19 Fabulously Festive Christmas Wall Decor Ideas To Try This Season

Christmas wall decor ideas

Christmas is all about transforming the look and feel of your home with festive decorations that not only add a bit of magic to your space but that also pays homage to your own interior style.

The festive season is the perfect time for you to take risks with your decorating choices and don’t forget, more is more! Here are some festive Christmas wall decor ideas to inspire you.

Christmas Wall Decor Ideas

1.Create A Whimsical Feel In A Child’s Bedroom

Children are the essence of Christmas and are what makes it feel so magical. Decorate a kids bedroom with festive touches – novelty animal characters are super cute and really bring their imaginations to life.

Use wall hooks and pegs to hang baubles or miniature wreaths.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @hellominibianco

2. Get Creative With A Wooden Broom

If you’re feeling crafty, this is a straightforward DIY project that will make you feel proud of yourself. Use an old wooden broom stick and decorate with real or faux eucalyptus. Use string to hang pine cones and baubles off of it, too. 

Tie string around each end to be able to hang it up either on the wall or above your Christmas table.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @styling_my_home

3. Use Vintage Tableware To Create A Festive Focal Point

We love this idea from Baker Nest, it feels utterly sophisticated but festive at the same time. If you’re a vintage lover and have a collection of thrifted ceramics, use the plates to make your very own wall wreath.

Adorn with foraged stems and you immediately have an interesting feature that is perfect for Christmastime.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @baker_nest

4. Simply Add A Classic, Festive Print To The Wall

Don’t have time to fully decorate your home but want to add festive touches? A piece of Christmas themed artwork is an easy way to add a dose of Christmas to your home without it feeling too over the top. 

For an affordable hack, make your own decorative quote on Canva, print it off and frame it.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @opalandhome

5. Hang Foliage From The Edge Of A Frame & A Cute 12 Days of Christmas Decor Item

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to be tacky. Adorn your walls with understated decorations that nod to Christmas but aren’t too in your face.

We love this 12 days of Christmas decorative piece – and hanging greenery off of frames is always a winner in our eyes.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: lottashouse

6. Use Your Coat Pegs To Hang A Wreath & Festive Print

Make use of the items you already have in your home and use them to your advantage. A wall of hooks in an entryway can be used to hang wreaths and artwork.

For a charming and rustic look, don’t frame your art print and leave it as it is.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @belleandboo

7. Make Your Own Unique Christmas Tree With Lights & Old Pages of Books

Perfect for book lovers or for those that have lots of books in their home. Create a tree out of vintage book papers and stick on the wall.

Use command strips to avoid ripping any paint off the wall and top your paper tree with an LED star light.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @housebymia

8. Add A Focal Point With A Reindeer & Vintage Scroll

Hang a vintage scroll on your wall to publicise the most important thing at Christmas – santa’s wish list of course! It’s a really fun thing to do with the kids to get them involved and it looks great, too.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @my_graceful_mess

9. Bring A Pop of Traditional Colour With A Real Christmas Wreath

You can’t beat a traditional Christmas wreath. Whether you make your own with real foliage, purchase a real one from a florist or invest in an artificial design, a wreath never fails. 

Red and green is a classic Christmas colour combination and we recommend adding a red velvet bow to finish off your traditional festive wreath.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @thepurpleturtles

10. Add Mini Wreaths With Hanging Macrame

Creating a boho-inspired home will always be popular and we love these mini wreaths that feature a hanging macrame design. 

Get crafty and create your own macrame, or if you’re not that way inclined there are lots available on the high street for an affordable price. 

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @hobsonhandmade

11. Create A Cosy Corner With A Garland & Christmas Carol Scroll

This Christmas decorating idea is perfect for musical households. An oversized Christmas carol scroll placed above a piano or a larger piece of furniture frames the space perfectly and looks effortlessly festive.

Once again, adding a touch of greenery to a wall scroll will instantly bring it to life.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @zoandjordan

12. Use An Empty Wall To Display A Handmade Advent Calendar

Instead of purchasing an advent calendar this year, spend time with friends and family and make your own to hang on the wall.

Gather swatches of your favourite wrapping paper and wrap individual gifts numbered through from 1-25.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @cb_creative_boutique

13. Get Crafty With A Wall Christmas Tree Using Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a must at Christmastime! They transform any space into feeling like a Santa’s grotto and we love the idea of creating a wall tree out of them.

Use small pins to drape your fairy lights and hang small colourful baubles to style it up.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @onnyloveo

14. Farmhouse Style Welded Metal Rings

You can find metal rings everywhere, including car boot sales and second hand shops. Use them as a base for your Farmhouse-inspired wreath. Wrap a stem or two of foliage around one and hang on a wall or above the door.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @textured.living.interiors

15. Layer Wall Art With Brass Cow Bells

Cow bells are an item that naturally feel quite rustic and charming. Elevate them by spray painting them gold and hang them around your house.

Add detail to a plain wall or a piece of artwork by draping your brass cow bells next to them.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @blairmadeshop

16. Elevate Your Shelves With A Festive Refresh

Open shelving is very popular in kitchen designs nowadays and is perfect for displaying your favourite home accessories.

Transform your shelves for the festive season and dress them with miniature Christmas trees, a festive piece of artwork and some fairy lights.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @limitation_free

17. Swap Wall Art For Festive Pieces & Drape In Fairy Lights

Anything personalised feels extra special at Christmastime. Swap out a large print above a fireplace for a festive-inspired piece. 

You can find these personalised stocking prints from online marketplaces such as Etsy.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @monicadesignsstudio

18. Lean Into A Scandi Feel With A Simple Wooden Hanging

Scandi-inspired interiors are all about minimalism but this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on Christmas decorations.

Choose simplistic designs such as this simple wooden reindeer to hang on your bedroom wall.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @franklydecor

19. Have A Boho Christmas With A Handmade Macrame Wall Hanging

Give a more complex macrame design a go and make your very own boho Christmas tree wall hanging! 

Perfect for homes that aren’t too fussed about decorating for the festive season but still want to nod to it in their own way.

Christmas wall decor ideas
Image credit: @katherynemilydesigns
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