17 Stunning Garden Ideas Using Cuprinol Natural Stone Paint

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Now the warmer weather is finally upon us, you may be looking out into the garden and thinking of ways to improve it or how to give it a new lease of life?

Over the winter, garden fences, decking and furniture can become seriously weathered and by the time spring rolls around, there’s no doubt your outdoor space will need a bit of a refresh. 

Replacing things can be costly and sometimes can be transformed with just a lick of paint. Keep reading to discover some inspiring garden ideas that use and complement Cuprinol Natural Stone paint.

17 Stunning Garden Ideas Using Cuprinol Natural Stone Paint

1.The Perfect Fence Colour

You’ll be amazed at what a difference painting a fence can make. To get an entirely new fence, you’re looking at spending thousands of pounds. However, it could just need a new coat of paint.

Natural Stone by Cuprinol is the perfect mix of beige and grey, so it’s neutral enough to feel classy and elegant but warm enough to feel cosy and inviting.

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Instagram image credit: @lizaprideauxhome

2. Elevate Your Outdoor Door

Brighten up your garden gate or door by repainting it. A stained wood can sometimes look dark and dreary, so painting it a bright neutral tone will uplift your entire outdoor space. 

Natural Stone also looks fabulous as a backdrop for pastel coloured pots and plants.

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Instagram image credit: @mrsnhome

3. Transform Your Planters With This Gorgeous Neutral

Planters are a fantastic addition to any garden. They add height, texture and become a real focal point. 

Rather than leaving them bare, paint them a neutral tone that suits the rest of your garden.

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Instagram image credit: @homeatheathfields

4. Soften A Wooden Pergola

Pergolas have become extremely popular in contemporary gardens. They offer a shaded area without being entirely enclosed. 

We often see pergolas painted black or dark grey but why not go for something a little different? Painting it neutral will mean it’ll never go out of style.

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Instagram image credit: @home_at_3dunham

5. Team It With A Black & White Colour Scheme

A monochrome colour palette isn’t just for indoors, it looks great in the garden too. 

Pair Natural Stone paint with black and white furniture and accessories to make it truly pop. It’s also not as harsh as bright white, which will help soften the space.

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Instagram image credit: @thecanfordinthemiddle

6. Create A Cosy, Country Feeling Garden

English country gardens are quintessentially beautiful and never go out of fashion. Choosing a neutral colour palette will ensure that your outdoor space really stands the test of time.

Consider painting your shed or any other outdoor buildings the same neutral colour as your fence to tie it all together.

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Instagram image credit: @thegaskinghome

7. Combine With Black For Impact In Your Space

Black accents feel modern and contemporary and in the garden they can make a real statement. 

If you’d like to zone off a particular area in the garden, use black as a contrasting colour to Natural Stone – as you can see in the picture below, it’s really effective!

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Instagram image credit: @helen_at_102

8. Use Rattan Furniture For A Boho Inspired Space

Neutrals are a great base for building a boho inspired look. Rattan furniture is a boho staple that feels comfy and effortless. 

Jazz up a rattan sofa or armchair by adding in some patterned soft furnishings that are made for outdoor use.

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Instagram image credit: @makingmelrose

9. Rework Tired Pieces of Outdoor Furniture

We’ve all inherited garden furniture from previous owners or family members. Give it a new lease of life by painting it. 

A worn and torn garden bench can immediately be transformed into a desirable seating area with some neutral coloured paint and a couple of cushions.

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Instagram image credit: @home_in_erc

10. Pair With Greenery, Greys & Brown Rattan Furniture

The reason why Natural Stone is such a versatile colour is that it can be paired with pretty much any other shade. 

The patio pictured above features greys, browns and greens and they all fit seamlessly well with a neutral coloured fence.

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Instagram image credit: @thegaskinghome

11. Lift The Exterior of Your House With Natural Stone

Natural Stone can also be used to paint the outside of your house. If your paintwork is looking a bit grubby, this will immediately brighten it up and make it feel brand new.

We recommend getting a local tradesperson to help you as this can be a hefty job that takes time.

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Instagram image credit: @loveheartsathome

12. Add Colour With A Built In Flower Bed

Break up a neutral coloured fence by planting interesting plants and flowers in raised beds. 

Try and choose plants that vary in height to give your flower bed some visual interest. These pops of colour will look great against a neutral backdrop.

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Instagram image credit: @decorsupplies

13. Bring Colour To Your Outdoor Setup With Navy Blue Hues

Pair neutrals with a bright pop of colour to bring your garden to life and to reflect the natural beauty that surrounds it.

Navy blue is a versatile colour that can be mixed with a number of different tones and shades to create any kind of style and aesthetic you want.

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Instagram image credit: @thegableshome

14. Layer Tones of Cream, Brown & Black For A Cosy Feel

Layering is key, not just for interiors but for your garden, too. Layer different neutral tones to create visual interest as well as adding lots of texture.

We love the look of these patterned patio slabs layered with an outdoor rug that makes the space feel warm and cosy.

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Instagram image credit: @_jessicagrizzle

15. Natural Limestone Makes A Complementary Foundation

Natural limestone is a timeless outdoor flooring option. It can be quite costly but it is definitely worth the investment as it will stand the test of time.

Make sure to take care and maintain your natural limestone by regularly cleaning it with a jet washer.

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Instagram image credit: @theharperhindhead

16. Layer With Tonal Accessories

Mirror a neutral painted fence with tonal accessories that sing together in perfect harmony.

Layer different sized cushions and add a throw that can be used to stay warm in the evenings. Making a cosy area on the floor with oversized cushions is a lovely idea.

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Instagram image credit: @home_on_the_commons

17. Dress Your Space With Natural Greenery For A Stunning Look

If a neutral colour palette is more your thing then you may not be too keen on planting lots of brightly coloured flowers. Instead, rely on greenery to breathe life into your outdoor space.

Trees and shrubs bring lots of lovely texture to a garden without disrupting a neutral colour scheme.

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Instagram image credit: @lukearthurwells
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