Thursday, August 24, 2017

50 Flatlay Photography Props For Your Prop Drawer

When I moved out the first thing I wanted to do was seriously up my flatlay game and create a flatlay prop drawer that I could draw upon when I needed some inspiration. It worked well, admittedly the drawer has now become overrun with receipts and just general junk, but the thought was there.

Flatlays are honestly my favourite thing about Instagram, I love being creative and putting pictures together that I know I would love if I spotted them on my feed. It does help having a prop box drawer or box of some kind so you're never short of different ways to style a flatlay. Whether you're looking for some guidance on flatlays or are running short on some prop ideas, these 50 flatlay props will seriously help you to up your flatlay game in no time, you'll probably have a good majority of the things on this list too!

1. Quote cards (Paperchase have a really good choice and are cheap too!
2. Cheap rings (I have about 3 packs from Primark)
3. Flatlay cards for backgrounds- I use the Range, Hobbycraft, Paperchase for mine - use wrapping paper too!
4. Books - stack them up to add some texture or feature their Instagrammable covers (see above)
5. Fairy lights
6. Candles
7. Cactus'
8. Flowers - a few stems set off any flatlay
9. Tea cups (with tea in. Or coffee)
10. Glasses/sunglasses
11. Watches
12. Scarves - use them at the back of the image to build texture
13. All the makeup
14. Laptop/Macbook
15. Calendar - perfect for 1st day of the month posts
16. Bags/makeup pouches/ cute purses
17. Notebook and pen
18. Ring holders (I love my little Saskia)
19. Coasters
20. Prints (A4, A2, A5 - do your thing!)
21. Cake - cake always looks good as a prop, whole or with a bite taken...
22. Hats - boater hats with a saying on them, berets, flat caps
23. Cameras
24. Rugs/Throws for building texture into the image
25. Macaroons
26. Leaves - perfect for nailing that autumnal shot
27. Pretty shoes! 
28. Sequins
29. Magazines
30. Trinket dishes
31. Saucers (pretty saucers for rings and bits and bobs)
32. Mini eggs - because why the hell not! Pastel perfection.
33. Diaries
34. The screensaver of your laptop
35. Any Lush Cosmetics product
36. Slogan tee/jumper
37. Pretty phone cases
38. Underwear
39. Bikinis (for a holiday packing post)
40. Makeup brushes
41. Perfume bottles
42. Eucalyptus
43. Passport/luggage tag
44. Headphones
45. Pizza, because Pizza
46. Bath caddy/tray - totally killing the bathtime flatlay game right now
47. Wooden chopping boards for food flatlays in bed
48. Photographs/Polaroids
49. Phones - Iphone/Ipod
50. Cutlery - cute cutlery at that

Maybe, I'll do a part 2 to this soon! If you're looking for further inspiration, take a look at my Flatlay board on Pinterest, I'm close to 1,000 + pins on there now...Not obsessed or anything.

Do you have any other flatlay prop ideas? What are the 3 props you can't live without?

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