17 Best Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray Bedroom Ideas

edgecomb gray bedroom
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These Edgecomb Gray bedroom ideas are the perfect example of how this notoriously popular color by Benjamin Moore is perfect for creating a warm, neutral aesthetic.

This classic gray is well known for its soft and timeless appearance, it’s the perfect paint color that can appear as a light beige, a warm gray or a pale taupe, depending on the light you’re looking at it in.

If you’re looking for a paint color with warm tones for your bedroom, this could be the perfect choice!

So, I’m sharing 17 of the best Edgecomb gray bedroom ideas in case you need anymore persuasion at how great this color is for a traditional or modern interior.

Is Edgecomb Gray Warm or Cool?

Despite it having gray undertones, Edgecomb Gray is characterised as a warm neutral. Its subtle fusion of warm beige and soft gray undertones creates an adaptable shade that shifts elegantly with lighting and decor.

This chameleon-like quality allows it to infuse both warmth and coolness into a room, ensuring a seamless fit with various color schemes and styles.

edgecomb gray

What Colors Pair Well With Edgecomb Gray?

Edgecomb Gray is a warm neutral, and an agreeable gray that is highly versatile in a range of color schemes.

You can choose to lean into the neutral side of things and pair with whites, other beiges, darker greys and earthy tones such as sage green and forest green for a touch more definition.

Alternatively, it works really well with bold, statement making shades like navy blue, mustard yellow and even tones of red when used as an accent color within a scheme.

Here are some of the best colors that pair well with Edgecomb Gray in a bedroom and beyond;

  • Beige
  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue
  • Sage Green
  • Forest Green
  • Black
  • Red
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Brass and Golds

17 Edgecomb Gray Bedroom Ideas

1. Paint Woodwork For Visual Contrast

One of the best ways to grab visual interest in any room is to paint woodwork, doors and architraves in a different color.

White has been used across the walls for a bright and airy look, whilst edgecomb gray on the woodwork really pops, and brings a gorgeous warm neutral into the equation.

Edgecomb gray works with similar greige colors, other warm neutrals and don’t forget to add a few well placed black accents, it will define the space and pull the room together.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @makingitinthemountains

2. Combine With Soft Neutral Tones

This classic gray is a beautiful color for creating a warm, neutral color scheme in a bedroom. A very on-trend and relaxed interior scheme right now.

Really lean into the gray tones of Edgecomb gray by incorporating darker gray shades into your bedroom on a few key pieces, as well as introducing some lighter shades for a cohesive, visual interesting scheme.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @sbcreative_

3. Pair With Navy Blue For A Striking Contrast

Whilst Edgecomb gray really lends itself to working in a warm neutral setting, it pairs so well with contrasting shades too.

If you want to create a striking contrast from the get go, use an alternative bold color like navy blue blue on a bed wall, it’s going to create instant visual appeal, whilst the grey tones help to balance and neutralise the darker tones of the blue.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @coastalkari

4. Create A Cosy, Enveloping Space

If you have a sloping ceiling in your bedroom you can really choose to lean into it and create a cosy enveloping space out of it.

If you want to create an even more inviting space, practice color drenching, using the edgecomb gray all up the walls and across the ceiling, it can make a space feel cozier and more enclosed.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @welshdesignstudio

5. Brighten With A Bright White

If you have a vaulted ceiling or a standard ceiling, elevate the space by adding a bright white to the ceiling.

It will create a crisp, pristine contrast yet it will also help to draw the eye up as you enter the room, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

White colors and pale oak is a great pairing for edgecomb gray as it creates a light and airy feel.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @meghan_yost_

6. Shaker Style Paneling For Instant Character

Creating a feature wall on your bed wall with shaker style paneling is a great choice as it delivers instant character and depth that a plain painted wall can’t achieve.

Shaker style paneling is easy to DIY yourself with battens and it’s typically chunkier than traditional wainscoting paneling.

