19 On-trend Ceiling Design Ideas That Don’t Include White Paint

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Gone are the days of redecorating a room and simply painting the ceiling white. Now referred to as ‘the fifth wall’, ceilings can be a major focal point of a room and can change the entire feel of it. 

Instead of ignoring your ceiling, make it a statement part of your design by following these stylish and on-trend ideas.

19 On-trend Ceiling Design Ideas That Don’t Include White Paint

1.Rustic Wooden Cladding

Create the look of a cosy log cabin by cladding your ceiling in wooden slats. Avoid it looking like a ‘ski chalet’ by painting the walls a neutral shade and letting the ceiling do the talking.

Try and use reclaimed wood and visit your local reclamation yard to see what offcuts they have available, this will inevitably add more character.

ceiling ideas

2. Colour Drench With Pink

Colour drenching is a popular decorating technique that involves painting a room one solid colour, including the walls, ceiling and woodwork. 

Drenching in pink creates an elegant and luxurious feel and pays homage to Art Deco inspired spaces.

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3. Coffered Ceiling

Panelling is an easy and fairly affordable way of adding texture to your walls but have you considered a coffered ceiling? This is essentially panelling for your ceiling.

It adds architectural interest and forces the eye upwards, which makes the space feel bigger and more open. Exaggerate this by painting your ceiling a light colour.

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4. Draw The Eye Up With Bold Wallpaper

A patterned ceiling really does stop anyone in their tracks. It’s so striking and makes such a feature that it’s a no brainer for somebody who loves bold and aesthetically shocking interiors.

Take inspiration from the ceiling pictured above and opt for a botanical pattern that you can use to add in different pops of colour to your design.

ceiling ideas 4
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5. Add Reclaimed Wooden Beams

Period properties are blessed with original architectural features such as beams, however this doesn’t mean you can’t add them in yourself if you want to inject some character into a space.

Leave your ceiling white and let the beams shine as they add an abundance of character and texture.

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6. Classic Shiplap Panelling

If a coffered ceiling is too bold for you, then why not try a shiplap effect instead? Shiplap is a type of panelling that features horizontal slats of wood laid next to each other. 

They can nod to coastal interiors, so if this is the type of vibe you want to go for then this could be the perfect addition.

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7. Circus Inspired Ceiling With Stripes & Scallop Detail

Add a fun and playful twist to a room by designing a striped ceiling with scallop edges. A red and white pattern will automatically give off a circus tent aesthetic, however if you want to switch it up try a bold yellow shade. 

This works particularly well in kids playrooms and downstairs bathrooms.

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8. Tile All The Way Over

A simple but effective design technique is carrying your tiles onto the ceiling. It instantly brings a sense of luxury to a bathroom and is also super practical.

Stick to white metro tiles for a classic look or if you’re wanting something a little different, try a patterned tile instead.

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9. Black Ceilings Add Instant Drama

There’s no doubt that black ceilings add drama and are an affordable way of elevating any interior look.

A black ceiling looks particularly striking in a bedroom as it makes the room feel warm and cosy. 

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10. Sloped Ceiling? Make It A Feature With Large Scale Wallpaper

Try not to shy away from architectural features in your home and instead make them shine! Using wallpaper to showcase a sloped ceiling is an effective way of doing this.

Large scale patterned wallpaper work best for this as smaller and more kitsch patterns can run the risk of looking busy or cluttered.

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11. Raffia Textured Ceiling

Texture is one of the key elements of interior design and it’s a good idea to consider how you could possibly add some texture to your ceiling.

This raffia ceiling is very unusual but gives this neutral scheme a boost of vitality and cosiness.

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12. Up The Drama By Colour Drenching In A Dark Shade

We’ve already covered colour drenching but have you considered using this technique in a dark colour? There’s no doubt that it will make a room feel a lot darker but if you prefer dark and dramatic spaces then this could be the ceiling trend for you.

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13. Bring The Ceiling Colour Down Onto A Section of The Wall

Rather than using the natural lines that are already in place to paint your ceiling, create a ‘drop ceiling’ effect by bringing the paint down onto the walls. 

This looks fantastic when there’s a contrast between a light and a dark colour.

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14. Pair Wooden Beams & Shiplap Panelling

Go all out with texture and pair beams with shiplap panelling to decorate your ceiling.

Paint your shiplap in a bold colour that you love such as navy or forest green, which will allow the wooden beams to truly stand out.

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15. Peachy Keen

Peach is set to be one of the biggest colours for 2024, especially when summer rolls around. It’s a very uplifting shade that sparks energy and joy.

Use it as a ceiling colour in a bedroom if you want it to have this effect on you.

ceiling ideas 15
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16. Add Fun With Colour & Geometric Lines

This idea isn’t for the faint hearted but it’s definitely a fun one. Design a mural for your ceiling, this doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be a series of lines and squiggles like the one pictured below.

Using the ceiling as a canvas for your creativity as opposed to the walls adds an extra layer of playfulness and individuality.

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17. Add A Wood Effect Ceiling That Speaks To The Floor

Using similar materials that complement each other in a room creates a cohesive scheme. A wood effect ceiling that speaks to a wooden floor is a great example.

They don’t have to boast the exact same design but make sure they have similar tones that will pair well together.

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18. Create An Earthy Feel By Bringing Green Down To A Picture Rail

A failsafe way of separating a dropped ceiling from the rest of your walls is to hang a picture rail.

Not only does it make it easier to physically paint but it creates a clear divide.

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19. Gold Leaf It For Utter Elegance

Go for extreme opulence by using gold leaf to cover your ceiling. Traditionally, you would see this in stately homes and grand estates, however this doesn’t mean you can’t introduce some grandeur into your own home.

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