23 Stunning Small Powder Room Ideas That Pack A Punch

small powder room ideas

A powder room adds great value to a property, and it’s super convenient to have in a busy household. Whilst they’re not often graced in the size department, I’m a firm believer that you can have a lot of fun with smaller interior spaces.

It doesn’t mean you have to pick the wildest pattern and run with it, elegant designs and considerate tile play can pack a punch in a small space and make it a beautiful escape from a transitional space.

Not sure where to start in planning your powder room? Take inspiration from these stunning small powder room ideas below..

23 Stunning Small Powder Room Ideas That Pack A Punch

1.Think Large Scale For Wallpaper

There’s a misconception about smaller spaces that you need to think smaller. In fact, opting for larger scale designs works in a favourable way by drawing the eye up and giving the illusion of a bigger space.

Pick a feature wall for a large scale wallpaper pattern. Choose an on-trend wallpaper and pair with tiles that tonally work with the wallpaper. It will make the space feel intentional and work in cohesion together.

small powder room
Instagram image credit: @thesanctuarydesigns

2. Half Wall Panelling Adds Interest

One of the greatest ways to add depth to any space is with half wall panelling. This is the perfect opportunity to add definition and instil character onto plain walls.

Make like the image below and paint the lower half in a defining shade, it will ground the space. Adding a lighter paint shade, or neutral wallpaper above works in drawing the eye up, giving the illusion of a bigger space. We love the antique brass details here for a really warm finish.

small powder room 1
Instagram image credit: @the.rh.effect

3. Inspire With Floor To Ceiling Wallpaper

Be brave and take your wallpaper from floor to ceiling for big impact in a small space.

Dusty red shades are bang on-trend for 2024, they bring a warming presence to a windowless powder room. Paint the trim and any cornicing detail in the same shade, a grey is effective here in balancing the intensity of the red.

small powder room 2
Instagram image credit: @torirubinsoninteriors

4. A Tropical Escape

We got the pleasure of visiting this tropical inspired powder room on a photoshoot last year. You are totally captivated from the space as you step inside, it’s the unexpected of a powder room and just so cool.

Powder rooms should be unexpected, cool and spark opinions. Pick a large scale wallpaper mural to recreate the look.

small powder room ideas

5. Bring Uniformity With Tongue & Groove Panelling

T&G panelling is the perfect crowd pleaser for any space, especially in small powder rooms. Use panels as a feature wall for your sink. It adds uniformity and elegance to the space.

A pair of wall lights on either side of a mirror is a great addition in a powder room if you can. It disperses beautiful light onto your face which is much more flattering than an overhead flush mounted light or downlights.

small powder room 3
Instagram image credit: @moznikdesignstudio

6. Blue & Gold Oozes Elegance

Name a more elegant color combination? Blue and gold oozes elegance, the key to nailing this look is by opting for a deeper shade of blue. Whilst baby blue and gold work beautifully together, it does tend to have a more coastal connotation to it.

Don’t be afraid to mix slightly different gold or brass finishes in the space. It is impossible to match the same finish on everything. Both lacquered and unlacquered finishes bring added visual delight to a powder room.

small powder room 4
Instagram image credit: @thibaut_1886

7. Introduce A Coastal Feel With Light Blue

Point in question. Light or baby blue and gold ignites an instant coastal, relaxed feel. This is a timeless color combination for a powder room and will stay on-trend for years to come.

If you’re using tiles from floor to ceiling, consider different variations of layout such as herringbone or basketcase style for added visual interest.

small powder room 5
Instagram image credit: @coastalcarpetandtiledestin

8. Monochrome Magic

Black and white is another timeless color combination that adds drama and impact to the smallest of spaces.

Introduce a vintage, retro feel with geometric tiles. Or go all in with dramatic, patterned floor tiles which will ground the powder room.

small powder room 6
Instagram image credit: @rebeccahaydesigns

9. Drench The Space With Wallpaper

Don’t forget about the ceiling, or as the design world likes to call it, the fifth wall. If you want to create a totally fun and out there powder room, take your wallpaper up and across the ceiling too. A wallpaper alternative to color drenching the space, and it certainly delivers impact.

It’s not a look for everyone as it can make a space feel quite cluttered, but if you’re feeling brave enough, go for it!

small powder room 7
Instagram image credit: @anitapulsdesigns

10. Pair Contrasting Tiles For Big Impact

A simple way to add stunning contrast in a powder room is to contrast tiles. We love the classic terrazzo style tile on the wall which brings thoughtful color into the space.

