11 Stylish Hallway Ideas With Oak Doors

hallway ideas with oak doors
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These 11 stylish hallway ideas with oak doors will leave you rethinking painting your doors for the tenth time. Oak doors can bring depth, warmth and a nod to the natural world in an interior.

They remain a timeless option for interiors, offering durability and versatility for a myriad of design schemes.

Whether you’re in the process of purchasing brand new doors, or you’ve moved into a property with oak doors you might be wondering what colours go with oak and how best to style them in a hallway.

Let’s get started with the best colours to pair with oak doors which can be applied throughout an interior.

What Colours Go With Oak Doors?

Oak doors have a naturally warm tone to them, this makes them versatile for an interior space as they work with a range of colours. Neutral and earthy tones pair well together such as sage green, creams and whites as they help to balance against the warmth of the oak.

Bolder and warmer shades such as terracotta and orange can complement oak doors by creating a warm and inviting feel. These warm tones bring a cosy and vibrant touch to the space.

Here are some colours that work really well in an interior setting with oak doors;

  • Neutral tones: Shades of white, cream, beige, and light grey
  • Earthy tones: Colours inspired by nature, such as soft greens, warm browns, and muted yellows
  • Cool blues: Light or medium shades of blue
  • Rich tones: Deep and saturated hues like burgundy, emerald green, or navy blue
  • Warm reds and oranges: Shades of terracotta, burnt orange, or rusty red
  • Black for definition

11 Stylish Hallway Ideas With Oak Doors

1.Neutral, White Colour Scheme

One of the most popular colours to pair with oak doors in a hallway is white. It adds coolness to the warmth of the oak doors, whilst they add a striking, natural contrast against the walls.

This type of look is perfect for modern and contemporary spaces.

hallway ideas with oak doors
Image credit: @the_robinsonfamily_abode

2. Balance Warm Oak Doors With Grey

Grey is a great colour to pair with oak doors as it neutralises the warmth of the doors, creating a balanced pairing in the space.

Use grey on the walls, and don’t forget to introduce some black accents for definition and a touch of modernity.

hallway ideas with oak doors
Image credit: @rasmussen_renovationproject

3. Defining Black & White Hallway

A black and white hallway is a visually endearing colour palette for a hallway, it delivers a lasting impression as you step through the front door and it’s perfect for Scandinavian, modern and even traditional homes.

A black feature wall provides a defined and striking contrast against oak doors, whilst the white brings lightness and warmth to the hallway.

hallway ideas with oak doors

4. Match With A Stunning Oak Bannister

If you’ve opted for oak doors, pair them with a stunning oak bannister for a cohesive draw throughout the hallway and landing space.

It lends an overall warmth to the hallway and looks great against this stone effect wall and white space for a modern farmhouse feel.

hallway ideas with oak doors
Image credit: @precious_abode

5. Farmhouse Style Sliding Doors

Oak doors are available in a huge range of styles to suit your property. For a farmhouse, cottage style property, opt for an oak style sliding door on a black track. The black accent brings definition and is synonymous with farmhouse style design.

This style of door is perfect for areas where space is a premium as you instantly remove that space required for a door swing in either direction.

hallway ideas with oak doors
Image credit: @oakforeverhome

6. Grey & White Hallway

A grey and white hallway offers a timeless colour combination that stands the test of time.

This classic, and cool pairing of colours works perfectly with warm, oak doors.

Choose either white or grey as the dominant colour in the hallway and the secondary colour as an accent colour through furniture and decor accessories.

hallway ideas with oak doors
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7. Add A Divide With A Dado Rail

A dado rail adds a traditional finish to a hallway, also known as a chair rail. They’re effective in a space for dividing a hallway into sections which can be used to continue a colour through, or to colour block with a different colour.

It adds further definition to this hallway with beautiful oak doors.

hallway ideas with oak doors
Image credit: @myhomegarden36

8. Striking Hallway Floor Tiles

Hallway flooring is one of the most important to get right! It should instantly draw the eye as you enter and you want it to deliver a lasting impact.

Tiled flooring can provide character, depth and introduce colour easily into a hallway, a classic grey and white print like this pairs beautifully with the warm oak doors.

hallway ideas with oak doors
Image credit: @my_budgethome

9. Minimalist Space With Black Accents

Pairing oak doors with a white space is one of the easiest ways to create a crisp, no-nonsense and minimalist space.

Introduce a few well placed black accents such as a mirror, light fixture or decor accessories. It will tie the hallway together and add some much needed definition. Without this, the room can feel unfinished and wishy washy.

hallway ideas with oak doors
Image credit: @my_decoreuk

10. Cool Blue Tones With Half Wall Panelling

Light or medium shades of blue can provide a refreshing and tranquil backdrop for oak doors. Blue tones create a nice contrast and bring a sense of serenity to the space like here with this half wall panelling look.

Half wall panelling is one of the easiest ways to bring character and depth to a hallway, especially in new build properties that lack character.

hallway ideas with oak doors
Image credit: @gmcinteriors

11. Wooden Tones Throughout

Oak doors bring an overall natural look to a hallway, so do pair with other wooden tones throughout for a cohesive feel throughout the space.

Introduce an oak bannister and exposed wooden flooring for a rustic, earthy feel.

hallway ideas with oak doors
Image credit: @thewhitehouse16

Which of these 11 hallway ideas with oak doors is your favourite? If you need any further help with choosing colours to pair with your oak doors, please drop me a comment below and I’ll come straight back.

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