Red Living Room Ideas: 13 Ways To Embrace This Trending Colour

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Colour psychology can often play a subconscious role when it comes to choosing colours for our homes. For this reason, red might be a colour that you would never consider using.

We have been ingrained to believe that red means danger, love, desire and power, but in believing this, it shuts us off from a powerful colour in our interiors.

In fact, red is one of the hottest trends for 2024, as we lean towards these warmer, richer colours. It’s warm, cosy and choosing the right hue will change how the space feels, and how you feel within it.

Take inspiration from these 13 gorgeous red living room ideas that might just change your opinion on this fiery colour.

Red Living Room Ideas: 13 Ways To Embrace This Trending Colour

1. Combine Red & Brown For An On-trend Look

Red and brown are the trending colours for 2024, and they look beautiful together for a really sultry, yet warm colour scheme in a living room.

Create a two tone painted look with traditional paint, or add some half wall panelling on the lower half for some added depth. The red paint colour used here is King’s Red by Benjamin Moore.

red living room ideas
Image credit: Benjamin Moore King’s Red CW 335

2. Create An Earthy, Rustic Decor Scheme

A warm, terracotta style red is perfect for inclusion in a rustic decor scheme. Use a deep terracotta shade for a feature wall, it will ground the space, but won’t overpower the living room.

Introduce plenty of natural materials such as wood and rattan for that rustic feel. The lighter cream tones balance the intensity of the red and create an ultra cosy space.

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3. Use Deep Maroon Shades

The saturation level of red makes a huge difference with how red can look on the spectrum. Take note from the below which uses an indulgent deep maroon shade, a perfect colour for a period property or for creating a cosy living room space.

To keep things traditional, use wainscoting panelling and embellish with your favourite artwork.

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Instagram image credit:

4. Try A Two Tone Painted Wall

Using red across all of your walls can feel daunting if you’re just warming up to the colour. You don’t need to use it everywhere to feel the benefit of this colour.

Employ a two tone painted wall with your red on the lower half, it serves as a grounding influence in the room. Then add an off-white to the upper half. The white will balance the intensity of the red, whilst drawing the eye up as you step into the living room.

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Instagram image credit: @baking_a_home

5. Use Red As An Accent Colour In The Space

Why not use another dominant colour in the space, and simply introduce red as an accent colour? Choosing a standout piece like a glorious red sofa will complement a neutral colour scheme, and bring beautiful warmth and character with it.

Tie in a few other well placed red accents in the room such as a candle holder, vase or textiles to pull the room together.

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Instagram image credit: @my.interior.tales

6. Lean Into Deep Terracotta Shades

We are obsessed with how gorgeous this Riad inspired living room looks. Keep things minimal by opting for a deep red terracotta shade and placing intentional pieces.

Include neutral, cream shades with your furniture choices, this will balance the red and create a cosy, warm space.

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7. Add White To The Fifth Wall

In design terms, the ceiling is often referred to as the fifth wall, and definitely one you shouldn’t forget.

Use a bright white on your ceiling, it will draw the eye up and give your room breathing space from the red. It looks perfect in this cottage living room as shown in the image below.

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Instagram image credit: @marta_at_the_mill

8. Have Fun Colour Blocking

Take inspiration from this living room by introducing bold colours with some fun colour blocking. Shown here using the colours Vixen and Gowns and Crowns by Graham and Brown.

It’s an intentional way to zone specific areas and draw attention to certain features.

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Instagram image credit: @grahamandbrown

9. Create A Fun Gallery Wall

We love this feminine, romantic inspired space. With red accent chairs and thoughtful red accents placed throughout the space for a cohesive look.

Empty living room walls were meant for filling. This gallery wall is eclectic, fun and personal to the individual. Use black frames for added definition and a touch of modernity.

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10. Colour Drench The Space For Expert Cosiness

If you’re going to use a powerful shade like red in your interior, go all out with it! Colour drenching is an intentional and divine way to literally drench a room in colour.

It brings impact, cosiness and will virtually cocoon the space. If you have very high ceilings in your living room this can be a great way to make the ceilings feel closer, creating a cosier environment.

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Instagram image credit: @mymonthincolour

11. Ground The Room With A Red Area Rug

Introduce red in a considered way like as shown below with a gorgeous area rug. This is a great way to add a boundary to the space, whilst introducing warm colour.

It pairs perfectly with the red sofa for an ultra stylish look. Area rugs work their magic by breaking up the monotony of flooring, and setting a boundary. You can employ this technique over wooden flooring and carpet.

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Instagram image credit: @swyft_home

12. Finish The Space With Black Accents

Black is never not a good idea in small quantities. Add black accents to your red living room and it will thank you for it. Black has the ability to ground a colour scheme and it brings a modern outlook to your decor.

Introduce a few well placed black accents such as furniture, chair legs, vases and decorative accessories.

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Instagram image credit: @segmuellermoebel

13. Elevate The Space With Natural Wood Cladding on the Ceiling

If you don’t want to colour drench the space, another alternative is to treat your fifth wall to some stunning wood cladding. This is effective in both vaulted ceilings and even in cosy cottages with lower ceilings.

It creates a beautiful balance against the red hues, bringing a natural outlook to the interior. Layer up with differing shades of red as shown below for a cosy, sumptuous feel.

red living room ideas 11
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