50 of The Best Flatlay Props For Photography & Influencers

50 flatlay photogprahy props

These flatlay photography props are some of the best and most affordable props that can help you instantly up your flatlay photography game.

Flatlays are honestly my favourite thing about Instagram and Pinterest, I love being creative and putting pictures together that I know I would love if I spotted them on my feed.

It does help having a prop box drawer or box of some kind so you’re never short of different ways to style a flatlay.

So, whether you’re looking for some flatlay photography ideas or are running short on some prop ideas, these 50 flatlay photography props will seriously help you to up your flatlay game in no time, you’ll probably have a good majority of the things on this list too!

50 Flatlay Props For Photography & Influencers

1.Quote Cards

Paperchase have a really good choice of these and are about 99p each! Also, check out places like Easy and other stationery stores such as Dunelm Mill and The Range. You can create your own quote prints with this seller on Etsy which I love the idea of! (This flatlay features my trusty Instax Mini!).

flatlay photography props

2. Cheap Rings

I have about 3 packs from Primark which cost about 99p! Rings are ideal for pretty much any flatlay as they add an additional bit of depth when building layers.

3. Flatlay cards for backgrounds

I use the Range, Hobbycraft, Paperchase for flatlay background boards. Stick with A3 as this is usually the biggest size you can buy.

They’re available in all the colours you can think of. White is an absolute must, ideal for product based photography too. Wrapping paper is a great background to use too.

4. Books

Books are fab for adding depth to a flatlay. Stack them up to add some texture or feature their Instagrammable covers.

14,000 things to be happy about as pictured in the flatlay at the bottom of this post. Perfect for coffee table flatlays.

5. Fairy lights

When you need to add an extra bit of light to a cosy flatlay, fairy lights are the one.

No risk of fire, they’re cute and super cheap.

6. Candles

If you’re okay about the potential fire risk, lol.

Candles are a cute extra for those hygge inspired shots. I ADORE these bubble candles, they’re so aesthetically pleasing for a flatlay and they’re vegan too!

flatlay photography props

7. Cactus’

Cactus’ and leafy greens will add colour and depth to your shots. They’re pretty good for us to keep them around the home too.

8. Flowers

ALWAYS flowers. Whether it’s a few roses, tulips or some foliage, a few stems will set off any flatlay. They only need to be subtly introduced into the frame to make an impact.

Dried flower bouquets work really really as they’ll last a lot longer than just a photoshoot and look gorgeous in the home afterwards too.

9. Tea Cups/ Mugs

Feature tea cups with tea or coffee in. Go one step further and create some mad latte art (or do some photoshop trickery..).

10. Glasses/Sunglasses

Sunglasses/glasses are an easy extra to add into any flatlay as we all have them in some shape or form. I always use glasses with any that feature a book and sunglasses always look fab for summer or holidays flatlays.

11. Watches

Drape a watch over any postcard or print and it instantly adds that finishing touch. The devil is in the detail!

12. Scarves

Use scarves at the back of the image as the foundations to build texture into your flatlay.

13. All the makeup

Where more is more! Makeup looks good in ANY flatlay. Open up a lipstick, your fave eyeshadow palette and let them do the talking.

14. Laptop/Macbook

Macs in general always look good in a flatlay. Can you tell I’m an apple girl through and through?

15. Calendar

Perfect for 1st day of the month flatlay ideas. Pinterest is great for picking up free printables that you can use in your photos.

I used this photo for a June To Do List post, it remains one of my most pinned photos on Pinterest!

flatlay photography props

16. Bags/makeup pouches/ cute purses

Allll of the above. A cute slogan makeup pouch or a purse can become the focal point of a flatlay. They add a gentle or dramatic pop of colour too.

17. Notebook and pen

You can’t beat a notebook and a pen shot. I mean, I must have at least 18570 notebooks but STILL buy more. Anyone else?

18. Ring holders

I love my little Saskia ring holder from Olivia Bonas, such a cutie!

19. Coasters

Coasters look great in flatlays, especially if they’re armed with cute quotes. My faves are from The Old English Company.

20. Prints

A4, A2, A5 – do your thing! I have collected so many prints over the year, I always head to Desenio for new ones as they’re super cheap and can be purchased with frames at the same time too.

