Farrow and Ball Grey Colours: Grey Colour Chart

farrow and ball grey colours
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Farrow and Ball grey colours are enduringly popular in an interior. They’re versatile shades that seemingly work well with neutral, earthy and bold colours.

Grey shades differ in tone and intensity, and it can be just as difficult choosing the perfect grey colour as it is picking between 100s of different off-white shades.

If you’re looking for the perfect Farrow and Ball grey colours, keep on reading as I share some of the best colours from their grey colour chart, along with tips on pairing with colours, and how they’re best used in an interior colour scheme.

Farrow and Ball Grey Colours: Grey Colour Chart

Light Farrow and Ball Grey Colours


Despite its white disposition, Wevet has soft grey undertones which gives it a very pale grey/white demeanour. It’s part of Farrow and Ball’s relaxed neutrals collection, easy to live in any architectural style and direction of light.

Wevet virtually works with every type of colour, from earthy tones, to neutrals and bold shades such as navy blue and mustard yellow.

If you’re looking for an off-white which has just a brief pigment of grey, then this could be a perfect choice.

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farrow and ball wevet


Farrow & Ball’s “Ammonite” is a pale, warm grey colour. 

It is named after the fossilised seashells called ammonites, which often have a similar greyish hue. 

Ammonite is a versatile and popular neutral shade, known for its ability to create a soft and calming atmosphere in interior spaces.

Ammonite is a pale grey colour so naturally it is one of the best off-white colours to pair with a whole host of colours. 

It’s earthy tones makes it pair well with neutrals, earthy colours and warmer tones such as dusty pink for a beautiful accent and pop of colour.

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farrow and ball ammonite
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Cornforth White

Cornforth White belongs to the family of warm, pale grey shades, but it can also be classed as an off-white. It is named after John Cornforth, a prominent English architectural historian.

The colour itself is a delicate balance between grey and beige, resulting in a sophisticated neutral tone that effortlessly complements a wide range of interior styles and colour schemes.

Cornforth White is a versatile and popular paint colour that exudes an understated elegance, making it a perfect choice for interior design projects.

And, if you can’t choose between this shade and ammonite, I have a post for that too!

Ammonite or Cornforth White – Which Farrow & Ball White Shade?

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farrow and ball cornforth white
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Purbeck Stone

The colour of Farrow & Ball Purbeck Stone is reminiscent of the natural stone found in the limestone hills of Dorset, which has a mix of grey and brown tones.

So, of course, the paint colour is often described as a greyish-brown – and a perfect neutral that is subtle and delivers a refined finish in an interior.

This refined shade of greyish-brown is highly versatile for an interior as it pairs beautifully with crisp whites, and earthy neutrals such as sage green and lavender hues. 

For a bigger impact, it’s highly complementary with defining accents such as black, navy blue and mustard yellow.

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Pavilion Gray

Pavilion Gray is a soft and muted mid-toned grey colour. It has warm undertones that make it a versatile and popular choice for most rooms in a home.

This grey shade is part of F&B’s architectural neutrals, designed to help create a look that suits minimal living. Pavilion Gray has a subtle blue undertone that creates a strong architectural or modern industrial feel.

Do pair a black accent with Pavilion Gray for such much needed definition, and to tie the space together. This can be achieved with internal doors, door hardware, sockets & switches, light fittings and decorative accessories.

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farrow and ball pavilion gray
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Blackened is another grey shade which is part of F&B’s architectural neutrals. This is one of their coolest whites with a tint of grey.

It is a delicate shade that adds a subtle and elegant touch to interior spaces. Like all paint colours, how Blackened appears can be influenced by lighting and surrounding colours, so always purchase a tester pot before committing!

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farrow and ball blackened
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Dimpse is a light and cool grey colour, with a slightly darker grey pigment to Blackened. This delicate grey is named after the quaint West Country dialect for the colour of twilight.

This cool shade offers great versatility for an interior, working well in traditional to modern interiors, and with a whole host of colours from neutrals through to dark, defining shades like the ever popular Railings.

