The New Era of Bunk Beds: 21 Fab Bunk Beds Ideas To Try

bunk beds ideas

Bunk beds are known to have a mixed reputation. They’re traditionally not the most attractive thing to look at but they are undeniably a great design initiative. 

If your core memory of bunk beds is a flimsy metal frame with a makeshift desk and sofa bed underneath then we must insist that you immediately forget this and be impressed by some of our ‘new era’ bunk bed ideas below. 

21 Fab Bunk Beds Ideas To Try

1.Bring The Outside In With An Earthy Colour Scheme

Bunk beds are a kids bedroom staple and can often be seen in gaudy bright colours such as neon pink or sunshine yellow. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Make a bunk bed room scheme feel more at one with nature by adopting an earthy colour palette.

Sage greens, sandy beiges and rusty oranges are all warm toned earthy shades that will make a room feel less jarring and more inviting.

bunk beds ideas

2. Farmhouse Rustic Style

Make a room with bunk beds feel a little less juvenile by adopting a more mature style. If the rest of your home feels like a rustic farmhouse, then don’t completely ignore this for a kids bedroom or a room filled with bunk beds. 

A neutral colour palette complemented by light oak and rattan like the one pictured below will work beautifully.

bunk beds ideas 5
Instagram image credit: @barbs.acevedo

3. Create A Cohesive Feel By Painting Woodwork The Same Colour

Follow modern design concepts for your bunk bed room and paint the frame of your bunk beds the same colour as the woodwork (this includes skirting and coving). 

This undoubtedly creates a more cohesive scheme that feels stylish and contemporary.

bunk beds ideas 6
Instagram image credit: @nickybaileyinteriors

4. Add A Feminine Touch With Pink

Investing in great quality wood framed durable beds for kids like this is a fabulous idea as they will stand the test of time as well as being versatile in terms of what you can pair them with. 

For a soft and feminine feel, paint the room a dusky pink. This complements the warmth of the wood and creates a cosy bedroom scheme.

bunk beds ideas 1

5. Create A Feature Wall With Tongue & Groove Panelling

One of the great things about wood is that it adds texture and visual interest to a space. A fantastic tip is to create a feature wall out of tongue and groove panelling.

You can then paint it whatever colour you wish. A soft pastel blue with a grey undertone feels much more modern than the standard sky blue.

bunk beds ideas 7
Instagram image credit: @oeufnyc

6. Add Wood Cladding To The Ceiling For A Warm, Cosy Feel

Another idea that uses wood is to clad the ceiling of your desired bedroom to make it feel warm and cosy.

This mimics the look and feel of a log cabin that you may find nestled in the woods somewhere far far away.

bunk beds ideas 8
Instagram image credit: @beckiowens

7. Bring A Vintage College Feel

Be inspired by all things Hogwarts and replicate this cosy college feel in your own home. 

The best thing to start with when you’re designing a room scheme like this is a dark colour palette. Then you can appropriately contrast this with traditional printed fabrics such as stripes and checks.

bunk beds ideas 2

8. Suspended Bunk Beds

How gorgeous are these suspended bunk beds? They look like they could have come straight from the Orient Express.

No fussy frames and instead a free flowing space that feels bright and innovative. Use a sumptuous fabric to upholster your bunk beds for a luxurious feel.

bunk beds ideas 9
Instagram image credit: @carriedelanyinteriors

9. Add Privacy With Curtains

Sharing a bedroom can mean that you don’t have very much privacy. Soften the blow of this and incorporate curtains into your bunk bed design. 

We love the idea of using the same colour for the curtains and the frame of your bunk bed. Introduce texture by choosing a heavier fabric for your curtains such as velvet or heavy cotton.

bunk beds ideas 10
Instagram image credit: @melaniemorrisinteriors

10. Keep Things Neutral & Introduce Warm Pops of Colour

A Scandi-inspired bunk bed design of white and wood will suit most interior styles.

