Hallway Curtains Unpacked: The Best Colours, Length & Ideas

hallway curtains ideas
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Curtains are a fantastic styling tool for adding texture, pattern and warmth to a space, especially in hallways

Whether you want to add another layer to your front door to make it draught proof or simply want to introduce colour and pattern to your window dressings, we spoke to a design expert who offered some sound advice that we hope will help you. 

What’s The Best Length Of Curtains For A Hallway?

When deciding on your hallway curtains, you may be wondering what length is best. We enlisted the help of Debbie Leigh, Design Manager at ILIV who offered her advice.

“The ideal length for hallway curtains typically falls within the range of 84 to 96 inches. This length ensures that the curtains gracefully touch or slightly puddle on the floor, adding a touch of elegance and helping to create a visually appealing, cosy atmosphere”.

“However, the specific length may vary based on personal preference, the height of your hallway ceilings, and the style you aim to achieve. Ultimately, the key is to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics while considering the overall design of your hallway”.

Another great tip is to add your curtain pole higher than the natural point above the window to elongate your walls and make the ceiling feel taller than it is. A 19mm black curtain pole is a versatile all rounder as it brings definition and a touch of modernity to a space too.

hallway curtains ideas 2
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What Type Of Curtains Are Best For Narrow, Dark Hallways?

Hallways are often tricky spaces to work with as they can be quite narrow and void of natural light. Debbie suggests “in narrow, dark hallways, it is best to choose curtains that maximise natural light and create a sense of openness. Sheer or lightweight curtains in light, neutral colours work well in such spaces. These curtains allow sunlight to filter through while maintaining privacy”.

“Additionally, consider installing curtain rods that extend beyond the sides and above the window frame to create the illusion of increased width and height, making the hallway feel more spacious”.

“Choosing light and reflective fabrics will help brighten up the area while avoiding heavy or dark materials that could further darken the space. Overall, the goal is to enhance the hallway’s brightness and the feeling of airiness”.

hallway curtains ideas 3
Image credit: Kasbah Collection ILIV

What Colour Curtains Are Currently Trending?

In terms of colour and pattern, it can be hard to choose curtains that reflect your style and work well in the particular space that you want to hang them in.

Debbie explains that “patterned curtains in neutral colours are a popular choice, particularly in hallways. They add a touch of personality and style to the space without overwhelming it, and the neutral hues ensure they remain versatile and timeless”.

“This combination strikes a balance between elegance and subtlety, making your hallway feel inviting and visually engaging while maintaining a sense of cohesion with the overall decor”.

Be careful to choose a pattern that speaks to the rest of your interiors. For example, avoid small-scale ditsy florals if the rest of your space feels mature and elevated.

If there is a dominant colour running throughout the curtains, be sure to feature the same colour in the hallway through decor and accessories to create a cohesive pull through the space.

hallway curtains ideas
Image credit: Enchanted Garden Fab ILIV

Add Cosiness To A Front Door With Curtains

We traditionally think of curtains as window dressings, however hanging a thick draping curtain behind a front door can add warmth and cosiness to your hallway.

Not only is this a practical design decision as it’ll keep the heat in but it can look great too (especially if you have an unsightly front door). Take Debbie’s previous advice and opt for a lighter fabric that lets the light in if you have a dark narrow hallway.

However, if you have plenty of space, a heavier lined fabric would be best due to its heat preserving properties.

hallway curtains
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Opt For Striped Curtains For Elevation

Stripes are a timeless pattern and never more so than heading into 2024. Stripes are a great method of drawing the eye upwards and tricking you into thinking a space is taller or wider than it actually is. Opting for vertical striped curtains in a hallway is a great idea for achieving just this.

Thin delicate stripes will suit a vintage-inspired delicate space, whereas thick stripes will suit a hallway that wants to make a statement. 

Add an extra layer of style by opting for a fabric with a ruffled edge. Stripes and ruffles are a match made in heaven for 2024 and introducing this into your hallway will make it ooze style and sophistication.

Have any other questions about curtains in your hallway? Leave a comment below and we’ll come back with our recommendations.

hallway curtains ideas 4
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