19 Charming Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas To Inspire Your Next Remodel

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Farmhouse-style interiors is one of the most popular aesthetics for homeware enthusiasts. It is characterised by its rustic look mixed with modern design touches. 

Farmhouse kitchens are a classic option as they aren’t trend led and are focused on great quality, timeless finishes. Take a look below at some of our favourite farmhouse kitchen ideas that we hope will inspire you for your next project. 

19 Charming Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas To Inspire Your Next Remodel

1. Clean, White Aesthetic With Black Accents

Farmhouse kitchens usually boast a soft neutral colour palette with wooden elements. An easy way to modernise this classic design is to add black accents.

For example, black pendant lights above a kitchen island, black door handles and a black tap are subtle changes that make a big impact.

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2. Retain Wooden Beams (Or Fake It!)

Period properties have characterful features like wooden beams. This is ideal if you’re trying to recreate a farmhouse aesthetic as they look inherently rustic and timeless.

However, if you aren’t lucky enough to have these kinds of built in features, you can always add them yourself (or get a local builder to do it for you).

3. Add Warmth With A Wooden Countertop

Traditional farmhouses can be quite cold due to them being older properties. A key element of the farmhouse design is wood. It is not only a durable material but it naturally warms up a space, too. 

A wooden worktop is a no-brainer and you can find one that works with you and your budget. A laminate that imitates wood is going to be far cheaper than solid oak.

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Instagram image credit: @victoria_at_thewhitecottage

4. Create A Feature Wall With Wooden Panelling

Use wood to add texture and personality to your kitchen design. It’s not just for worktops, you can use it to panel the walls, too.

There are lots of different styles of panelling you can choose from, but this classic shiplap design works brilliantly.

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Instagram image credit: @farmhouse_inspiration

5. A Two Tone Kitchen Brings More Visual Interest

It’s always a good idea to choose at least two colours as a starting point for your kitchen design. Using one solid colour can feel quite flat and uninspiring. 

This all-white kitchen has been contrasted with wooden doors and bar stools, which definitely transforms the entire look of it.

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Instagram image credit: @horncreekhome

6. Use Shiplap On The Walls & Ceiling

Don’t be afraid to use panelling on your kitchen ceiling, not just the walls. This creates a cocooning effect that feels ultra warm and inviting.

To avoid it feeling like a log cabin, we recommend painting your shiplap either white or a different colour of your choice, opposed to leaving it as raw timber.

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Instagram image credit: @candlewoodcottage

7. Pair Duck Egg Blue With White Walls

There are a few colours that are synonymous with farmhouse style interiors, one of them being duck egg blue.

It’s a calm and muted shade that goes with pretty much everything and it’s a fantastic way of adding some colour to a rustic style kitchen.

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Instagram image credit: @farmhousekitcheninspo

8. Black Farmhouse Doors Deliver Beautiful Definition

Crittall-style doors have definitely become an iconic feature as they add style and flair to any property. 

Be careful not to make a farmhouse-style kitchen look dated and incorporate modern touches that will bring it into the 21st century. Black framed internal doors are a great example of this.

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Instagram image credit: @farmhousekitcheninspo

9. Lean Into Navy Blue

Navy blue is one of those colours that naturally feels elegant and timeless, especially when paired with brass hardware and a quartz worktop. 

Shaker style cabinetry is popular with fans of farmhouse kitchens and is a wise choice if you want your kitchen design to stand the test of time.

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Instagram image credit: @farmhousestyleinspo

10. Add A Long Vintage Runner Rug

Warm up hardwood floors by adding a rug or a runner. Farmhouse kitchens feature a lot of texture and it’s important not to ignore your flooring.

Choose a pattern or style of runner that suits the rest of your kitchen design.

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Instagram image credit: @ourwintonhome

11. Think About Scale When It Comes To Pendant Lights

Having space for a kitchen island feels like a total luxury. Make a feature out of an island or breakfast bar by zoning off the space with pendant lights.

Be playful with proportion and choose lights that are quite big and oversized.

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Instagram image credit: @sbkliving

12. Go For A Classic Brick Style Splashback

You can never go wrong with brick or subway wall tiles. They are tiles that are strategically laid like bricks and create a classic look.

Use different coloured grout to make your kitchen splashback feel more contemporary – black is a great contrasting choice!

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Instagram image credit: @joyfulhomebody

13. Large Black Pendants Ground The Space

We’ve already discussed adding black accents and how this can modernise a farmhouse style kitchen. It’s a good idea to consider your lighting and how you can make this feel more contemporary.

Big black pendants contrast beautifully with an all white and wood kitchen. Choose lights that feel traditional in their design but modern in their colourway.

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Instagram image credit: @farmhousekitcheninspo

14. Charcoal Cabinetry Makes A Statement

Farmhouse kitchens don’t have to be all white, you can definitely bring a darker edge to them. Black cabinetry is a popular choice for homeowners that want to make their space feel warm and cosy. 

Try to contrast the black cabinetry with a light coloured worktop or a contrasting oak island.

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Instagram image credit: @farmhouseaninterior

15. Mix and Match Wooden and White Cabinetry

A two-tone kitchen design is a wonderful way of adopting two key styles that you love. Opt for one colour for your wall cabinetry and one colour or material for your base cabinets.

The kitchen pictured below has paired white with wood and it looks seamless.

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Instagram image credit: @hillside_farmhouse

16. Pair Soft Grey Cabinetry With A Black Countertop

Grey is another popular colour for farmhouse kitchens. It’s a neutral colour that is available in lots of different shades and tones, meaning you can find one that perfectly suits your particular space.

Opt for a dark coloured worktop to contrast with grey cabinets for a moodier and darker feel.

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Instagram image credit: @hemmavidoss

17. Finish The Kitchen With Brass Hardware Details

Brass is a timeless finish that looks amazing in lots of different kitchen designs. There isn’t just one colour or style of brass, you can opt for an antiqued brass that feels more rustic or a polished brass that feels more modern and put together.

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Instagram image credit: @farmhouselifestylee

18. A Large Belfast Sink Is A Must

A staple feature of a farmhouse kitchen is a Belfast sink. They are very large and deep ceramic sinks that are durable and fashionable, too.

There are lots of styles to choose from, so make sure to do your research first before investing in one as they can be quite pricey.

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Instagram image credit: @thosedecorideas

19. Focus On Defining Features

If your kitchen boasts any architectural features, make sure you turn them into a defining feature rather than shying away from them.

For example, exposed beams and black aluminium-framed windows are both statement features that should be complemented and exaggerated by the rest of the kitchen design.

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