Bring in warm pops of colour to give a bedroom an added dose of cosiness. Ochre yellows and taupes are wonderful additions.

bunk beds ideas 11
Instagram image credit: @changoandco

11. Combine Wood & Terracotta Tones For A Laid Back Yet Stylish Look

Create a bohemian inspired bedroom space by paring wood with terracotta.

Warm up hardwood floors by adding a textured persian-style rug and choose rusty oranges and reds for your soft furnishings and accessories.

bunk beds ideas 3

12. Layer With Tones of Blue For A Child’s Bedroom

We’d rarely recommend using one solid colour to decorate a bedroom with. Instead, layering different tones of the same colour will have a much more desirable effect. 

Use different tones of blue to decorate a child’s bedroom, using a pale blue for the frame of the bunk bed and navy blue for the bedding and accessories.

bunk beds ideas 12
Instagram image credit: @emma_sims_hilditch

13. Add Curves To A Wooden Frame To Soften The Look

Curves are all the rage in the world of interior design right now and kids bedrooms are no exception. 

Create your very own frame to go around your bunk beds with sheets of MDF then cut your MDF so it reveals a curved shape. This perfectly frames the area and looks bang on trend.

bunk beds ideas 13
Instagram image credit: @sarahshermansamuel

14. Ground The Space With A Black Bunk Bed Frame

Industrial style interiors your thing? Then you may want to add a black frame to your set of bunk beds. 

This gives the bedroom an edge and also works well as a ladder to get to the top bunk.

bunk beds ideas 14
Instagram image credit: @courtneyblantoninteriors

15. Create A Woodland Theme With Cosy Colours & Textures

Decorating a kids bedroom with a theme in mind doesn’t have to be obvious, it can be calm and subtle too.

Go for a neutral woodland theme for a cosy and calming space. We love the mushroom floor cushions pictured below!

bunk beds ideas 15
Instagram image credit: @fiveatnumberthree

16. Add Individual Curtains To Each Bed For Cosiness

Give each person their autonomy whilst sleeping in a bunk bed by adding separate curtains to each bunk. 

Striped fabric is timeless and looks super cute in this pastel pink bedroom scheme.

bunk beds ideas 16
Instagram image credit: @naomiastleyclarke

17. Use Ribbed Panelling For Added Visual Interest

Add an extra layer of texture to your bunk beds with ribbed panelling. You can do this yourself by securing thin strips of MDF to the wall and painting them your desired colour.

If you’re not a keen DIYer then you can enlist the help of a local carpenter to help you.

bunk beds ideas 17
Instagram image credit: @crack_the_shutters

18. Adopt A Coastal Theme For A Relaxed Look

Coastal and nautical themed bedrooms never go out of style but it’s important not to over do it. 

Take hints from the bedroom pictured below and adopt a subtle nautical colour palette of pale blue and cream. Accessorise with rattan baskets and striped cushions. If you’re looking for the perfect coastal blue shade, Parma Gray by Farrow and Ball.

bunk beds ideas 4

19. Add Window Details To Make It Look Like A Little House

How adorable are the bunk beds pictured below? Create a miniature house with large windows that can be used to climb into the bed as well as small windows to house plants or any other accessories.

You can also incorporate a letter box – so kitsch!

bunk beds ideas 18
Instagram image credit: @jenwoodhouse

20. Use A Pitched Roof To Your Advantage

Work with the space that’s available to you and build bunk beds into a pitched roof. To complete this project you’ll need to get them made bespoke so make sure this is something you’re willing to invest in before committing to it.

bunk bed ideas 19
Instagram image credit:

21. Use Two Different Paint Shades On The Frame For Added Definition

The contrast of black and white is striking and never goes out of fashion.

Use this monochromatic scheme on your bunk bunds for a fun and interesting juxtaposition.

bunk beds ideas 19
Instagram image credit: @modernsplendorhomes
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