13 Stunning Ideas To Style A Georgian Hallway

Georgian hallway ideas
Instagram Image Credit: @katesgeorgianhome

Georgian properties boast detailed architectural features that are destined to be the centre of attention. A Georgian hallway may include beautifully intricate coving, a statement staircase and original floor tiles, but what is the best way to make these features truly shine?

Read on to discover some wonderful and inspiring ideas that will help you decorate your Georgian hallway. 

13 Stunning Ideas To Style A Georgian Hallway

1.Add Ascending Style With A Gallery Wall

Georgian properties have an abundance of character but it’s important to balance this out with your own individual style.

Find your preferred prints, edit images online and create the photographs that resonate with your taste and preferences. 

Showcase your personality by curating a gallery wall that ascends up your stairs. Choose prints and photographs that you love and frame them in a variety of different frames.

georgian hallway

2. Pay Homage To The Property With Traditional Wall Panelling

Lean into the traditional style of a Georgian home by adding wall panelling to your hallway and up the stairs. 

If you’re a confident DIYer then give this a go yourself. If not, hire a local carpenter to help you decide which style of panelling would best suit your home and to install it.

Georgian hallway 1
Instagram Image Credit: @twinpineshouse

3. Use Classic Black & White Floor Tiles To Ground The Hallway

Period properties often boast original floor tiles that are detailed and intricate. If your Georgian hallway no longer features these, you can replicate the look with Georgian-inspired designs from the high street. 

Monochrome patterned tiles are a classic choice that will never go out of style. 

Georgian hallway 2
Instagram Image Credit: @katy_at_the_manor

4. Restore Traditional Minton Tiles

Minton tiles are known for their unique design and durability. You may have been lucky enough to uncover these in your Georgian Home under layers of carpet and vinyl, if so it’s a good idea to restore them.

Give them a good clean and regrout any tiles that need it. If there are any cracks in the tiles, consult an expert who can help you bring them back to their former state.

Georgian hallway 3
Instagram Image Credit: @katesgeorgianhome

5. Carpet Your Stairs With A Bordered Stair Runner

A great way of cosying up your hallway is to add a carpet runner to your stairs

Rather than carpeting the entire stairs, a runner is a great alternative that evokes images of traditional style interiors. A bordered design is a classic style that pays homage to eras gone by.

Georgian hallway 4
Instagram Image Credit: @_our_housetohome_

6. Think About Scale, Go Larger With Your Lighting Choices

Georgian homes are blessed with high ceilings. Make the most out of this extra space by opting for an oversized, dramatic ceiling light to act as a focal point of the room.

A traditional beaded chandelier is an option that never fails, or you could add contrast by opting for a geometric-inspired modern design.

Georgian hallway 5
Instagram Image Credit: @katesgeorgianhome

7. Use Wallpaper For A Bold Burst of Colour

Think outside the box when it comes to decorating your Georgian hallway and opt for a loud and proud patterned wallpaper.

Be inspired by the entranceway pictured below and choose a maximalist inspired print to complement the details of a Georgian property.

Georgian hallway 6

8. Have The Space? Add A Table As A Centrepiece

Georgian homes can be spacious and if your hallway has the room for it, then why not add a table centrepiece? 

Place it perfectly under the stairs and decorate your table with a large bouquet of either real or faux flowers for an elegant touch.

Georgian hallway 7
Instagram Image Credit: alexanderjamesinteriors

9. Draw The Eye In With A Colourful Front Door

Add a pop of colour to a Georgian hallway by painting the inside of your front door a bright, poppy shade.

Lisa Dawson has painted her front door a baby pink colour which looks so fun and stylish. Juxtaposed with the elegance of her Georgian home, it looks effortlessly chic.

Georgian hallway 8
Instagram Image Credit: @_lisa_dawson_

10. Paint The Space In A Warm, Modern Neutral

If bright pops of colour aren’t your thing, paint your Georgian hallway in a warm neutral shade instead.

To avoid the space feeling dull and flat paint the ceiling a different neutral colour to mix up the tones and to add visual interest.

Georgian hallway 9
Instagram Image Credit: @emma_sims_hilditch

11. Layer The Floor With An Area Rug For A Warming First Impression

Hard flooring such as wood and tiles are synonymous with Georgian properties. Even though they look gorgeous they can sometimes feel quite cold and uninviting.

Warm things up with a large patterned rug. Don’t forget to lay down a rug underlay first to stop the rug from slipping around.

Georgian hallway 10
Instagram Image Credit: @thehouserenovator

12. Go Bold With A Geometric Stair Runner

You don’t always have to stick to a traditional style when decorating a Georgian home. Introduce different styles and patterns by opting for a geometric stair runner.

Before choosing a runner design, consider painting your stairs dark for a contemporary update.

Georgian hallway 11
Instagram Image Credit: @guildanderson

13. Embrace Black Accents To Define & Tie The Hallway Together

The contrast between a feminine Georgian style home that has head to toe detailing with stark black accents is a match made in heaven.

Pair traditional Georgian features with black to bring your interiors into the 21st century. A black painted bannister can look particularly striking.

Georgian hallway 12
Instagram Image Credit: @chaunceystimber
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