Luxuriate Your Interior With These 13 Black and Gold Hallway Ideas

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Black and gold is something of a timeless combination for a hallway and interior, and a perfect gateway to demonstrate what your guests can expect in the rest of your home.

The beauty of black and gold is that it can work in a myriad of interior schemes, delivering a different impact – maximalist style, Gothic, Art Deco and modern to name just a few.

Here are 13 ways you can luxuriate in your home with these black and gold hallway ideas – obsessed.

Black and Gold Hallway Ideas

1.Use A White Backdrop And Use Black & Gold As Accent Colours

I get it, black can feel like a daring and oppressive colour when you imagine painting an entire hallway black, but black really should be a key accent colour in any space.

Why? Black will ground and tie a colour scheme together, whilst delivering a touch of modernity.

Introduce gold into the equation too and it’s a perfect marriage of colour, gold balances the darkness of black whilst bringing warmth into a hallway.

If gold feels a bit too yellow than you’re comfortable with, opt for polished brass finishes instead.

black and gold hallway
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2. Position Black As A Dominant Colour In The Scheme

Using black as a dominant colour in a hallway scheme will go a long way at grounding your entire scheme, whilst delivering a lasting impression.

Your bannister is a great way to do this, but just ensure you use a few other well placed black accents in the space as this will pull the scheme together.

Use gold as an accent like this on a pair of stools, light fixtures or decorative accessories.

black and gold hallway 1
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3. Bounce Light Around With Gold

Gold can be a great way to add a luxurious edge to a hallway, but also to introduce light and bounce light around the room.

Introduce a gold light fixture like this with glass – glass will continue to reflect, disperse and bounce light around the room, even when it’s not switched on.

Make the most of the available light that the room receives with a gold mirror, it will bounce light throughout the hallway, and it looks beautiful placed on a wall above a black console table.

black and gold hallway 2
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4. Ground The Hallway With Black

Why stop with the black bannister? Draw the eye in and then draw the eye up with a less than traditional black ceiling.

If you have very high ceilings it can be a great way to make a hallway feel closer together and cosier, but avoid this look in narrow or small hallways as it will make the space feel even smaller.

Introduce gold on a few well placed accents such as with a round mirror, candles or light fixtures.

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5. Colour Drench With Black, Bring Glamour With Gold

As the saying goes, go hard or go home.

If you want to take the black and gold look seriously, colour drenching can be an incredibly impactful and powerful way to do just that. It will deliver a sultry look, but can look glamorous and that bit lighter with a touch of gold.

Ambient, layered lighting will also help this look feel less oppressive.

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6. Tie Gold Accents Together

Use gold as your more dominant colour in the scheme and tie a few well placed gold accents together for that touch of glitz and warmth.

If you’re updating your banister, opt for something modern like this, and if you have a high ceiling, a drop pendant can provide a better dispersion of light.

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Image credit: @albany_house

7. Add Instant Visual Interest With A Black Ceiling

This black and gold hallway is a perfect example of how you can flawlessly combine these colours in a modern or farmhouse style property.

Once you paint a ceiling, you’ll never go back. If you have high ceilings, it will deliver added visual interest, and draw the eye up as you step into the space.

It provides such a crisp, dramatic contrast against the shiplap walls, and the real winners here are the gold ceiling lights that pull you through the space. They have an art deco design element to them, and just look amazing.

black and gold hallway 6
Image credit: @stylishpatina

8. Lean Into A Dark Maximalist Scheme

A dark maximalist scheme is a dystopian design trend which leans into the darker, moodier tones.

Maximalism is absolutely all about clashing and contrasting shades for high visual interest, but lean into black for your walls and front door, and introduce warm pops of colour through gold decorative accents.

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Image credit: @homehabituk

9. Combine Black & Gold Accents For A Luxurious Feel

If you don’t want to lean into black and gold so heavily, just use them on some well placed accents in your hallway.

Focus on building out one section with them, a console table is a great place to do this. Layer with black and gold accessories such as with a table lamp, vase, candles and other decorative accessories.

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Image credit: @hillhouseinteriors

10. Paint Woodwork Black & Colour Separate With Gold

This hallway has a gorgeous regal feel to it without feeling unattainable.

Refresh woodwork with black paint, it will ground the hallway and add definition without feeling overpowering.

Then draw the eye up and use a dado rail for perfect colour separation with a gold. It will draw the eye in, and add a touch of elegance to the space.

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Image credit: cat_maginnis_

11. Add Ascending Style With A Black Gallery Wall

Your stairs lend themselves to being used for adding an ascending gallery wall. Add uniformity by using the same colour black frames throughout, but add visual interest by varying scale and size of the frames.

It will draw your eye up and provide definition and colour against a neutral colour palette.

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Image credit: @a.perfect.home

12. Bring Eclectic Style To Your Stairs

If frames and wall art aren’t your thing, how about mirrors?

These vintage style mirrors have all been spray painted gold which instantly elevates its style and provides a luxurious touch in this hallway. Add to black walls for a stand out focal feature in your hallway.

black and gold hallway 11
Image credit: @shade.of.dark

13. Draw The Eye Up With A Gold Leaf Ceiling

Feeling creative? If you have a high ceilinged property, making a feature out of the ceiling is a perfect way to draw the eye in and add instant visual interest.

Use gold leaf on the ceiling, it will bring warmth and a pop of colour whilst it delivers a beautiful texture that you can’t achieve with traditional paint.

Which of these black and gold hallway ideas is your favourite?

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