10+ TikTok Christmas Decor Hacks That Are Totally Game Changing

I love Christmas decorations as much as the next person. But between struggling to get the fireplace garland to stay in place and losing the will when trying to untangle the Christmas lights, there’s got to be easier ways to be doing things, right?

TikTok has become one of the best places to find instant hacks to common everyday problems, so I headed over there to see if I could find some lesser known Christmas decor hacks, and it delivered.

Ready to revolutionise how you decorate this Christmas? Scroll down to discover some of the ultimate Christmas decor hacks…

10 Genius Christmas Decor Hacks For Stress Free Decorating

From clever damage free hanging techniques to ingenious bauble ideas, these are the best TikTok hacks for Christmas decorations that will make your life so much easier this festive season.

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1.Damage Free Christmas Garland Hanging Hack

I’m super familiar with Command hooks and have used them for countless things each year, but this was a new one.

There’s no need to catch the slipping fireplace garland this year or peel back your hook to find peeling paint in the new year, this Command solution is called cord bundlers and you can grab a set for £6.49 on Amazon.

This is a total game changer! Simply affix the damage free strip to your garland and clip the garland into place, just fluff the garland over the top and you won’t see it. Plus, it allows you to have more free space on the mantle for candlesticks and other cute decor accessories.

Shop The Command Bundler on Amazon for £6.49


Free up space on your mantel by using these Command straps! They’ll also allow you to layer multiple garlands without adding extra bulk. 🎄 #christmasmantel #christmashomedecor #pinkchristmas #christmashack #homehacks #christmasgarland

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2. Viral Shower Rod Christmas Garland Hack

This viral garland hack is the ultimate one to try this Christmas! If you have an empty doorway it’s never been easier to add festive cheer in a damage free way.

You need a shower rod (also known as a tension rod), a garland and fairy lights to execute this look and it looks amazing. It has well and truly broken the internet.

We have linked to a selection of similar items from Amazon that you can use to recreate the look. Shop the look on Amazon


Here’s a Christmas decorating hack for you! Damage free garland hanging with a shower curtain rod! I had to try it for myself after seeing @Letneeutro do it! I took the shower curtain from our guest bathroom and tested this out for myself. It has held up really well! I even put my heavy Norfolk pine garlands on and it didn’t budge. This is perfect for renters and those who don’t want to put nails in their walls. And an added bonus is that you don’t get a crick in your neck or get tired arms from decorating 😅 I linked everything on my LTK in my bio. Now go forth and deck those halls. #deckthehalls #christmasdecorating #christmas #christmas2023 #christmasdecor #decorhack #decorhacks #christmashack #christmashacks #garland #christmasgarland #christmasgarlandhack #homedecor #damagefreedecor #rentalfriendlydecor

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3. Forget The Christmas Tree Skirt, Try This Hack With A Basket

Some Christmas tree skirts are stuck in the 80s, and we want options! We adore this hack if you want to use a gorgeous rattan basket in place of a skirt this year.

Swap out the stand of your tree for a parasol shade base and embed into the basket, and fill it out with a cosy throw for a Scandinavian look.


Shes up! And I’ve brought a hack with me! If you don’t want to cover your Christmas tree with a skirt, why not put it in a basket? My base didn’t fit into the basket but there’s nothing an old parasol base won’t solve! I filled the basket with a blanket to fill the gaps. She’s still nakey for now but I had to share this hack! #christmastree #christmas #treeinspo #christmastreedecorating #christmas2023 #xmastree #xmasdecor #christmasdecor #christmashacks

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4. Damage Free Stair Garland With Cable Ties

Want to go all out with staircase decorations too? This damage free stair garland is one of the simplest, but most effective solutions we have seen.

You don’t have to wrap your beautiful garland around the entire way to get it to stay, just grab some cable ties to securely attach your garland throughout.

Shop White Cable Ties From Amazon For £4.39


a christmas hack i wish i thought about sooner! Probably seems like common sense, but you learn something new everyday! #hack #christmas #decoration #foryou

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5. Christmas Tree Filler Hack

Is there anything worse than those bald sparse patches on Christmas trees that give it away that they’re fake? We think not, but this is a great solution to make your tree look fuller, and more authentic.

Grab some ribbon in the colour of your choice and cut it into squares and put it into a little bunch and add to the empty spaces in the tree you want to fill, and voila!

6. Zig Zag Your Christmas Tree Lights

Wait, what?

Forget everything you’ve ever known about lighting your tree this Christmas. That painstaking task might just be a little easier with this zig zag, vertical way to hang lights.

You’ll end up using less lights, not have to worry about the back that no-one sees, and it looks so much easier, it’s a yes from us.


The first video I ever went viral with and it was quite entertaining, tbh I don’t really care how you do your lights you do you this is for fun 🎄🎅🏽😂😜 #christmastreedecorating #christmaslights #christmastreelighthack

♬ Rocking Around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

7. Ultimate Front Door Wreath Hanging Hack

The only way to hang your front door wreath this season! Wrap your ribbon around the wreath and hanging it over the back of the door and affix to a hook.

This is an amazing method for a damage free front door and those who don’t have a door knocker to hang a wreath from.


THE ONLY WAY to hang your FRONT DOOR WREATH!! I love sharing all my Christmas Tips & Tricks with YOU! #christmas #lifehack #decorhacks #christmasdecor #momsoftiktok

♬ Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee

8. Hair Ties Hack For Baubles

Clear elastic band hair ties hanging around? This might be the best Christmas bauble decor hack we have ever seen, period.

Christmas baubles either have those annoying sharp hooks or ridiculously long strings so they can easily fall off or be grabbed by your pets. Simply swap them out with elastic hair ties which results in them actually staying on the Christmas tree for the whole festive period, hooray!

Shop elastic hair bands on Amazon for £2.99.

9. Space A Premium? Try A Pop Up Christmas Tree

If you have a small space or you don’t want to spend hours decorating, this pop up Christmas tree is game changing.

You literally fold it away when not in use, and drop the tree when you’re ready and it is ALREADY decorated and pre-lit. Amazing.

Shop Pre-Decorated & Pre-Lit Pop Up Christmas Tree on Amazon For £39.59

10. Need Big Baubles? Try Balloons Instead

If you have a large Christmas tree it can be a challenge finding affordable, large baubles. Well, this hack is ingenuous!

Pick out balloons in the colour scheme of your tree, blow them to the mid way point and stuff them backwards into the tree. From a distance they look like expensive, large baubles.

Which Christmas decor hack is your favourite? Any others you think should make the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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