21 Warm & Inviting Christmas Fireplace Decor Ideas

Christmas fireplace decor

If you have a fireplace in your living room, it’s time to make it central stage in your interiors with these Christmas fireplace decor ideas.

I LOVE an original fireplace in a home as they add that period authenticity to a period property whilst creating a gorgeous focal point in a room.

I personally don’t like fireplaces with a TV above them as they completely cut off the room. It’s much better to use as an area for a gorgeous mirror or clock, and it means there’s plenty of opportunities to decorate the fireplace for Christmas too.

No matter your budget or theme, there are so many different Christmas decor ideas for your fireplace. Let’s get stuck into a whole host of Christmas fireplace decor ideas for every interior style.

6 Christmas Fireplace Decor Ideas

1.Build A Fireplace Wreath

It’s super easy to drape a piece of tree garland across the top of a fireplace, but I have been seeing some super gorgeous Christmas creations on a fireplace which are creative and easy to replicate.

To create something like the below you will need to gather plenty of dried/fake festive flowers. You can grab this from florists, Amazon, eBay and stores such as Dunelm Mill who have fake flower sections. Even Primark are pretty good for this currently.

Gather things like eucalyptus, holly leaves, dried fruit, firs and berries. Then start placing the stems onto the fireplace, there’s no wrong way to do it just keep adding the stems until it forms a well proportioned garland.

You could intertwine fairy lights to complete the look. I just think it looks gorgeous and so effective!

christmas fireplace decor ideas
Image source: Pinterest

2. A Classic Garland & Stockings

Nothing beats a classic garland to drape over a fireplace, it’s probably the easiest festive move and there are so many varieties available in the shops.

I love a traditional garland with the addition of stockings. I adore these chunky knit stockings that I have mentioned before from Lauren Aston Designs. They are GORGEOUS and are perfect for a neutral, minimal Scandi interior.

I’m not the most traditional Christmas colours lover, so something like this is perfect for me.

Chunky knit stockings – Lauren Aston Designs / Etsy

christmas fireplace decor ideas
Image source: Instagram

3. Christmas Banner Garland

I spotted this cute Christmas fireplace decor idea on Pinterest, they’ve still opted for a garland but instead of hanging stockings they’ve got this Noel banner garland draped over the front in like a hessian finish which gives it a lovely rustic feel.

Noel Banner – Similar from Etsy

christmas fireplace decor ideas
Image source: Pinterest

4. Colourful Christmas Decor

This quirky take on Christmas colours is fresh, modern and super fun!

I love the introduction of pastel colours and the cutest tree ornaments on the fireplace. It’s such a refreshing change from the traditional garland. With colourful stockings to match, and a banner garland.

Pom Pom stockings – similar from Etsy

Tassle Garland – similar from Etsy (you could easily make your own one of these though!)

christmas fireplace decor ideas
Image source: Pinterest

5. All The Candles

How gorgeous does this look? This was themed for a wedding, but would look amazing as part of your Christmas fireplace decor.

Pillar candles and candelabra look great, but make sure it doesn’t pose a potential fire hazard by a garland!

christmas fireplace decor ideas
Image source: Pinterest

6. Wreath & Lanterns

There is something about this look that is so The White Company esque, don’t you think?

The simplicity of this look is both traditional and extremely festive.

Grab a couple of lanterns to place on either end of the fireplace (you might want to add a decorative bow like this for a festive touch), find a gorgeous wreath to place above it and intersperse some pillar candles too.

Black Lanterns – Nkuku

christmas fireplace decor ideas
Image source: Pinterest

7. Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Fireplace Decor

I love the simplicity of a Scandinavian Christmas theme. A Scandic theme is typically very neutral or white in nature, embrace traditional Christmas colours for a warm pop of colour.

Drape a real or faux tree branch across the length of the fireplace, add some candlesticks for height and interest and some contemporary Christmas trees to finish the look.

christmas fireplace decor ideas
Image source: Pinterest

8. Fan Out Those Branches

Another completely different yet effective look using tree branches. This fanned out look creates an almost star looking centrepiece which lends itself to perfectly adding a centre detail for structure and a finishing touch.

Hang some beads or a velvet bow from the centre to give it a look as if it’s a present, it creates such an eye catching focal point on a fireplace.

christmas fireplace decor ideas
Image source: Pinterest

9. Lean Into Green

You can really choose to lean into the green side with Christmas, and it’s perfect for an outside inside look.

