Luxury Laundry Room Ideas That Don’t Cost The Earth

luxury laundry room
Utility Room: Armac Martin

There is something quite American about a laundry room, otherwise known as a utility room if you’re in the UK, and it’s something I have always wanted! Alas, my flat certainly never had the space for one, but our new house has a small laundry room that I am SO excited about, albeit it needs some updating which I want to do on a budget.

Luxury laundry rooms are the new relaxing living space, there is something quite therapeutic about having a closed off space for your laundry, drying, perhaps even a separate sink or shower for your dog! It’s all about bringing limitless luxury into the most unexpected places. But quite frankly, since the rise of Mrs Hinch, I just love cleaning that little bit more than ever before, anyone else? I wanted to explore all of the different options to upgrade a laundry room into something a little bit special, but which doesn’t cost the earth.

Small Laundry Room Ideas With Sink

If you have the space, adding a sink to a small laundry room is highly practical and perfect for so many uses. Sometimes you do need that extra sink that doesn’t have last nights food in it, lol. It’s ideal for hand washing clothes, using it for cleaning and even washing a small dog.

If you have a washing machine, simply add a worktop and sink above it, you don’t need a lot of space to incorporate one, but a sink will take up room so make sure it’s definitely something that will be used.

laundry room with sink
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Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Mounted Dryer Racks

Small laundry rooms shouldn’t be seen as a hindrance, but an opportunity to get creative and maximise every square metre of spare space to its true potential. One clever way to do that is with mounted dryer racks – insane. There is nothing worse and cluttering than taking up floor space on a rainy day to dry your washing. Enter a mounted dryer rack. These can be attached to the wall, folded out when in use and folded straight back when not in use.

There are a few different ways they can be executed. Simply mount on the wall and away you go, or get one fitted into a cupboard that can be folded out when in use. The latter is preferable for larger spaces, but it’s a clean and unobtrusive way of using one whilst making use of existing cupboard space. I have also seen some that hang from the ceilings which create a gorgeous aesthetic.

mounted dryer rack utility room
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Hanging Rail

I love the aesthetic that a hanging rail can bring to a compact utility space, whilst it provides practicality too. A hanging rail is ideal for hanging up clothes that are drying, those that about to be steamed and for those times you just want to snap a really cute utility selfie for the gram!

laundry room
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Keep The Colours Separate

There is quite literally nothing more annoying then doing a load of washing and having to feel your way through everything dirty to split off the colours. Keeping colours separate pre-wash is a game changer. Washing baskets that have the separate sections are not a new invention, but having space in a utility room cupboard can help you to maximise your storage space, and nail the pre-wash game.

I love the idea of splitting off drawers to keep colours, whites and items for a hand wash. Anything that makes life easier surrounding household chores is worth doing, it genuinely does make it so much more enjoyable too. Plus, no more playing laundry roulette and hoping for the best when you mix that new purple top with the rest of your load!

Add A Worktop

If you have a couple of machines in situ, maximise that space on top! Adding a simple countertop is a cost effective way to suddenly add more space to a utility room. You can pick up cheap worktops from places like B&Q, Ikea and even discounted lines from Howden’s. It’s likely to only be a few metres and it will allow you to have a worktop, and more space to store the stuff that matters such as laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.

laundry room ideas
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Add Some Shelving

One of the best ways to add storage to your laundry room without adding more space is by taking it up off the floor and adding some shelving. It’s up to you whether you use the shelf to store detergent, pegs and other laundry room necessities or if you use it as an option to create the perfect laundry room shelfie. I mean, of course it’s going to be appearing on the gram or Pinterest at some point, so might as well make it look cute!

laundry room
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Decorative Baskets

One home can never have too many wicker or rattan baskets and this hot trend is set to continue throughout 2022, those rustic farmhouse interiors are a massive vibe. Million pound farmhouse, not optional. Baskets are just a great way to organise clutter in an easy way, whether it’s to store toilet rolls, towels, blankets, supplies or greenery. No laundry room should be without at least one.

laundry room
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If you have the space, or an existing laundry room to update, there are so many affordable ways to create something luxurious that will making that cleaning aesthetic work for you, and your home! Which laundry room ideas do you love?

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