Beat The Clocks Going Back With These 11 Ways To Get A Cosy Home

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The clocks go back every year, yet it still always comes as a surprise when it is literally pitch back by 4pm. We’re not going to lie, it feels the worst.

Whilst we can wish away every day until the summer, leaning into the darkness and embracing it in your home is one of the best way to beat those clocks go back blues, and actually relish in the darkness and the cosiness that comes with it.

So, rather than dreading it this year, we spoke with the interior experts at Tapi and added some of our own tried and tested ways to get your home ready for darker and colder evenings in your home.

11 Ways To Get A Cosy Home

1. Place Candles Around Your Home

As the darker nights come in, many of us are searching for ways to make our homes feel cosier, with searches for ‘how to make your home cosy for autumn’ up by +133% on Google.

Embracing kinetic lighting such as candles, is one of the best ways to create a cosy ambience in your living space which is affordable, and easy to achieve.

Tapi carpets added “There is a sheer abundance of inexpensive candles in all scents and colours. Choosing neutral tones will help in adding that extra cosiness to your home. Picking candles with earthy scents, such as sandalwood or lavender, can add a calming and luxurious feel to your home for those chilly evenings”.

cosy living room with stack of books topped with a candle and vase of daffodils which is in front of the lit wooden stove
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2. Add Mood Lighting With Fairy Lights

Light is one of the best ways to set that cosy tone, and fairy lights are another great addition to a living space which doesn’t involve costly electrical work. They can be picked up affordably in places like Primark, Amazon and B&M.

If you have an Autumnal wreath or Christmas garland, try weaving in some fairy lights for an added touch of warmth.

Opt for fairy lights with warmer tones to add the perfect, warming feel to any room.

kitchen cabinet draped in foliage fairy lights
Image credit: Sparkle Lighting

3. Mix Up Textiles

Stocking up on blankets for cuddling up on the sofa is a must when the darker evenings set in.

Creating a cosy feel is very much dependent on what you use, combining textiles with differing textures and colours is the best way to create that sumptuous, cosy feel.

Tapi Carpets shared that adding textured cushions in warm, neutral tones provides an even more welcoming feel. If you’re on a budget, both cushions and blankets can often be purchased second-hand in charity shops – and you can often find unique pieces to suit your style.

neutral living room with grey carpet and grey sofa with a white cream fur throw and series of cushions
Image credit: Tapi Carpets

4. Use Natural Materials

A rustic interior instantly creates a warm, cosy ambience, and a lot of that has to do with the use of warm, natural materials in the space.

Natural materials such as wood and rattan provide an instant cosy charm to any interior. Whether it’s a fur lined wooden bench in your hallway to perch on, or a rattan basket filled with wooden logs in your living room, these small touches will help to pull the space together.

panelled hallway with wooden rustic bench with fur throw on the top and sandals underneath
Image credit: Etsy

5. Add Lots of Plants

House plants bring a shed load of benefits to a living space from helping to purify the air, bringing a touch of warm, natural colours, and they can make a room feel homely too.

Tapi added, “Sticking with natural decorations, plants are a must-have. Not only do they increase the quality of air in your home, but they also add a pop of greenery and homey feel to any space. Check for specific care instructions before buying, as some plants may prefer a shady spot whereas others require full sunshine. Pick the ones that are best suited for your space”.

sofa with rattan coffee tables, surrounded by a range of house plants, both floor plants and table top plants for a boho feel

6. Decorate Your Walls With Pictures

Empty walls end up making a space feel bland and flat, and decorating your walls with pictures doesn’t make a space feel cluttered, it will enhance what you have and create instant visual interest when you step into the room, as well as making the room feel ‘finished’.

A gallery wall can either house different scales of prints, or you can go for a symmetrical look, such as using 3 of the same sized prints in a row.

Many sites online allow you to play around with quantity and size on a virtual image so you get a sense of how they feel before committing.

cosy bench with cushions with gallery wall behind it
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7. Consider Colour Choices

Colour in an interior has the impact to completely change a mood. Opting for a completely beige or bright white interior may feel minimal, but it can also feel clinical and cold.

Introducing accents of colour will create a cohesive feel that ties the room together, whilst colour can help to boost mental health and positivity too.

Brighter, bolder colours are not always the best options in restful spaces, but if you’re looking to add a touch of neutral, warm colour look at colours such as terracotta, sage green, lilac, baby pink, green and warm yellows.

grey sofa in living room with bright, colourful cushions, picture shelf behind it with 3 colourful prints and a trailing plant
Image credit: Furniture and Choice

8. Layered Lighting – Add A Lamp!

A layered lighting scheme is one of the best styling tricks for any space. Rarely will a singular pendant light be enough to cater to a space throughout the day as the role of the room changes.

In a living room you may need bright light for tasks in the early morning, but in the evening you want softer, more subdued levels of light.

Table lamps, and floor lamps are the best way to achieve this, dot them around in the areas that would benefit most from the light. It’s one of the best ways to make an interior feel more expensive too.

neutral, grey living room with boucle sofa, wooden coffee table with vase of flowers, wooden bench next to it atop with a ceramic stone table lamp
Image credit: Katie Fischer

9. Use Diffusers

Scent is really important in creating a cosy, welcoming space and it’s the first thing that hits us as we step through the front door.

Diffusers are a great option for dispersing scent throughout the day, add a diffuser with the same scent to each room for a cohesive, natural pull through the space.

pink diffuser
Image credit: French Bedroom

10. Introduce An Area Rug

The best tip for styling any living room? Add an area rug underneath your furniture, even if you have a carpet. Without an area rug your furniture will appear like it’s floating.

By adding one you set a boundary in the space, introduce a tactile feel and add instant warmth.

Commenting on how to make your home cosy, Joanna Constantinou, Brand Director at Tapi says, “Choosing suitable flooring can also be a great way to add that additional touch of comfort to your home. Softer types of flooring, such as carpets, are a great choice to help create a warm and inviting space. Not only that, but carpet can also provide insulation when fitted with the right underlay, to help save money on energy”.

“Alternatively, if you have wooden floors, adding a rug can be a great way to add that cosy feeling. At Tapi, we also offer a whipping service, so if you have large offcuts from a carpet, you can easily and efficiently turn these into a rug, perfect for budget-friendly updates!”.

cream sofa and rattan armchair on top of a cream area rug
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11. Light A Fire (Or Use This Cheats Way!)

Instant cosiness can be achieved simply by lighting up your fire on the evenings. It will make those rainy, cold evenings feel like a luxury, staying in? It’s the new going out.

But, even if you don’t have a real fire, you can still recreate the feeling of warmth with a fake fire. The Netflix Fireplace For Your Home allows you to replicate the feeling and sounds of a real fire through your TV. Having friends over? Switch it on for instant ambience.

What other things do you do in your interior to up the cosiness when the darker evenings draw in? Do let us know in the comments below.

led fire insert into a panelled chimney breast, alcove shelving next to it with a floor lamp and leather armchair
Image credit: Direct Stoves
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