15 Stunning Orange Hallway Ideas For A Warm Welcome

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Orange might not be the first colour that springs to mind when decorating your hallway, but first impressions truly count here, and this rich, warm shade could be just the accent colour you’re looking for.

From deep orange shades to lighter terracotta hues, this colour packs a punch and is an instant mood lifter. Take note from these stunning orange hallway ideas below, it might just change your opinion of this colour…

15 Stunning Orange Hallway Ideas For A Warm Welcome

1.Create An Endearing Orange Feature Wall

Don’t let the thought of orange paint covering every wall in your hallway put you off.

Picking a dominant feature wall either at your door entrance or at the opposite end will play its part in drawing you into the space and creating visual interest against the contrasting colour on the walls.

This bold shade contrasts beautifully with the white. But, perhaps the star of the show here is the black door which brings definition and modernity to the space.

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Image credit: Oak Furnitureland

2. Half Wall Panelling Brightens & Adds Depth

Whether you have a period property or a new build space, adding half wall panelling is a super way to add instant depth and character.

Half wall panelling also allows you to create perfect colour separation. Ground the bottom half with a deep orange, and contrast with an off-white above. This trick will draw the eye up, giving the illusion of more space.

The gorgeous Mediterranean terracotta shade used here is Flower Pot by Earthborn.

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Image credit: Earthborn – Flower Pot

3. Colour Block For A Wonderful Effect

This is another perfect example of how orange can tastefully be used in a hallway without engaging with all walls.

Colour block sections of your hallway to create a zoned and defined look, doorways and entrance ways work particularly well with this method.

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Instagram image credit: @househomo

4. Go Orange, or Go Home

Alternatively, if you’re a fan of orange, go full steam ahead! From bold patterned wallpaper to a tangerine set of stairs, this fun hallway will definitely leave a lasting impression.

The striped stair runner adds the perfect finishing touch to tie the space together as the black accents help to ground the space.

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Instagram image credit: @emeraldterrace

5. Impress With A Bold Orange Front Door

Uplifting your front door with a fresh lick of paint will impress guests on the inside, and outside of your home.

A bold, tangerine shade like this is inviting, bold and will certainly turn heads. It adds a beautiful warmth and contrast to the interior white walls as shown below.

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Instagram image credit: @clementbrowne

6. Make A Design Accent Out of Your Stair Runner

Your stairs were made for making a design accent on them. Whilst patterned tiles and carpet might seem too loud, you can get away with it in the form of a stair runner.

It will draw the eye in, add colour and depth to your space.

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Instagram image credit: @Harvey_home_eclectic

7. Lean Into Terracotta-Orange Hues

We absolutely love this entryway! Beautifully finished with Dutch Orange by Edward Bulmer on the walls.

Inspired by variations of coral, this gorgeous colour scheme still remains airy with the white ceiling and floor tiles. The look is cohesive and well defined by the black accents in the hallway.

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Instagram image credit: @nels_eyreinteriors

8. Pair With Black For A Defining Look

Black is always a good idea. It will tie a room together and bring definition and modernity when you need it most.

Orange is the perfect match for black, it creates a striking contrast and just looks amazing in this hallway shown in the image below.

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Instagram image credit: @the_good_painter

9. Create A Riad Inspired Hallway

When can we move in? The perfect sight for sore eyes as you get home after a long day. From rich terracotta paint, to curved archways and oriental rugs, this is the perfect Riad inspired hallway.

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Instagram image credit: @lucywilliamshome

10. Try Two Tone Painted Walls

Two tone painted walls are the perfect way to utilise two colours without making the space feel oppressive.

Use your darker, more defining shade on the bottom half and add an off-white on the upper half and take it all across the ceiling. This will draw the eye up and create a light and airy aesthetic in the hallway.

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Instagram image credit: @insideofnumber9

11. Deep Orange, Rouge Shades For Impact

It might take you a few testers to find the perfect orange shade for your space, but when it looks this good… Riad Terracotta by Annie Sloan has expertly been used on the walls here.

Deep oranges look beautiful in period properties like this where you can add an additional accent colour to ornate detailing to draw the eye in and pay homage to it.

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Instagram image credit: @anniesloanstagram

12. Lighter Orange Shades Are Perfect For Boho Inspired Hallways

Leaning into lighter oranges will help to create a boho inspired hallway. The lighter hue is welcoming, calming, yet adds gorgeous warmth and abundance to the space.

Combine with greenery and natural materials for that effortlessly stylish, yet laidback boho style.

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Instagram image credit: @happy_jolie_maison

13. Paint The Woodwork

If you have a larger entryway, painting the woodwork in a different defining colour is a beautiful way to instil added visual interest.

We adore the orange woodwork in this hallway which pairs perfectly with the original floor tiles, it creates a cohesive scheme and just adds something extra to this stunning space.

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Instagram image credit: @totheshireborn

14. A Bold Orange Stair Runner To Draw The Eye Up

Not a fan of patterned stair runners? Go for a bold orange stair runner instead.

You won’t tire of elevating the stairs with this beauty beneath your feet. It pairs beautifully with the warm colours that feature throughout this hallway.

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Instagram image credit: @rainbowsnfairyd

15. Paint The Staircase Your Favourite Orange Hue

If we couldn’t love a hallway even more… The geometric wallpaper absolutely sets off the staircase which has been painted in a Charlotte Locks by Farrow and Ball (colour matched).

This playful shade creates a sharp contrast against the white and black, for a brave look that has been executed to design perfection.

Which of these orange hallway ideas is your favourite?

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Instagram image credit: @trueseventiesromance
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