This is one of my favourite Edgecomb Gray bedroom ideas, I love the warm neutrals and the black accents throughout which bring a touch of modernity and definition to the bedroom.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @lolamarie7

7. Shiplap Panelling For Verticality

Shiplap paneling will forever be one of my favourite ways to cover a wall in a bedroom. It adds verticality so it instantly draws the eye up as you step into a room, and it brings a sense of uniformity to a room, and character.

Edgecomb Gray is a highly versatile color too as it pairs so well with neutrals, bold colors, brass accents and greenery.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @diana.housemadehome

8. DIY Paneling Feature Wall

I love a paneling feature wall, this is another example of shaker style paneling.

For a farmhouse, modern rustic look introduce black accents on a curtain pole, bedside tables and a few other wall placed accents to pull the room together.

Add a gorgeous area rug beneath your bed, it will set a boundary in the space and stop the furniture feeling like it’s floating.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @vaughans.at.home

9. Add Playful Color

Introduce some playful color accents to an otherwise warm neutral color scheme.

You can be brave with color when you’re only using it as an accent in a color scheme, add an extra 2-3 different colors to nail the look.

I love the addition of reds and blues in this bedroom, it creates a really cozy and inviting look.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @suneetachilukuri

10. Separate Color With A Dado Rail

A dado rail is a great way to add easy color separation to a bedroom, you can position it wherever you want to divide the color in the space.

You can choose to use a different color below and above, or make like this bedroom and choose to paint the dado rail in a contrasting bright white for eye catching visual interest.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @armedcreative

11. Introduce Wooden Tones & Blue For A Coastal Feel

Edgecomb Gray is the perfect greige color for a coastal inspired bedroom feel.

Pair with wooden tones and use blue and black as a design accent within the space, layer with differing shades of blue for visual interest, and add a few well placed black accents to ground the space.

This half wall paneling look grounds the lower half of the room, and with a bright white above it, it draws the eye up and retains that airy and light coastal feel.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @thomasinteriorsanddesigninc

12. Half Wall Paneling For Character

Half wall paneling is one of the most effective ways to add instant character to a bedroom, it’s cost effective yet delivers impact.

Paint the lower half of the room with bright white and add edgecomb gray above it to deliver a warm feel.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @tammified

13. Layer With Texture & Color For A Cozy Aesthetic

Creating a cozy and warm aesthetic is easy with the warming tones of edgecomb gray.

The secret to really playing on the warmth of this paint color is to introduce gorgeous layering with different textures and colors.

It’s going to deliver instant visual interest and it will make any bed feel instantly cozier and warmer.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @travelhearthome

14. Half Painted Walls

A half painted wall is quite purely a trick to help deliver greater visual interest and color in a room, whilst the positioning of colors can also help to make a room feel larger than it actually is. 

For example, pairing a darker color such and Edgecomb Gray with a bright white or neutral on the upper half, it instantly draws the eye up as you enter the room, making the room feel larger.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @morningviewreno

15. Mix With White For A Floaty, Romantic Feel

Using Edgecomb Gray on the walls, introducing white into certain design accents around the room can create a floaty, romantic and airy feel.

I love this simple, yet effective combination of colors. Use on curtains, furniture and decor accessories like faux florals for an effective, airy addition to a bedroom.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @tiffanyrossinteriors

16. Add A Wooden Shelf For Visual Interest

Use that empty wall space on your bed wall to your advantage and install a wooden shelf above it.

Not only does it deliver some gorgeous definition to the bedroom, but it provides the perfect place for styling in your bedroom, which leads to more visual interest.

The wooden tones are balanced so well by the greige tones of Edgecomb Gray, and adding darker wooden tones to the shelf adds further definition and modernity to the bedroom.

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @travelhearthome

17. Combine With Floaty Neutrals

Floaty, white neutrals are a winner in an Edgecomb Gray color scheme in a bedroom.

Whilst black accents will define and bring a touch of modernity to a bedroom, brass details can also add additional warmth and visual interest to the space.

If you’re looking to create a farmhouse inspired bedroom, I’d still introduce both black and brass accents for a cohesive, and modern color scheme.

Which of these Edegcomb Gray bedroom ideas is your favorite?

edgecomb gray bedroom
Image credit: @jaclynmari_

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