5 Luxury Handmade Candles Without The Price Tag

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Candles are very much a lifestyle choice for me. Whilst Autumn and Winter conjures up those images of cosy evenings in by candlelight, they’re something that I enjoy throughout the seasons. Yes, even on 30 degree evenings sat in the garden, I still find a purpose for a good candle!

Even more so since getting a dog, I find candles are a great way of diffusing the not so nice smells, whilst making the home feel warm and ambient.

Let’s face it, some candles can be incredibly expensive, and paired with their burn time you just don’t get out of the candle what you should for the price. When candles reach a certain price threshold, unfortunately they do end up becoming a luxury, rather than a necessity. With candles offering a great addition to a self care routine, it does just become unreachable for so many when the costs of luxury candles just seem to keep rising.

Alas, I’ve finally found the perfect candle company that has a great balance between price, luxury and how it looks aesthetically, enter Amber Hue Candles.

About Amber Hue Candles

Amber Hue Candles is an artisanal business, hand crafting luxury candles, making self care an affordable purchase, without the luxury price tag. Packaged in the iconic, Amber Hue Candles branding, the candles aesthetically look great too. Perfect for accessorising your shelves, windowsills and kitchen worktops in between uses.

The brainchild of a mother, daughter duo, at Amber Hue Candles they have worked tirelessly to ensure the products and materials they use are eco-friendly and vegan. No one has to miss out on the style, luxury and scents that they handcraft.

Being conscious of the environment plays a big part in the business too, their products and packaging are currently around 95% recyclable, some of their packing material is already made from recycled materials and can be repurposed or recycled again. 

If you’re looking to create a regular self care routine, boost your mood, or just fill your home with a beautiful ambience, Amber Hue Candles could be the perfect way to get started.

5 Luxury Handmade Candles Without The Price Tag

1.Signature Deluxe Candle

I adore the sleek, black packaging of the candles, so versatile with many different decor schemes. Their signature deluxe candle is one of the integral candles to their range, a smooth, refined fragrance which is available in a variety of fragrances, including Cashmere Vanilla & Sea Salt, and Peony Blush.

They’re made with a natural wax blend and burn clean. When guests enter your home, the smell is one of the first things that greets them, and having a beautifully smelling candle in a hallway or living room makes such a difference to those first impressions!

luxury handmade candles

2. Wedding Collection Candles

We tie aromas to specific memories in time, so what better way to remember your special day than with a wedding candle. I love this concept, despite never coming across specific wedding collection candles before. The wedding collection is designed to incorporate a fragrance that will represent your special day and moment in time that will create a powerful memory between the scent and your wedding.

Just like all of their candles, there is a great variation of fragrances to choose from. They can even be personalised, as shown below, for a gorgeous gifting idea.

luxury handmade candles

3. Twin Deluxe Candle Gift Set

For the friend, loved one, or just because occasion, their twin deluxe candle gift set makes for the perfect, thoughtful present. The set features 2 of their deluxe range of candles, the perfect self care treat to yourself too!

The candles come with an engraved wooden lid and are presented in a round cardboard black tube with hand-applied branding labels. Stylish, and luxurious, without the price tag.

luxury handmade candles

4. Luxury Travel Candle Gift Set

I love the artisanal look and feel to Amber Hue Candles, shopping independently throughout the year is one of my favourite things to do. I’m already eyeing up this little gift set for Christmas presents this year.

The set includes 3 tin candles, you can pick what fragrance you would like each candle to be. This is a great way of trying out different fragrances to find your perfect fit before committing to a full size.

luxury handmade candles

5. Lavender & Chamomile Deluxe Signature Candle

There are 12 gorgeous fragrances to choose from on their deluxe candles, but lavender is one scent that I am always drawn to. Aromas help to conjure up specific memories from our past, and lavender is really comforting to me, and reminds me of childhood. Scents are such a powerful way to ignite memories and emotions, so it’s important to pick a fragrance that really resonates with you.

I also think that lavender is an incredibly powerful scent for many things. It can help your mood, aid sleep and relaxation, and even help with conditions such as anxiety and depression. The calming scent is so much more than just an aromatic plant, and teamed with chamomile it makes it even more potent. Chamomile has anti- inflammatory properties, and is great for fighting against anxiety too.

For me, this candle seems like the perfect blend of fragrances that will help you on your self care journey, whilst creating a calming, relaxing and therapeutic scent that everyone in your home can enjoy.

luxury handmade candles

Candles are really one of my favourite ways to relax, unwind and make my home smell amazing. If you’re just dipping your toes into trying candles and not sure what fragrance you would like, start with purchasing travel sizes as mentioned above so you can get a feel for the fragrances beforehand, without initially committing. Once you find your perfect, signature fragrance you’ll probably find yourself naturally gravitating towards products with these scents for everything!

If you want to try any of Amber Hue Candles, you can get 10% off your order by just entering the following code at the checkout: NICOLESAGE Happy Shopping! Which candles do you love the look of? What’s your go-to fragrance for candles?

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