How To Decorate For Christmas According To Your Star Sign, Astrologer Approved Ideas

If you’re anything like me and find yourself checking your horoscope reading on the daily, this post is for you…

Decision fatigue is a real thing when it comes to selecting the perfect Christmas decor scheme for your tree and home.

The surge in searches for ‘Christmas décor trends 2023,’ a remarkable increase of 6,233% over the past year, indicates a widespread quest for inspiration.

So, to assist in this creative decision-making process, Tapi has enlisted the help of renowned astrologer Inbaal Honigman. She unveils personalised insights on how we can lean into our star signs this Christmas to find the most fitting decor styles for our home.

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How To Decorate For Christmas According To Your Star Sign, Astrologer Approved Ideas

Here is a snapshot of each star sign and how its values can reflect onto your Christmas decor choices this year (save it down for later!).

Johanna Constantinou, trends expert at Tapi, says: “Associating interior design with your zodiac sign can be a fantastic way to discover your personal style. Christmas is the perfect time to inject a bit of personality into your home, something your guests over the festive period are sure to love. We hope our tips inspire you with ways you can achieve this, without having to spend too much.”

Scroll down to find the perfect ideas for your zodiac this year.

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Aries Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Aries prioritise speed and efficiency, making it essential to streamline the process of buying, unwrapping, and placing decorations without spending excessive time.

Décor: A pop-up tree with pre-attached decorations aligns with Aries’ need for efficiency. Red tinsel, reflecting the fire element, adds a touch of statement glitz to their festive setup.

Colour scheme: Red takes centre stage for Aries, being the fieriest among the fire signs. To intensify the red hue, they may opt to pair it with black, creating a dynamic and impactful colour scheme that resonates with their energetic and bold nature.

Aries Christmas decorations

Taurus Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Taurus individuals, being traditional and sentimental, find joy in revisiting their childhood decorations annually. A vintage aesthetic is a natural choice, harmonising with the presence of genuine antiques cherished by those born under the sign of the bull.

Décor: Taurus opts for a classic assortment, including Christmas gonks, an angel tree topper, candles, and a fireplace adorned with stockings, creating a nostalgic and heartwarming atmosphere.

Colour scheme: Red and green – The traditional Christmas colour palette resonates perfectly with Taurus, who appreciates nostalgia and the charm of days gone by. This choice aligns seamlessly with their love for the classic and timeless elements of the holiday season.

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Image credit: Tapi Carpets – Instagram @mnhomereno

Gemini Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Geminis, known for their love of festivities, prioritise creating a vibrant atmosphere in every room, particularly in social spaces like the living room and kitchen. Their favourite winter aesthetic is characterised by shine, glitz, and boundless joy.

Décor: Geminis go all out with lots of glittering wall art, flashing Christmas lights, and a statement star tree topper, embracing the more glitzy, the better mantra. They set up a large table adorned with buffet food and an abundance of festive drinks to ensure a lively and spirited party atmosphere.

Colour scheme: Blue and Red – Geminis thrive on unbridled joy, and they achieve this by embracing clashing colours and playing loud seasonal tunes. The combination of blue and red adds to the vibrant and energetic ambience, perfectly capturing the lively spirit that Geminis bring to their winter celebrations.

Gemini Christmas decorations

Cancer Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Cancers cherish the company of family, shaping their festive decorations to be practical, easy to clean, and resistant to breakage.

Décor: A spacious Christmas tree takes centre stage to accommodate an abundance of presents for the whole family. The emphasis is on creating a cosy ambience, allowing guests to gather and revel in the festivities. Numerous picture frames capturing Christmases of the past adorn the space, complemented by an assortment of board games for shared enjoyment.

Colour scheme: In a harmonious blend of old and new, the red and green aesthetic ensures that heritage pieces seamlessly integrate with contemporary elements. This approach ensures that all items, regardless of their age, contribute to a unified and inviting festive atmosphere.

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Image credit: Tapi carpets – Instagram @two_bears_at_no.96

Leo Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Leos take pride in leaving a lasting impression, caring even about the opinions of their neighbours. Their Christmas display is characterised by opulence, extravagance, and visibility, showcased prominently by all windows, the front door, and porch.

Décor: An outdoor lights display designed to capture attention, along with abundant trimmings adorning the doorway to evoke a sense of awe among guests. Statement Christmas artwork and a Christmas tree adorned with impressive lights and sizable baubles, topped by a grand gold star, further contribute to the lavish spectacle.

Colour scheme: Green and Gold – Leo’s prefer a luxurious and vibrant aesthetic, embracing opulence and brightness. If it exudes a regal aura, they are sure to love it, making the green and gold combination a perfect choice to satisfy their taste for grandeur.

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Image credit: Tapi carpets – Instagram @reviving_no37

Virgo Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Virgos, who appreciate practicality and tidiness, take pride in maintaining a clean home. Their decorating style leans towards a minimalist and fuss-free approach that allows for easy vacuuming underneath. While they enjoy a festive ambience, they ensure it remains tidy and organised.

Décor: The Virgo’s decorating theme is minimalist, with a deliberate avoidance of excess trimmings. Tastefully placed candles and a Christmas tree adorned with a carefully curated theme, avoiding an abundance of sparkle, embody their preference for a clean and stylish look.

