel effortlessly chic but at the same time are super practical.

small laundry room 15
Instagram image credit: @anitayokota

17. Simply Add A Countertop Across Your Units For A Workable Space

Don’t waste any surface space above your appliances. Install a worktop on top of them so you can use it for storing and displaying some of your laundry room items.

Oak or quartz are timeless options but if this isn’t in your budget, laminate will create a similar look.

small laundry room 16
Instagram image credit: @lonefoxhome

18. A Soft Sage Green Is The Perfect Calming Laundry Room Colour

Looking to decorate your laundry room in a colour that’s not black or white but you still want it to be fairly neutral? Sage green is the perfect compromise.

Pair a sage green colour palette with wooden work surfaces and panelling for a timeless feel.

small laundry room 17
Instagram image credit: @reno_1960s_house

19. Build Everything Into A Cupboard For A Minimal Feel When Shut

If you’re incorporating a laundry space in a bathroom then you’re probably going to want to keep it hidden.

Have a carpenter build a bespoke cabinet for you so your appliances can be shut away when you’re not using them.

small laundry room 18
Instagram image credit: @deco.dwelling

20. Elevate Details With A Clothes Rail, Cupboard & Heightened Splashback

Utilise the space between two wall cabinets by installing a rail. This can be used for hanging clothes on but also for other things such as towels and dishcloths.

A heightened splashback will add more colour and texture depending on the design of tile you choose. These miniature herringbone tiles are ultra cute.

small laundry room 19
Instagram image credit: @sgsdesigninteriors

21. Incorporate A Ceiling Drop Down Drying Rack

Avoid having to dry your clothes in your living room and install a ceiling drop down drying rack in your laundry space so you can keep everything contained in one area.

A classic wooden design looks stylish as well as being ultimately functional.

small laundry room 20
Instagram image credit: @firstsenseinteriors

22. Add An Iron Wall Rod For Added Storage

Don’t take any space for granted! If there is an empty wall then try to get the balance right between adding more storage but without cluttering the room.

This iron wall rod is simple and sophisticated and is the perfect space to store a dustpan and brush as well as other cleaning tools.

small laundry room 21
Instagram image credit:

23. Make Space In A Mudroom/Entryway & Shut Away When Not In Use

A boot room or mudroom is another area in the house that would feel appropriate to store your laundry appliances.

Be inspired by this bootroom and keep your stacked appliances hidden away behind integrated cupboards.

small laundry room 22
Instagram image credit: @johnlewisofhungerford
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