Deck Your Halls with These 13 Stunning Christmas Stairway Decorations

Christmas stairway decorations
Image credit: ©Lights4fun Ltd Image Shot by Oliver Perrott

When it comes to decorating for Christmas, I like to leave no stone unturned. If there’s an opportunity to decorate it, I’m in!

Imagine getting through the door of an evening and being greeted by a beautiful display on your stairs, even narrow hallways can join in on this too.

So, here are 13 of our favourite Christmas stairway decorations, from dried foliage to paper decorations and flamboyant displays, more is more after all!

13 Stunning Christmas Stairway Decorations To Inspire You

As we head into Christmas there are some strong trends that are leading the way this year, I don’t think you can beat a dried foliage look that is refined, yet elegant. It’s a fail safe look that’s easy to create and fairly affordable.

But Scandi style is creeping into our homes, with simplistic hanging paper decorations that look effortlessly good, those childhood years of creating paper snowflakes might just come in handy.

Which look is your favourite?

1.Combine Dried Foliage For A Fresh, Festive Feel

There’s something elegant yet refined about using dried foliage in a wrap around garland.

You can buy pre-made garlands that are easy to wrap around a bannister, or purchase dried foliage from places like Amazon or local florists, use floristry wire to create the structure and wrap your foliage around the bannister.

Keep things simple or hang some gorgeous baubles from the ends for further visual interest.

Christmas stairway decorations 2
Image credit: Garden Trading

2. Light The Way

There’s so much to love about this ascending festive style, leave no corner untouched!

Light the stairs with battery operated candles for a whimsical, magical feel (safety first, never light real candles on stairs), get the look with these LED pillar candles from Lights4fun.

I’m a huge fan of the Lights4fun seasonal garlands as they look real in situ, and entwining them with micro LED lights gives them that extra touch of magic when you get through the front door. Shown here with their Pre Lit Eucalyptus, Pine & Gold Berry Christmas Garland.

Christmas stairway decorations
Image credit: ©Lights4fun Ltd Image Shot by Oliver Perrott

3. More Is More When It Comes To Christmas!

It really is true that more is more when it comes to Christmas, but to avoid it feeling tacky you do need to have a cohesive colour scheme.

Opting for regal colours such as navy blues, greens and silver is a lovely nod to the festive season, yet really luxurious.

Embrace foliage, bauble garlands and hanging decorations for a visually interesting display.

Christmas stairway decorations 3
Image credit: Dobbies

4. Hang Fluffy Paper Snowflakes

These fluffy paper hanging decorations are everywhere this year!

They bring a gorgeously Scandi feel to any Christmas decor scheme, pair with a statement colour like terracotta for a less than traditional, but beautiful display.

Take a look at these fluffy paper snowflakes from Amazon, so affordable too!

christmas stair decorations
Instagram Image Credit: @layeredlounge

5. Bulk Your Garland Out With Dried Foliage & Fruit

For a full look that looks real too, don’t be afraid to bulk your garland out by wrapping a couple of garlands together.

Start with a faux garland and introduce dried pieces of foliage and fruit for a burst of colour, and that festive smell will smell amazing as you step through the door!

Christmas stair decorations 1
Instagram Image Credit: @homeofcharl

6. Intersperse Garlands, Paper Garlands & Paper Hanging Decorations

I love this Scandinavian dressing of this stairway, it’s simple yet effective.

First start by using a garland up the length of the bannister and hang a series of paper garlands, confetti and snowflake style decorations for a mix of texture and colour.

Christmas stair decorations 2
Instagram Image Credit: @houseonthehey

7. Add Lights To Your Garland For A Magical Feel

Nothing creates a festive feeling quite like adding light, and it makes those darker evenings feel even more special and cosy.

Dot lights throughout your stairway for ascending magic, use fairy lights, step lights or LED candles.

Christmas stair decorations 3
Instagram Image credit: @blessedmommatobabygirls

8. Drape A Real ‘Fake’ Garland Down The Stairs

When you find a fake garland that looks real, you’re onto a winner. If you want to achieve a similar style, always opt for a cedar garland.

They drape so well and are made for dressing the stairs.

Christmas stair decorations 4
Instagram Image Credit: @kaylahaven_

9. Create A Focal Feature With Dried Foliage & Fruit

If you want something slightly more refined and fresh, try creating a focal feature in one section of your stairway for visual interest and a creative display that looks amazing.

Foraging is free to do in England, just only take as much as you need. To create a similar display you’ll want foraged foliage and dried stems. Use a variation of colour, texture and height to create strong visual impact.

Christmas stair decorations 5
Instagram Image Credit: @hannahbeaumontlaurencia

10. Finish off With Gold Bow Details

Nothing says Christmas like a bow. The finishing touches matter on a stair garland, but you don’t need to go over the top.

Once you’ve wrapped a garland around the stairs, add a few well placed gold ribbon bows throughout for a touch of warmth.

Christmas stair decorations 6
Instagram Image Credit: @in__the__fields

11. Deck The Halls With Stockings

If you have a stairway that wraps around like this, you really can get creative.

Don’t stop at just adding a garland down the length of the stairs, hang stockings throughout for a fun, festive touch.

Christmas stair decorations 7
Instagram Image Credit: @interiordesignbyjudith

12. Wrap Around The Bannister For A Full Look

I think this has to be one of my favourite looks for the festive season! It’s equally full, festive, yet really brings a touch of luxuriousness to the finished garland.

This is the result of building out your look with different layers of foliage, fairy lights are a must have touch, and finish with baubles throughout in your desired colour scheme.

Christmas stair decorations 8
Instagram Image Credit: @davidlawsondesign

13. Mix Festive Colours & Warm, Bright Hues

I always look forward to Jenny and Sam’s fabulous garland creation each year! Everything they use is purchased from a florist wholesaler in the heart of London that is open to the public. They then top this up with foraged materials and gorgeous baubles to finish the look.

What do you think?

Christmas stair decorations 9
Instagram Image Credit: @se9_edwardian_terrace
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