What Colours Go With Sapphire Salute?

What Colours Go With Sapphire Salute?

Moody colours, and dark blues are still a hugely popular colour trend for interior spaces, particularly kitchens, and living rooms.

Blue has always been considered a ‘cold’ colour in an interior, but things are different now. Dark blues are considered a highly modern colour that can completely transform a room, and when paired with the right colours and interior hardware details, it also makes me wish I could pull off a dark blue living room.

If you’ve been considering Dulux Sapphire Salute as a colour for your interiors, let’s take a closer look at what colour it is, and what colours go with Sapphire Salute in an interior setting.

What Colour Is Sapphire Salute?

Sapphire Salute is a navy blue shade that brings a versatile, and dynamic colour into any room in a home. It’s great as an accent colour or using all in across walls in a room. It works really well with other blue shades, as well as many other complementary colours including white, black and blush pink.

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What Colours Go With Sapphire Salute?

Tonal Combinations

When choosing complementary colours to go with Sapphire Salute Dulux the best place to start is looking at the tonal combinations.

Other blue shades work really well with Sapphire Salute. You won’t want to go for anything darker as it’s already a navy blue, so opting for more muted blue shades such as Sea Blue and Blueberry White are great complementary colours.

what colours go with sapphire salute

Combination With Neutrals

If you’re using Sapphire Salute as a base colour across walls for strong visual impact, you might want to pare things down by combining with neutrals so you can achieve that flawless, modern look.

Navy Blue is a match made in heaven for a great shade such as Wishing Well or Snail Trail by Dulux. They could be used as cornicing, ceiling colours, or even by experimenting with painting half of the wall one shade to create a beautiful contrast.

what colours go with sapphire salute

Designer’s Choice Combinations

Dulux always select a couple of out there combinations to go with their colours that always go against everything we hear about pairing colours with their undertones.

It pays to be different, right? The great thing about Sapphire Salute is that it’s such a dark accent colour that it really does contrast well with a multitude of colours.

Dulux have paired it with yellow and peach undertones with Soft Peach and Muted Gold. These colours are great for bringing a little bit of extra warmth into a room.

what colours go with sapphire salute

Sapphire Salute & Black

If you want to make things really moody for an inspiring modern decor scheme, make black the accent colour in a room.

Navy blue & black are never a good combination when it comes to pairing them normally, but there are exceptions to the rule.

If you’re creating a modern interior, the black accents will help to ground the room. You only need a few thoughtful touches to achieve this. Think a black side table, black interior hardware, black textiles or a black fireplace.

sapphire salute
Instagram Image Credit: @our_canalsidecottage

Sapphire Salute & White

White is naturally a beautiful companion for Sapphire Salute. The stark contrast you can achieve creates a light, and flawless crisp communion of the shades.

I would introduce white on the ceiling as it will help to lift those eyes up the walls to the ceiling when you enter the room, helping to make the room look larger than it actually is. Avoid adding white to the skirting boards as it will create visual chaos, especially in a small room. Instead, use Sapphire Salute on the skirtings and wall as it will help to further elongate the wall.

sapphire salute 1
Instagram Image Credit: @mycouncilhouse

Sapphire Salute & Blush Pink

Bring a new dynamic to a navy blue room by bringing in soft touches of blush pink. I personally love this colour match because it’s proof that a navy blue room doesn’t need to be totally moody, or cold.

Blush pink brings a new perspective, and warmth into the room. Think about thoughtful touches using blush pink throws, cushions and subtle decor accessories. Take the below as inspiration which adds a simple pink throw to the bed, but it completely transforms and warms up the colour scheme.

sapphire salute 2
Instagram Image Credit: @home_at_number_60

Sapphire Salute & Red/Terracotta

If you’re looking to create a Maximalist space, adding a daring pop of red to the situation is a great combination for this moody hue.

Introduce red with prints, armchairs, and layer with decor accessories for a fun, romantic look. If red feels a little bit out of your comfort zone, terracotta is a gorgeous alternative that is on-trend and is a perfect complementary colour for blue as they are opposites on the colour chart.

sapphire salute 4

Instagram Image Credit: @renovating149

Sapphire Salute & Mustard Yellow

Whenever I think of navy blue in an interior, the instant colour match I think of is mustard yellow. I just ADORE the pairing of these two colours for a moody look.

Mustard yellow isn’t one of those colours we think of on our walls, but it works so well by layering against navy blue hues with cushions, throws and thoughtful decor accessories. You can create a really stylish look with these two colours without having to know a lot about what looks good in an interior. Let the colours do the work, and the rest will come.

sapphire salute 3
Instagram Image Credit: @coloursofnumberone

Sapphire Salute & Grey

Grey is a timeless and classic pairing with navy blue. It helps to balance the intensity of the navy blue, and it brings a beautiful aesthetic to a space.

Choose to incorporate grey on your walls, furniture or small decor accessories. It works well in a trio with white for a classic colour scheme that will stand the test of time in your interior.

sapphire salute 5
Instagram Image Credit: @amyshomelife

Sapphire Salute is a beautifully moody hue that can bring a new dynamic to your interior. Whether you choose to keep things light, or bring more warmth into the room with other colours and decor accessories, this is a colour set to stay.

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