21. Cake

Do I need to say anymore? Cake always looks good as a prop, whole or with a bite taken…

22. Hats

Boater hats with a saying on them, berets, flat caps. CUTE.

23. Cameras

Instax minis, phone and digital cameras are great for blogger focused flatlays. It goes without saying that including a little Polaroid snap too looks super cute.

24. Rugs/Throws

Just like scarves, rugs and throws are fab for building texture into the image.

25. Macaroons

For that Parisian, sweet or pastel feel, macaroons are a must have photography prop!

26. Leaves

Perfect for nailing that autumnal shot, they’re free too!

27. Pretty Shoes

I kid you not when I say I bought these shoes and NEVER wore them.

They now reside on my shelves and I couldn’t be happier about it. They’re perfect for throwing into flatlay shots!

flatlay photography props

28. Sequins

It’s a messy addition to a flatlay, but a must have for those Christmas gift flatlays, New Years posts and birthday snaps!

29. Magazines

I love a good old magazine or newspaper in a flatlay. You can reuse the same magazine over and over again by using different relevant pages. I always keep a pile to hand for that flatlay that I might have in mind.

30. Trinket dishes

Jewellery trinket dishes are great for adding further depth, you can slot some pretty rings or drape a watch over the top for the ultimate flatlay style.

31. Saucers

If you don’t have a trinket dish to hand, try a pretty saucer. I always pick some up in charity shops, they’re always unique, cheap and very pretty. They’re great for layering with rings and other bits and bobs.

32. Mini eggs

Because why the hell not! Pastel perfection.

33. Diaries

Diaries are great for flatlays. Most have beautiful graphics for the start of every month so they can easily be used again and again as the year goes on.

34. The Screensaver of Your Laptop

I adore the Flliqlo screensaver which you can see on my home office setup picture on the right.

It’s the only screensaver you’ll see on home office pics on Pinterest. It’s free to download too!

flatlay photography props

35. Any Lush Cosmetics product

ALWAYS. Whether it’s in use in your bath or sitting in a basket full of Lush goodness, they don’t ever not make a perfect addition to a flatlay.

36. Slogan tee/jumper

For fashion based flatlays, use a slogan tee or jumper for the focal point. Pair it up with a folded pair of jeans, a watch and some cute kicks.

37. Pretty phone cases

Pretty phone cases look great in flatlays, just make sure you have another camera to take the snap.

38. Underwear

For a raunchier flatlay, get those knicks out of your drawer! Layer with clothing or items such as perfume, jewellery and makeup for a delicate style.

39. Bikinis

A must have for any holiday packing post!

40. Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes make a cute addition to any flatlay. Ideal for makeup images.

41. Perfume bottles

Aren’t perfume bottles the prettiest?!

42. Eucalyptus

Grab some fresh or dried eucalyptus for your flatlays. Just like flower stems, you only need to gently introduce them to a flatlay rather than crowding it out.

43. Passport/luggage tag

For those posts when you’re jetting away, grab a passport to luggage tag to add into your packing snap.

44. Headphones

I’m not talking little ear pods, but gorgeous headphones that can become the focal part of your image.

45. Pizza

Because Pizza, duh?

46. Bath Caddy/Tray

These are totally killing the bathtime flatlay game right now.

The aim is to layer them up with a book, candle, your fave skincare and set a pretty bathtime scene underneath with bubbles or a bath bomb.

This bath caddy is from Amazon – I’ve had mine for a couple of years and it’s super affordable.

flatlay photography props

47. Wooden chopping boards

Ideal for food flatlays in bed and living room shots. Chocolate dipped strawberries, optional.

48. Photographs/Polaroids

Analogue Film Photographs are perfect for adding in to the relevant type of flatlay like the one you saw at the start of this post. They add character and help to personalise your flatlay.

49. Phones – Iphone/Ipod

All of the above! Just make sure you have another camera to grab the photo on.

50. Cutlery

Cute cutlery at that. Copper or gold cutlery always! Ideal for food flatlays.

LOVE this gold set from Dunelm – only £20 too!


Before You Go…

Take a look at part 2 to this post, it’s 50 everyday flatlay props for even more easy additions to add to your prop box. If you’re looking for further inspiration, take a look at my Flatlay board on Pinterest, I’m close to 1,000 + pins on there now…Not obsessed or anything.

Do you have any other flatlay photography prop ideas? What are the 3 props you can’t live without?

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