19 Beautiful Spring Home Decor Ideas To Embrace The Season

spring home decor
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That transition from winter to spring always feels much awaited. It brings warmer weather, lighter days and a lean towards warmer colours.

Decorating for spring is becoming just as popular as decorating for other seasons, it gives us something to celebrate about and can make our barren spaces feel cosy again after the festivities of Christmas have passed.

Get ready to spring your home into style with our pick of the best spring home decor ideas to perfectly transition your interiors this season.

19 Beautiful Spring Home Decor Ideas To Embrace The Season

1.Dress Your Table With Bunny Shaped Fairy Lights

Nothing adds a touch of magic like fairy lights do to a table. Even though the days are starting to get lighter, a little bit of light creates a cosy ambience and a simple way to elevate any Spring or Easter table setting.

I adore these little wooden bunnies lights from Lights4fun. They would look great draped over a fireplace too.

Shop LED Micro Garland with Wooden Bunnies

spring home decor 2
Lights4fun.co.uk ©Lights4fun Ltd. Image Shot by Oliver Perrott

2. Add Fresh Blooms For Spring

The easiest way to get your interiors in check for the new season is with a bunch of seasonal blooms. There’s lots of different flower choices you can lean into for Spring, but tulips stand up there as being one of the favourites.

They’re cheery, colourful and look amazing in a cream or white vase.

spring home decor ideas
Instagram image credit: @makinghomematter

3. Craft A Bunny Centrepiece

If you have a cake dome lying around, think outside the box and turn it into a spring themed centrepiece for your table or console table.

Take inspiration from the image below and add a decorative bunny to the dome, finish off by adding some fake stems around the perimeter, easy and effective.

Spring home decor ideas 1
Instagram image credit: @heartofwendy

4. Lean Into Those Pastel Coloured Tones

What’s not to love from this Lights4fun setup? Pastel tones are synonymous with the Spring/Easter period. Create a cohesive scheme by matching tonal items together.

Add height with candles on a table, and don’t forget to add a Spring flourish to your walls with a stunning Egg wreath, an alternative to a traditional floral wreath, and we love it.

Shown featuring the below in the image;
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spring home decor
Lights4fun.co.uk ©Lights4fun Ltd. Image Shot by Oliver Perrott

5. Moss Balls

Spring decor doesn’t have to be over complicated or in your face. Add a set of moss balls to a large bowl and display on a cabinet or add as a centrepiece on your dining table.

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spring home decor ideas 2
Instagram image credit: @cindyritchiehome

6. A Herb Garden Centrepiece

We love the creativeness of this centrepiece for Spring! You’ll need a cake stand, mini plant pots with herbs and other decorative accessories you want to include like mini watering cans.

spring home decor ideas 3
Instagram image credit: @thespilledsugar

7. Cracked Egg Seedlings

Cracked eggs signify spring and new beginnings. Create some hatchlings and flowers of your own by planting them into cracked egg shells.

Display them on a planter or in a bowl for a fresh alternative to a centrepiece.

spring home decor ideas 4
Instagram image credit: @americanvintagedesign

8. Craft A Planter With Dried Stems

Alternatively, stick to dried stems for a Spring display that can be used year after year.

If you want to add an Easter theme to it, choose a planter like the one shown below for a fun flair.

spring home decor ideas 5
Instagram image credit: @decorsteals

9. A Basket of Eggs

For a basket of eggs that will last a lot longer than Chocolate eggs, have a go at crafting a set of large eggs, spray painted in the colour of your choice.

Fill a basket with dried foliage or moss and top with your eggs, a fun look to add to the side of your fireplace hearth.

spring home decor ideas 6
Instagram image credit: @inside.outfitr

10. Swap Candles For Egg Nests

Don’t think of candle holders in their traditional sense! Swap the candles for mini moss egg nests and top with decorative, or mini eggs.

Use them for a centrepiece or as part of a display in your home.

spring home decor ideas 7
Instagram image credit: @pine.and.ivy

11. Refresh Your Kitchen Linen

If you like to keep your Spring decor subtle, refresh your kitchen linen on display for a nod towards the season.

Opt for soft pastels, sage green and seasonal pieces like shown below to start bringing in those touches of spring.

spring home decor ideas 8
Instagram image credit: @heartofwendy

12. Refresh The Fireplace For Spring

If you have a fireplace, this is a great place to start your Spring decor as it instantly becomes a focal point in your space.

Drape a garland across the front, hang a wreath and add Spring decor accessories like bunnies and dried foliage to complete the look.

spring home decor ideas 9
Instagram image credit: @house_of_jase

13. Bunny Decor Is Always A Good Idea

Those little bunnies creeping in are perhaps our favourite part of Spring decor.

Whether they’re little green moss bunnies like the below, glass, pastel or knitted – adding them to your styling is an affordable and effective way to get your interiors ready for spring.

spring home decor ideas 10
Instagram image credit: @casuallycoastaldesigns

14. Combine The Best of Both Worlds

The world’s greatest jar doesn’t exist….

Not only can we store those aesthetically pleasing mini eggs in style, but the lid doubles up as a candle holder. The cutest addition to a console or side table.

spring home decor ideas 11
Instagram image credit: @goshoppingwithfaye

15. Bring A Touch of Spring To Your Table

If you’re entertaining during Spring, setup an earthy, rustic table setting that nods to the season ahead.

Make like below and set the foundations with a fake grass table runner. Layer with a centrepiece and add Spring like accessories such as bunnies, eggs, carrots and tulips.

spring home decor ideas 12
Instagram image credit: @2thesunnyside

16. Marbleized Eggs Are Trending

Marble decor has been trending of late, and it looks incredible on egg form. They make a fab crafting project and it could be achieved on both real eggs once boiled, or on decorative shaped eggs.

Once crafted, display on a nest or in a bowl.

spring home decor ideas 13
Instagram image credit: @kaatjecom

17. Create A Carrot Tree

Grab a vase and fill with spring like stems from your garden, you can achieve a similar look with dried stems too.

Use the branches to hang carrots or eggs. The fake or chocolate variety all work here!

spring home decor ideas 14
Instagram image credit: @creationsbydot

18. Versatile Spring Wreath

You can’t go wrong with a green spring wreath that can be used all year long. We love the black and white striped bow for further definition.

Add above your fireplace or to an empty wall in your interior that’s in need of some colour.

spring home decor ideas 15
Instagram image credit: @faithfootballandfairytales

19. The Alternative Tree For Easter

Who said trees should just be for Christmas? This mini tree for Easter is one of our favourite spring decor finds from Lights4fun.

It comes in a gorgeous jute fabric base for a rustic feel, topped with Easter decorations. It comes as it is or with pre-lit micro LED lights.

Shop 45cm Mini Tree Easter Decoration

spring home decor 3
Lights4fun.co.uk ©Lights4fun Ltd. Image Shot by Oliver Perrott
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