Step Into Glamour With These 19 Art Deco Hallway Ideas

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Inject a dose of glamour and sophistication into your hallway design by paying homage to the Art Deco era. 

Characterised by bold geometric shapes, metallic finishes and high quality craftsmanship, Art Deco inspired interiors are perfect for those that want to add a sprinkle of magic to their homes.

Invigorate a dull hallway with these inspiring Art Deco decorating ideas.

Step Into Glamour With These 19 Art Deco Hallway Ideas

1.Combine Function & Form

Choose furniture that is Art Deco-inspired but is also very practical. A sideboard for a hallway is a no-brainer as it can store lots of items that you’d prefer to be hidden away.

Explore your local antique shops to find a vintage piece for half the price.

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2. Focus On Large Scale Black Mirrors With Streamlined Lines

A mirror is necessary for most hallways. Choose a large design that has geometric shapes that are reminiscent of the Art Deco era.

Choose a black framed mirror to modernise the look.

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3. Bring Glamour With An Art Deco Lampshade

More is more when it comes to Art Deco design. Consider your lighting choices when it comes to decorating your hallway.

Don’t shy away from bold designs and opt for a feathered pendant light with gold framing.

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Image credit: Coldharbour Lights

4. Introduce Brass With Art Deco Lamps

Ceiling lights aren’t the only option when it comes to hallway lighting. Choose a statement floor lamp to put in the corner of your space and a table lamp to adorn a console table.

Opt for gold metallic designs for a dose of glamour and luxury.

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Image credit: The Den & Now

5. Nail A Hallway Look With An Art Deco Pendant

This traditional Art Deco-inspired pendant light is true to the era gone by. The frosted glass creates a beautifully soft glow whilst the metallic edging is a wonderful design feature.

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6. Use Bold Geometric Zig Zags

A zig zag floor design makes a bold statement and isn’t for the faint hearted. Choose monochrome tiles to create this dramatic look.

Alternatively, if tiles don’t fall within your budget, vinyl will work just as well.

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7. Make A Bold Statement With Art Deco Wallpaper

The traditional Art Deco scallop is a popular design feature that immediately evokes images of The Great Gatsby. Choose a wallpaper adorned with this design to hang in your hallway.

A pattern that contains metallic detailing is definitely the way to go.

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8. Sharp Edged Linear Mirrors

Art Deco interiors are all about striking geometric shapes. Take inspiration from the mirror pictured below and consider a similar design for your hallway.

An elongated design will draw the eye upwards making the room feel taller than it is.

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9. A Bold, More Colourful Twist On Traditional Art Deco

Bring Art Deco into the 21st century by adding a colourful twist to your hallway. Choose a wallpaper or paint colours that are vibrant and suit the rest of your home.

We love the idea of contrasting a colourful feature wall with glamorous gold accents.

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10. Pull People Through The Space With Lines

Vertical stripes are a great trick for making a space feel bigger than it is. Choose a striped paint effect or wallpaper for your hallway design to create this effect.

Pick a pair of contrasting colours that you love and won’t get bored of.

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11. Lean Into Green, Black & Gold

Black and gold is a sumptuous colour combination that feels ultra luxurious. Add a touch of colour into the mix by incorporating a pop of green.

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12. Introduce An Iconic Art Deco Print As A Stair Runner

If your stairs are a main feature of your hallway then you may want to jazz them up a bit.

A traditional stair runner is great but if you want to bring an element of Art Deco then choose a runner with a statement scalloped design.

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13. Brass Details Are A Must!

We all know that it’s often the little details that make the biggest impact! Gold accents are a must if you’re curating an Art Deco inspired space so be aware of that when you’re in the design process.

You can include gold touches through your choice of light fixtures, heating fixtures and your accessories.

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14. Upcycle Furniture For A Nod To The Art Deco Era

Got an old piece of wooden furniture that deserves a little TLC? Be brave and try your hand at an Art Deco decal.

Source a template online and use this to accurately paint your piece of furniture. The result can be breathtaking!

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Instagram Image Credit: @kookiwood

15. Use Stylised Decorative Elements Such As A Mirror

Designing an Art Deco inspired hallway doesn’t have to break the bank. You can add subtle touches to pay homage to that particular era such as a vintage mirror, vase or trinkets.

Display them on a console table and give them space to shine.

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16. Reimagine Your Stair Rail

Commit to the Art Deco look and make fundamental design decisions that are reminiscent of that era.  

Be inspired by the staircase pictured below that has an accompanying handrail that looks like it could come straight from the set of The Great Gatsby. Achieve a similar look by spray painting your current handrail with gold paint.

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Instagram Image Credit: @goldstal

17. Forget Traditional Cupboard Doors, Upgrade Them With Mirroring & Simple Lines

Mirrors are another key feature of Art Deco design. Incorporating them into your hallway transformation is a clever way of bouncing light around the room and making your space feel bigger than it is.

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Instagram Image Credit: @ozgurcanstudio

18. Combine Art Deco Wallpaper With Black Accents For A Dark Maximalist Approach

Maximalism is an interior trend that has no rules. It lends itself to bold statement pieces and showstopping colour combinations. 

Go dark and dramatic by implementing a dark backdrop to let your gold Art Deco accessories stand out.

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19. Elevate The Hallway With Panelling & Dark Green Tones For Added Glamour

Don’t hold back on the glamour and add as much drama and impact as you can.

Wall panelling is a classic interior design feature that is intricate and detailed. Paint yours dark green to contrast beautifully with gold accents and fixtures.

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