Colour scheme: Earth sign Virgos gravitate towards green, appreciating its natural and neutral qualities during the Yuletide season. Combining it with gold adds a festive and sophisticated touch without overpowering the overall aesthetic, satisfying their desire for a balanced and refined holiday decor.

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Image credit: Tapi carpets – Instagram @our_birnie_hom

Libra Christmas Decorations

Preferences: I can vouch as a fellow Libran that they are stylish and elegant, and their look will be trendy every year! They especially like nice things, but they’re savvy in pairing expensive with more affordable accessories for a designer look without the price tag.

Décor: Tasteful and expensive-looking – Libra would never be found with an excess of Christmas ‘tat’! Tinsel, beads and ceiling hanging decorations will NOT be found in their homes. Lots of elegant ornaments and warm lighting, as well as a few long candles to finish off a table centrepiece.

Colour scheme:  White and Gold – The most elegant sign of the zodiac, Libra, love pearly white as a neutral. They enjoy the airy quality of a combination that is light, luxurious, and not overbearing.

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Image Credit: Tapi Carpets – @bobbi.home

Scorpio Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Scorpios seek an interior décor with a distinctive edge, whether it’s embodied in a black tree, a gothic ambience, or a single vintage star. They aim for Christmas displays that stand out and showcase their unique style.

Décor: A black Christmas tree adorned with gothic and vintage baubles and ornaments, avoiding overly bright or flashy elements. The atmosphere is enhanced with an abundance of long, brooding candles to cast a shadowy ambience throughout the rooms.

Colour scheme: No other zodiac sign embraces the eerie aesthetic quite like Scorpios. Red and Black – The darker hues perfectly capture the Scorpio vibe, expressing their penchant for a stylish combination while appreciating the shadowy aspects of life. This bold and distinctive look truly resonates with the essence of Scorpio.

Scorpio Christmas decorations

Sagittarius Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Sagittarius individuals are free-spirited and enjoy having fun, regardless of the season. They crave a vibrant and personalised touch, following their unique tastes. Given their love for travel, their Christmas décor becomes a global collection of ornaments gathered from various places around the world.

Décor: The Christmas tree serves as a canvas for a delightful mishmash of ornaments acquired during their travels. Throughout the home, numerous photos capture moments from their adventures, accompanied by scented candles that evoke the diverse aromas of different countries.

Colour scheme: Sagittarius rebels against strict rules, and their colour scheme reflects the eclectic mix of decorations in their collection. Instead of adhering to a specific palette, they let the array of ornaments dictate the colours, resulting in a lively and personalised holiday display.

Sagittarius Christmas decorations

Capricorn Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Capricorns exude an aura of luxury in all aspects of their lives, with a commitment to quality being a defining characteristic for those born under the sign of the Sea-goat. Their aesthetic leans towards opulence and charm, embracing the philosophy that more is indeed more. During the holidays, their desire is to elevate their sense of luxury to an even more extravagant level.

Décor: Designer baubles and a one-of-a-kind tree stand as the pride and joy of Capricorns during the festive season. For Christmas, they advocate for going all out with unique and potentially expensive pieces that capture attention and create a lavish atmosphere.

Colour scheme: Silver and Gold – Capricorns, enthusiasts of splendor, maintain an aesthetic characterized by opulence and charm where more is always more. The silver and gold colour scheme perfectly complements their pursuit of luxury, ensuring an atmosphere that radiates grandeur and sophistication.

CAPRICORN Tapi carpets Instagram @weir home xmas 22
Image credit: Tapi carpets – Instagram @weir_home xmas 22

Aquarius Christmas Decorations

Preferences: Aquarius individuals are known for their uniqueness and creativity, and their Christmas décor mirrors these traits, creating a cosy and vibrant atmosphere in their homes.

Décor: Uniqueness takes the lead for Aquarians, who opt for hand-made, nature-inspired, and ethically sourced decorations. Their commitment to charity is evident as they prioritise locally sourced items. A real tree, exuding quirky charm, becomes a centerpiece, complemented by an abundance of crafty Christmas elves and ornaments throughout their home.

Colour scheme: Black and Gold – Reflecting their preference for a unique and welcoming ambience, Aquarians choose a colour combination that is both festive and almost neutral. This blend adds a touch of warmth and celebration to their household, aligning with their distinct taste.

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Image credit: Tapi carpets – Instagram @oakleigh.home xmas

Pisces Christmas Decorations

Preferences: For Pisces, the emphasis during Christmastime is on experiencing joy rather than pursuing an extravagant appearance!

Décor: Pisces individuals aim to create a festive atmosphere that radiates happiness for everyone. They opt for distinctive, quirky pieces adorned with a vibrant array of rainbow lights. Generosity takes center stage for those born under the sign of the fish, featuring a spacious tree for plentiful gifts and an abundance of hanging lights.

Colours: Blue and White – Pisces find festive delight in a colour combination reminiscent of the sea. This pairing evokes the joy of being surrounded by the serene beauty of water and sea foam, even during the winter season.

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Image credit: Tapi carpets – instagram @ourbellwayrydal
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