5 Trending Bedroom Colour Combinations That Designers Swear By

bedroom colour combinations

Interior design follows the same life cycle as fashion and bedroom colour combinations are just one of those pieces of the pie that is regularly changing.

We have already seen some huge emerging colour combinations this year throughout our interiors, like the spicy and well balanced pairing of sage green and terracotta, and neutral alternatives. There’s so much to love about these refreshing bedroom colour combinations on the block.

Colour is at the heart of creating a strong visual in an interior, and we’ve put together 5 trending bedroom colour combinations that designers swear by! We can’t get enough of these colour combos…

5 Trending Bedroom Colour Combinations

1.Sage Green & Terracotta

Constantly immersed in interiors, I have seen firsthand how sage green has made huge waves in interiors over the last year.

But, the best combination?

Sage green and terracotta. Sage green balances the spicy tones of terracotta for a restorative and relaxing colour combination that makes a bedroom space look instantly on trend.

How To Style It:

We have opted for this colour combo in our master bedroom and it’s probably one of my favourite combinations yet.

The important thing is to pick one of the colours as the dominant colour in the room, you’ll then be able to effectively introduce the other colour as an ‘accent colour’ – usually in a few well placed areas throughout the room that doesn’t overshadow the dominant colour.

So, in our master bedroom, we created a feature wall of shiplap panelling, becoming the dominant colour in the scheme.

We’ve then introduced different tones of terracotta with a set of layered throws on the bed and through artwork. It’s a super easy way to incorporate this spicy colour, and swapping out throws and cushions means you can seasonally update your bedroom colour scheme if you need to.

Of course, you could do the opposite, have terracotta walls and introduce sage green through bedding, throws or decor accessories.

bedroom colour combinations

Jo Jo from House Nine Design is another designer who is using this trendy colour combination in her interior projects.

Pivot your bedroom colour scheme by using a neutral colour on the walls such as an off-white, and introduce these two colours through accents on bed frames, cushions and bedding.

I love how she effortlessly pulls this colour scheme together making the room feel warm and cosy.

bedroom colour combinations 4
Image credit: @houseninedesign

2. Lilac & Yellow

Yep, we’re talking about purple! Purple is absolutely one of those colours that can easily go wrong in an interior if it’s not used correctly.

Lilac, with its delicate and gentle nature, holds the ability to instil a sense of calm and serenity within a bedroom. This enchanting hue, reminiscent of blooming lavender fields, creates an ambiance of relaxation and tranquility.

But the magic lies in finding the perfect balance between using a purple such as lilac in your interior. Yes, we’re talking about introducing yellow into the bedroom’s colour palette. Arguably what could be two of the most head turning colours in an interior, but they actually work beautifully together.

A pale, energising yellow is the perfect companion for lilac. Incorporating touches of yellow in the bedroom can awaken the senses, creating a space that energises and revitalises, making mornings brighter and evenings more vibrant.

How To Style It:

This can be achieved by using lilac as the predominant hue, creating a soothing foundation for the space, and introducing pops of yellow strategically throughout the room to add contrast and vibrancy.

Use soft yellow accents through decorative pillows, artwork, curtains, or even a statement furniture piece like a bed frame.

By striking the right balance between these two colours, you create a visual symphony that brings together the tranquility of lilac and the invigorating energy of yellow.

Alternatively, you may choose to keep the foundations of your room neutral with a white. It’s then even easier to incorporate lilac and yellow touches through bedroom styling and accessories.

If you’re not feeling brave enough to use these colours as an integral part of your bedroom colour scheme, this is a great place to start, allowing you to still appreciate this on-trend colour combination.

lilac and yellow bedroom
Image credit: @julie_guyomard_parodi

3. Pink Plaster Look With Orange Hues

Plaster look walls have gained tremendous popularity for their ability to add an instant touch of refinement and character to any space. Their textured and imperfect surface creates a unique aesthetic that is both visually appealing and inviting, and their laidback presence makes styling and introducing a bold accent colour even easier to achieve.

Yes, the terracotta and burnt orange trend continues, and it’s one of the best bold statement shades against a plaster look wall.

There’s so much versatility with this bedroom colour combination, it’s perfect for rustic, traditional and transitional interior spaces.

How To Style It:

The only way to embrace this colour combination is to create plaster look walls, either as a feature wall on the bed wall, or all in across the walls.

This style of wall is usually achieved with a kind of chalk paint, NOT bare plaster on a wall. Alternatively, opt for an alabaster shade of paint, which is typically a light chalky pink colour.

To inject a dose of personality and visual interest into your space, embrace the power of orange hues, and bold stripes.

The juxtaposition of crisp lines against the textured plaster look walls creates a captivating contrast, instantly drawing attention and creating a focal point within the room.

Introduce rattan light shades to add an overall softness to the space, the result is an ultra stylish yet relaxed bedroom interior.

bedroom colour combinations

4. Pink & Green

Soft tones of pink and green are the perfect, on-trend colour combination for a bedroom. But we’re also seeing a lot of deeper, warmer tones of these colours combined together that look amazing through different patterns and textures.

Think stripes, whimsical patterns and additions of faux foliage for a soft look in a bedroom.

bedroom colour combinations
Image credit: French Bedroom Company

How To Style It:

Because differing shades of green and pink can work so beautifully together, you can take this colour combination in a few different ways.

If you are wanting to use heavy pattern in a bedroom such as on a bed frame, always take colour inspiration from the largest pattern in the room, this will allow you to take those colours from the frame and feature throughout the room for a cohesive feel.

Make like this bedroom which takes inspiration from the focal bed frame, featuring the colours throughout on the walls, lamp shades, bed linen and cushions. 

The result is a warm, abundant space that would make the perfect sleep sanctuary.

bedroom colour combinations
Image credit: @oakleymooreinteriordesign

5. Mink & Neutral Tones

Mink is a much lesser travelled colour in an interior, yet it’s by far one of the most underestimated shades for a colour scheme.

This muted shade can bring a wonderful richness to a room, whilst delivering a grounding aspect to the space. Introduce neutral accessories and white bed linen for a crisp, clean contrast.

How To Style It:

To create a visually exciting bedroom, it’s all about introducing pattern and texture to build depth and character. Use mink as a feature wall, and work in differing shades of neutrals and relevant patterns through bedding, pillows and throws.

Add some rattan accessories such as baskets or light shades to add an overall softness to the room. A few black accents will add further definition to the space, such as with bedside tables, hardware or decor accessories.

bedroom colour combinations

Which of these bedroom colour combinations would you love to try in your home? Looking for some more interior advice? Drop me a comment below and I’ll come straight back!

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