15 Cozy & Cute Fall Desk Decorating Ideas

fall desk decorating ideas
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When it comes to fall decor, you shouldn’t leave any surface unturned. It’s the best time of the year, and I don’t care who knows it.

Whether you have a study desk, a work from home office or a corporate space that’s in need of a touch of fall, these 15 fall desk decorating ideas will deliver a cute, cozy and inviting feel for every work session.

15 Cozy & Cute Fall Desk Decorating Ideas

1.Lean Into The Traditional Orange Side of Fall

When it comes to fall you can choose to lean into the more traditional colors such as the oranges, rusty reds and greens.

Introduce pumpkins, leaves and a vase with a selection of fall like flowers, either real or faux stems that you can reuse each year.

All that’s left to add is a fall favorite mug to your desk for a warming drink.

fall desk decorating ideas
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2. Farmhouse Fall Desk Decorating

Nobody does fall like Farmhouse properties. With a chunky wooden desk, introduce other rustic accessories for a cohesive, cozy feel.

Introduce a sign above your desk, a dried foliage wreath and of course, get a selection of real pumpkins added to your desk, you can use those later for some pumpkin pie!

If you have a seat nearby, switch up the pillows for fall, embrace those oranges and slogan cushions like this one!

fall desk decorating ideas
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3. Add A Cute Garland & Fairy Lights

Maximise your desk space by using the walls to decorate for fall.

String up a few fall garlands for added warmth and coziness, along with a string of fairy lights.

Fairy lights bring a little extra magic to a desk and they can be a comforting sight as those darker evenings start to draw in during fall.

fall desk decorating ideas
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4. It’s Pumpkin Time!

Make a statement with a sign or a Lightbox on your desk, just so you remember it’s fall time!

Add some fall decor accessories such as a cute vase with some dried stems, a fall smelling candle and some pumpkin decor accessories.

fall desk decorating ideas
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5. Update Your Pegboard With Some Fall Accessories

Whether you have a pegboard or wooden notice board, this is the perfect item to easily update seasonally in your home office.

String a garland across it, add some fall inspired postcards and cute mementos that have a nod towards cozy season.

fall desk decorating ideas
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6. There’s No Such Thing As Too Many Pumpkins

Sometimes more really is more, especially when it comes to fall.

There’s no such thing as too many pumpkins for fall, just make sure you feature a range of different sized and colored pumpkins so you can vary visual interest.

If you have shelves above a desk, this is the best way to really get into the fall season. Add a range of pumpkins, a fall print and some cute signs that you can prop up on your desk.

fall desk decorating ideas
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7. Fall Candles Are A Must For The Cozy Vibes

Fall is not fall without at least 10 different fall scented candles, right?

There’s nothing like working against the cozy flickering light of candles and they add instant visual interest to a desk.

Add some additions with a Lightbox, pine cones, leaves and a cute fall print too.

fall desk decorating ideas
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8. Dress Up Your Yearly Calendar

Give that yearly calendar above your desk the update it deserves by pegging a cute light up garland against it, whether it’s in your dorm or home office, it brings a sense of coziness and warmth with it.

Don’t forget a candle or two to set the tone as well.

fall desk decorating ideas
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9. Introduce A Vase With Some Fall Colored Stems

Fall styling can be subtle and refined too.

If you’re not a huge fan of the traditional bright oranges but still want to update your desk seasonally, introduce a neutral vase and add a few fall stems for a pop of color and nod to the cozy season.

Introduce some leaves, pine cones or conkers for some additional, natural styling on the desk.

fall desk decorating ideas
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10. Dry Foliage & Burning Candles

If you prefer the more subdued styling of fall, this is another perfect example of slow, intentional styling.

Focus on dried foliage for a rustic feel, with a few burning candles in gorgeous tea light holders or lanterns for a warming glow.

fall desk decorating ideas
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11. Rustic Pumpkins

You can instantly elevate any desk space by adding a few well placed pumpkins to the setup.

Fall styling can be affordable, you don’t have to go all out.

But when it comes to mugs, you can’t not switch up that daily cup of coffee without making a swap to a fall mug, obsessed. There’s no such thing as too many mugs.

fall desk decorating ideas
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12. Fall Stems & Leaves

Ditch the pumpkins and instead lean into the more natural side of fall and what it has to offer.

Add a vase with some real fall foliage or some faux stems for instant color and a nod to fall. Work those warm, rusty tones into your setup for a cozy, whimsical feel.

fall desk decorating ideas
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13. Add A Fall Gallery Wall Above Your Desk

If you have an existing gallery wall above your desk, swap the prints out for fall, you won’t regret it.

Focus on prints with rusty tones, they don’t specifically have to be designed for fall. I love this type of fall styling because the prints can be stored away and brought back out, year after year.

fall desk decorating ideas
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14. Fairy Lights & Wreaths

Embrace verticality and use the wall space around your desk to incorporate some gorgeous styling additions for fall.

Add a string garland for visual interest and a fall inspired wreath for a touch of rustic charm.

fall desk decorating ideas
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15. Create A Pumpkin Display

But, perhaps one of my all time favorite fall desk decorating ideas…

If you have a console table of sideboard behind your desk, why not create a gorgeous pumpkin display with a green garland as a base.

Any cushions in the space should be updated seasonally to bring in those orange accent tones easily. Top your desk with a tray that’s styled for fall. It’s easy, effective yet looks stunning. What do you think?

Which of the fall desk decorating ideas is your favorite?

fall desk decorating ideas
Image credit: desertdecor

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