The draped garland over one edge of the fireplace frames the space and creates a gorgeous asymmetrical look. Introduce some cute Christmas ornaments for additional accents of colour.

christmas fireplace decor ideas
Image source: Pinterest

10. Natural, Foraged Christmas Garland

This was a 100% foraged Christmas garland that I made for my living room last Christmas.

I wanted to create something with a designer look on a budget, and it was so easy!

You do need some oasis blocks with trays in order to create a solid structure on the mantle, I added plenty of foliage to drape on either side so it framed the fireplace and I finished with a central bow and some fairy lights for a natural, cheap and easy look.

Christmas fireplace decor

11. Pre-Lit Fireplace Garland

You can’t go wrong with a traditional, pre-lit fireplace garland to drape across a fireplace.

They’re so easy to affix to a fireplace without needing to stick anything down and the gentle glow of the lights provides such a warm and gorgeous ambient glow in the evening.

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: mrsvls_home

12. Add Traditional Touches With Red & Green

If you want to lean into the traditional colours of Christmas, introduce reds, green and gold accents for some added warmth.

Hang a pair of stockings from the fireplace to really build on that traditional Christmas look.

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: periodhomestyling

13. Go All Out…

Where more, really is more.

This might be the most extravagant and flamboyant display of Christmas fireplace decor yet, I just love how committed to the cause they are!

Created with a mix of real and faux foliage, this incredible look totally frames the fireplace. Just be careful to never leave a working fireplace unattended with this much foliage in place.

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: the_found_home

14. Pair Green & White For A Timeless Combination

Green and white looks perfect in creating a classic yet traditional Christmas look that works for both traditional and modern style interior schemes.

If you’re creating a fireplace garland from scratch, combine both real and faux foliage for depth and colour, intersperse some white stems and foliage for that contrast of colours.

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: thehousethatjenbuilt_

15. Farmhouse Bells & Rusty Tones

With your Christmas fireplace decor, if you have a garland draped across your mantle, create a framed look on one side by hanging a set of brass finished cows bells with ribbons.

It sets the look apart and works perfectly with the rusty tones that feature throughout the garland.

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: crazywonderfulblog

16. Add A Touch of Romanticism

Take a step away from traditional colours and instead add a touch of femininity and romanticism with a playful pop of pink.

Pink roses are the less travelled look in Christmas decor, but they create a really luxurious, sumptuous look. Add some similar toned baubles to the garland for extra visual interest.

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: elle_the_home_bird

17. Keep It Simple With Real Foliage

Real, foraged foliage is perfect for creating a beautiful display that smells incredible too.

Choose to keep the tones quite natural with green foliage featuring heavily throughout. Add some white flowers or sprigs of holly and berries for a pop of Christmas colour.

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: lynne_bramble_barn

18. Let There Be Light

Kinetic lighting, otherwise known as candlelight is just one of the most perfect additions to an interior scheme to create gorgeous levels of light and a warming ambience.

Use your fireplace mantle to take centerstage with a whole host of candles. Choose candlesticks in varying sizes and heights for greater visual interest when they’re lit.

Don’t ever leave candles unattended in an interior.

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: homeliving5

19. Frame One Side

If you’re creating a Christmas fireplace garland, create one that has a slight overhang on one side only, it creates a gorgeous asymmetrical look that frames the fireplace and creates a stunning focal point.

20. Keep It Classic

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to Christmas fireplace decor, sometimes less is best for creating a gorgeous focal point.

This look is simple to create, grab a simple Christmas tree garland and drape from one end of the fireplace to the other. Add some cow bells or a garland for additional visual interest.

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: beaubertie

21. Drape For Visual Interest

Finally, we have this gorgeous traditional Christmas fireplace garland that is tastefully draped, with the addition of yellow flowers for a less than traditional Christmas colour. What do you think?

Christmas fireplace decor
Image credit: brianbranton

Whether you have a real or faux fireplace, these Christmas fireplace decor ideas are perfect for every living room. You can really have some fun with these and it’s a great way to create a truly cosy Christmas for you, and your interiors!

Looking for more Christmas inspiration? You might like my post on Christmas table decorations for the ultimate table setting inspiration. Do you have a favourite Christmas fireplace decor idea?

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