The relaxed terrazzo is brought back to earth with the classic, Calcutta marble counterpart. A stylish and elegant happy medium.

small powder room 8
Instagram image credit: @lionfishdevelopments

11. Bring The Outside World In With Green

Green is easy on the eye and it’s a firm favorite for our interiors as it makes us feel closer to nature. Introduce green with a gorgeous wallpaper, as demonstrated in the fabulous powder room below.

You might choose to opt for wooden features like a mirror and countertop to keep that natural world theme running throughout.

small powder room 9
Instagram image credit: @kathrynsalyerdesign

12. Classic Calcutta Marble Is Always A Good Idea

If you have the budget, classic Calcutta grey veined marble is always a good idea. It brings clear cut elegance to a powder room, is high quality and super timeless in nature.

Love the look, but not the cost? Opt for a quartz alternative. It’s less porous than marble and is generally much easier to maintain too.

small powder room 10
Instagram image credit: @ninawilliamsblog

13. A Farmhouse, Rustic Look

Nothing says Farmhouse style like horizontal panelling. Installing panels horizontally is a refreshing alternative to a vertical install, and it works in giving the illusion of wider walls too.

Keep the scheme classically white and add some gorgeous warmth with brass and gold hardware details.

small powder room 11
Instagram image credit: @__perfectly_imperfect_home

14. Retro Inspired Powder Room

This viewpoint is the perfect example at how powder rooms can elevate your entire interior. That little pop of fun from a transitional space contrasts and draws the eye in.

These retro inspired tiles make for a great feature wall. Take them to the ceiling to elevate the room.

small powder room 12
Instagram image credit: @mf.architecture

15. Color Drench The Space

Color drenching a space will forever be our favorite way to instantly up the cosiness and depth stakes. It works beautifully in a powder room, take the color slightly darker for a really sultry feel.

Elevate the space with contrasting gold or brass hardware and lighting details, you won’t regret it.

small powder room 13
Instagram image credit: @designk2interior

16. Pink & Black

We believe a black accent makes any room scheme, especially if you’re wanting to bring a touch of modernity. But, pink and black is a force to be reckoned with.

It dulls down the femininity of how pink can feel, yet delivers a really mature and elegant contrast. What’s not to love?

small powder room 14
Instagram image credit: @parkandoakdesign

17. Jungle Inspired

Make your powder room a gorgeous escape. This jungle inspired wallpaper features all over this powder room for a tropical visit to the loo.

How cute is the addition of the porthole mirror? A really considerate and thoughtful touch to complete the look and feel of the space.

small powder room 15
Instagram image credit: @thornhillshann

18. Pair Half Wall Tiles With Wallpaper

If you like the feel of half wall panelling but think your powder room demands a little bit more, look no further.

Tile to the half wall point in your powder room with a fun stripe tile. It will naturally draw the eye up to create a party for the eyes with a fun wallpaper like this one from Divine Savages. Pink and green always deserves to be seen!

small powder room 16
Instagram image credit: @divinesavages

19. Moody Aesthetic

In smaller and even windowless spaces, leaning into the darkness can often pay dividends.

This dark yet ultra glorious powder room takes us to the dark side with charcoal tiles and a wooden vanity. It’s sultry, sexy and a powder room that’s certainly worthy of a selfie!

small powder room 17
Instagram image credit: @toridonahuedesign

20. Classic Marble

Wall mounted sinks are often the number one choice for small spaces as they keep floor space agile and don’t eat into the space too much.

Marble is always a classic choice and it looks incredible in an all white color scheme.

small powder room 18
Instagram image credit: @amybartlam

21. Vertical Stacked Tiles

Stacking your tiles vertically is an on-trend and fun way to tile a powder room. These dark green tiles are another example of how moody, darker powder rooms can feel elegant and fun.

Opt for tiles with a semi or full gloss finish, they will continue to delight the eyes no matter what angle you look at them in.

small powder room 19
Instagram image credit: @williamcornelius

22. Run With Gold

Take inspiration from the below image and use gold as your dominant color in the space. There’s something fun, light and sophisticated and using this in your color scheme for a powder room.

It has an art deco influence to it paired with the angled mirror and art deco wallpaper.

small powder room 20
Instagram image credit: @Laura.kottler.compass.ct

23. Green Deserves To Be Seen

Green really does always deserve to be seen in an interior. It’s refreshingly easy on the eyes, it touches our natural side and well, it works so well in an earthy and neutral color scheme.

We love the addition of arches in this powder room which soften the overall feel of the space.

small powder room 21
Instagram image credit: @madduxcreative
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