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farrow and ball dimpse
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Strong White

Part of F&B’s Contemporary Neutrals, Strong White is a grey shade with an underlying lilac tone imparting a modern warmth.

This can be a great choice for a grey if you want something that doesn’t bring a cool outlook to a room. Pair with tonal shades such as lavender to really bring out the warmth in this grey paint.

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farrow and ball strong white
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Elephant’s Breath

Elephant’s Breath is one of the most popular contemporary grey’s in the Farrow & Ball paint collection. This warm mid grey is an inviting alternative to a bright white or magnolia shade in an interior.

Elephant’s Breath is often considered as a warm mid-grey or griege shade, a combination of grey and beige. This versatile neutral is a perfect base colour for most rooms in the home. 

The exact perception of the colour can appear different in different lights and rooms, so always purchase a tester pot and paint a swatch in your chosen room so you can see how it feels and looks in the specific room before committing.

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farrow and ball elephant's breath

Dark Farrow and Ball Grey Colours


Farrow & Ball’s Plummett is a deep and moody grey colour.

It is a dark shade of grey with subtle undertones of blue, giving it a rich and sophisticated appearance. Use on walls or through woodwork for visual interest and a defining lift in a room.

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farrow and ball plummet
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Lamp Room Gray

This traditional blue grey shade creates a softer finish than Pavilion Gray, and it’s a lighter mid grey than the likes of Manor House Gray and Plummett.

This versatile grey can be used as a wall colour, or as an accent within the space to deliver a more defining, grounding finish to a space.

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farrow and ball lamp room gray
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Manor House Gray

Manor House Gray is a touch darker than Lamp Room Gray. This cool architectural grey is a definite grey, retaining its colour in all lights.

This colour virtually looks great in all rooms from children’s nurseries to home offices and living rooms. Do introduce some warmer colours into your colour scheme to stop the room from feeling cold.

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farrow and ball Manor House gray
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Dove Tale

A darker version of the notoriously popular, Elephant’s Breath, Dove Tale is part of the contemporary neutrals range. It delivers a warm green finish, and is a good alternative if you aren’t a fan of a cool grey in a space.

It has an almost putty, purple shade to it as it carries a lilac undertone. Introduce warm colours to your space to appreciate the warmth of Dove Tale.

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farrow and ball dove tale
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Down Pipe

Down Pipe is one of the most popular Farrow and Ball grey colours. Described as a dark lead grey, it has definite blue undertones which leads to a dark, cool look.

This paint shade is great for delivering a dramatic finish in an interior, whether that’s in a hallway to leave a lasting impression or in a cinema room to set the tone.

Whilst Down Pipe goes with a range of colours, think about introducing warm shades like spicy terracotta for a warm pop of colour, and to avoid an interior feeling cold.

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farrow and ball down pipe
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Mole’s Breath

A classic mid-dark grey shade, this F&B shade takes its roots from the lighter, enduringly popular, Elephant’s Breath.

This versatile shade works well with stronger accents, and relaxed neutrals like Purbeck Stone and Strong White.

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farrow and ball mole's breath
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Worsted is a rich mid grey colour which has understated richness and no cold tones to it. This favourable grey pairs particularly well with warm, accent colours.

Pair with wooden tones, rich greens, reds and oranges to create a really sumptuous feel in a room.

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farrow and ball worsted
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Hopper Head

Finally, we have Hopper Head. One of the richest and deepest greys in their collection. This classic charcoal colour sits between Down Pipe and Railings.

It can be a great choice for creating a dramatic space, yet it’s not quite overpowering as a black. A perfect colour for creating a rich, enveloping space – think of cinema rooms, bedrooms and living spaces for an inviting, cosy feel.

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farrow and ball hopper head
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Which Farrow and Ball Grey Colour Is The Most Popular?

Colour trends continually change, but the most popular Farrow and Ball grey colours are currently Elephant’s Breath and Down Pipe.

Two really versatile grey shades that are very different tonally, elephant’s breath is a light grey shade, whilst down pipe could be described as a defining charcoal/slate grey shade.

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