17 Delightful Farrow and Ball Children’s Bedroom Ideas That Are Full of Character

farrow and ball childrens bedroom ideas

Looking for inspiration for your child’s bedroom renovation? Perhaps you’re not sure what colour to go for and are fed up of seeing the same sickly pink and blue shades.

Farrow & Ball’s offering is unlike any other and is full of unique and inspiring colours that transform a space into one filled with style and innovation. 

Check out some of our favourite children’s bedrooms, whose walls are adorned with Farrow & Ball.

17 Delightful Farrow and Ball Children’s Bedroom Ideas That Are Full of Character

1.Add A Restful Feel With DeNimes

Blue is a universal colour that can work for any child’s bedroom. However, getting the tone right is very important. 

For a blue shade that feels a little more mature, DeNimes blue could be the one for you. It’s a muted blue with earthy undertones and would suit any stylish children’s room.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom
Instagram image credit: @roomswithaview

2. Introduce A Pop of Sunshine

Blue and pink have always been obvious choices but if you’re looking for something that’s a bit more gender neutral, then yellow is a gorgeous option. 

Rather than opting for a traditional pastel yellow shade that we often see in children’s bedrooms, go for a bolder yellow that has a mustard tone to it. India Yellow by Farrow & Ball fits this description perfectly.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 1
Instagram image credit: @villa_pocket

3. The Perfect Soft Grey, Green

Inspired by ‘mist and drizzle’, Mizzle by Farrow & Ball is a soft grey with a green undertone. It’s definitely a part of the earthy colour palette, which means it would suit a rustic-inspired space.

Be inspired by the children’s bedroom pictured below and create a half and half paint effect.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 2
Instagram image credit: @littlebrookbythesea

4. A Versatile Colour For A Bedroom

Oval Room Blue is a sophisticated colour that would suit a ‘tween’s’ bedroom.

It’s still a beautifully soft shade with green undertones, but because it is perfectly balanced between being bold and muted, it deserves a level of mature styling.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 3
Instagram image credit: @aubedesign

5. An Alternative To A Feminine Pink

Try and avoid bright pastel pinks when decorating a child’s bedroom and go for something a little more muted instead.

Sulking Room Pink is one of Farrow & Ball’s most popular shades as it offers an elevated alternative to a true feminine pink.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 4
Instagram image credit: @littlebitofnumberseven

6. Add Definition With A Dark Teal Blue

Perfect for a child that is transitioning into teenagehood, Hague Blue is a dark teal blue shade that feels intentional and moody.

It is best accessorised with bright pops of colour and light surfaces/flooring to make sure the room doesn’t feel too dark.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 5
Instagram image credit: @eilishrickardinteriors

7. A Warm, Modern Neutral

You may want to keep your child’s bedroom decor neutral to suit the rest of your home. If this is the case, then we’d definitely recommend considering Skimming Stone by Farrow & Ball.

Skimming Stone is described as a ‘warm light grey’ so you won’t run the risk of leaving your child’s room feeling cold and inviting.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 6
Instagram image credit: @ourneutralhome

8. A Wonderful Alternative To A Bright White

Painting a child’s bedroom white may be the ideal solution if they want to keep their walls plain so they can add their own style and personality to the room with artwork or wallpaper. 

Au Lait is a wonderful alternative to white. It is a ‘soft white’ shade so it won’t feel too harsh or jarring and instead, will feel like a blank canvas ready to let your child’s imagination run free.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 7
Instagram Image Credit: @mothsintherattan

9. Combine Complementary Shades

Rather than sticking to one Farrow & Ball colour, be creative and choose a few different shades and see how they work together. 

The combination pictured below (Stirabout, Selvedge and Templeton Pink) combine oatmeal, blue and pink but in a stylish and sophisticated way.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 8
Instagram image credit: @houseabovetheriver

10. The Soothing Look of Plaster

The name is pretty self explanatory but Setting Plaster is a colour that mimics the look of plaster when it’s setting. 

The perfect alternative to pastel pink, it can be complemented with different shades of pink to bring the entire space to life.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 9
Instagram image credit: @farrowandball

11. Elevate The Walls With Stripes

Decorate a teenagers room with bold contrasting colours. Creating a striped effect that is taken up onto the ceiling and down onto the floor definitely makes a statement.

Black and white is the ultimate juxtaposition and would no doubt suit a teenager’s bedroom.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 10
Instagram image credit: @farrowandball

12. The Perfect Neutral Space

Have you been looking for the perfect light sage green? Vert De Terre might just be the one for you. 

It’s a beautifully delicate shade that feels synonymous with a child’s bedroom. Paired with Slipper Satin, like the scheme pictured above, creates the most beautiful neutral space.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 11
Instagram image credit: @homeonthegrove

13. Be Daring With Red

Rectory Red is a true red, characterised by its blackened undertones. If your child has a vibrant personality and wouldn’t suit a neutral bedroom, then go for something that makes a statement instead.

Think outside the box when it comes to decorating and don’t just paint the walls. Consider painting the woodwork and furniture, too.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 12
Instagram image credit: @scumblegoosie

14. Combine Different Shades of White

Painting any space plain white can feel cold and uninviting. Making subtle decor decisions can make the biggest difference.

The room pictured below uses two shades of white, Wevet and James White. Wevet has a hint of grey in it, whilst James White has a green undertone. These differentiating subtleties will elevate the entire feel of a child’s bedroom.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 13
Instagram image credit: @Houseabovetheriver

15. Design A Nautical Inspired Bedroom

Pair Oval Room Blue and Wevet together for a nautical-inspired bedroom. Create a half and half paint effect with scalloped edges to make the space feel bang on trend.

Don’t leave the walls blank, hang a mirror and personalised name sign to make the space feel fun and individual. 

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 14
Instagram image credit: @athomewiththeraines

16. A Winning Combination

Another winning combination is Vert De Terre and Strong White. If painting your child’s bedroom one particular colour feels a bit overwhelming, then breaking it up with a section of white can help tone it down. 

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 15
Instagram image credit: @samscottwood

17. Create A Neutral Base

We love Setting Plaster for a child’s bedroom that we couldn’t help mentioning this popular colour twice!

Restful colours like this are generally best for children’s bedrooms as they don’t overstimulate. Of course, introduce bolder colours in subtle accents so you can still appreciate their depth of colour in the bedroom.

farrow and ball childrens bedroom 16
Instagram image credit: @kidofthevillage
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