15 Kitchen Blinds Ideas + Expert Advice On How To Choose The Right Type

kitchen blinds ideas

Window treatments for kitchens can be somewhat of a minefield to navigate if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Whilst some may consider shutters, these vastly inhibit light and can make a dark kitchen feel even darker. Blinds or cafe curtains are generally the best options for a kitchen, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

So, we enlisted the help of the experts at DotcomBlinds.com to learn how to choose the best blinds for your kitchen, along with plenty of kitchen blinds ideas to inspire you.

What Type of Blinds Are Best In A Kitchen?

From roller blinds to Roman blinds, the options are endless for a kitchen, but what type is best? We put the question to Joe from DotcomBlinds.com who said, “When you’re shading a kitchen space, you need to be mindful of the fact kitchens can be a messy place, so you’ll want to use blinds that are easy to clean and resistant to water damage!”.

“Because of this, you’ll want to avoid blinds made from Real Wood and Soft Fabrics as they can easily be damaged by water and stained by food spillages, but that still leaves you plenty of options, like Faux Wood Venetian Blinds, and Roller Blinds or Vertical Blinds that are made with a moisture resistant PVC type material”.

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The Best Blinds For Above a Kitchen Sink?

Quite often in a kitchen design, windows are expertly located in front of a kitchen sink. Designed to help soothe the woes and give a view when doing the washing up. With more room for moisture and humidity in this area, it does affect what types of blinds are suitable for the space.

Joe commented, “When you’re installing a blind above a kitchen sink, the best options would either be a PVC based Roller Blind or a Faux Wood Venetian Blind, as they would both be moisture resistant and easy to clean with just a damp cloth if you were to spill anything on them”.

“Both would work equally as well, the choice between them is more of a style issue, more traditional sink areas may look better with the Faux Wood Venetian option, where as more modern spaces may look better with a patterned PVC Roller Blind”.

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Image credit: DotcomBlinds.com

Do Kitchen Blinds Need To Be Waterproof?

The choice of fabric is an important consideration to make, especially as kitchens are more prone to humidity and moisture. But the good news is, they don’t need to be 100% waterproof.

Joe added, “Kitchen blinds do not need to be 100% water proof, we’d usually recommend fabrics that we’d call ‘moisture resistant’ in kitchens. This basically means that the material will not absorb and retain water (or other liquids) during normal circumstances (like steams, spills and splashes) which is key to preventing water damage and the build-up of bacteria or mold”.

“So as long as you’re not intending to do anything silly like submerging your blinds in your sink or leaving your windows open during a rainstorm, a moisture resistant fabric will do a fine job for you”.

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Image credit: DotcomBlinds.com

15 Kitchen Blinds Ideas

1.Add Rustic Charm With Rattan or Bamboo

Over the last few years, rattan and bamboo have become hugely popular materials in an interior, loved for their natural warmth and rustic feel.

These materials look great for a kitchen blind. However, natural materials like this are absorbent, and are prone to developing mould if they are subject to very damp areas, or those with a lot of humidity. If you have a damp home, it’s best to avoid this type of material.

kitchen blinds ideas

2. Introduce A Pop of Colour With Roller Blinds

A classic roller blind is an affordable, no-nonsense way to dress windows in a kitchen. They come in a huge variety of colours and patterns and they are a great way to introduce further colour and warmth to your colour scheme.

Just ensure that you feature the same colour somewhere else in the kitchen so the colour feels intentional, and cohesive in the space.

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Image credit: DotcomBlinds.com

3. Wood Venetian Blinds

This style of blind is a hugely popular choice, they’re more affordable than wood shutters, and they allow privacy, whilst still letting through swathes of gorgeous light.

Opt for a darker tone like this to bring definition, and a touch of modernity to your kitchen.

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4. Combine A Roller Blind For Semi-cover & A Roman Blind For Aesthetics

You don’t have to install a singular roller blind and be done, to bring extra style to your kitchen, try layering a Roman blind over the top.

It will bring extra warmth, style and elegance to your windows.

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Instagram Image Credit: @lovers_cottage_reno

5. Bring Style With A Traditional Roman Blind

Roman blinds are another popular choice for dressing kitchen windows. The way they softly fold brings texture and warmth to a space, and they come in a huge range of colours, styles and patterns.

Roller blinds are no-nonsense and serve a more practical purpose, whereas Roman blinds can really add to your overall interior design scheme.

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Instagram Image Credit: @richardsresidence

6. Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

If you like wood Venetian blinds but not the cost that comes with them, faux wood Venetian blinds are a great alternative.

They continue to let in beautiful light, whilst providing privacy to your kitchen. They aren’t the easiest type of blind to keep free from dust, so it’s definitely worth bearing this in mind when choosing the right type of blinds for your kitchen.

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Instagram Image Credit: @insideno.48

7. Be Bold With Pattern

Roman blinds really allow you to make them part of your interior design scheme. Instead of opting for a block colour, choose a pattern of your choice to integrate into your kitchen.

Use the same colours that feature in the blind somewhere else in the room to create a cohesive colour scheme.

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Instagram Image Credit: @life_down_our_lane

8. Choose A Semi-sheer Material

This style of blind is made from a semi-sheer material which doesn’t inhibit light. You can still retain your privacy whilst it doesn’t darken your overall kitchen.

This style of roller blind is affordable and serves a practical purpose to a kitchen. If you have aluminium windows, a bright white like this creates a beautifully crisp contrast.

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Instagram Image Credit: @jensottosantidesign

9. Classic Grey Roman Blind

Grey is a notoriously popular colour for window treatments. It’s a classic and timeless colour that will stand the test of your time in your kitchen.

To elongate your space and make the walls feel even longer, install your blinds from the ceiling down, it will give the illusion of a bigger space.

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Instagram Image Credit: @at_home_with_the_ryans

10. Use A Bamboo Roller Blind For Natural Warmth

Bamboo really does look great as a natural window treatment. It brings super warmth and is perfect for rustic, modern and farmhouse style kitchens.

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Instagram Image Credit: @colorco.dk

11. Choose A Lighter Shade Than The Walls

If you have dark walls, I’d always recommend opting for a lighter shade on your blinds for visual interest. But if your walls are light or neutral in tone, going for something with a darker tone will add definition and ground the space.

Joe added, “At the end of the day, this is usually a stylistic choice and will depend on the colour of the walls, If you have dark walls, a blind that’s a shade or two lighter will add some brightness to the space; whereas in a room with lighter coloured walls may benefit from a darker, bolder coloured blind to create a focal point in the room”.

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Instagram Image Credit: @housetohomeatlast

12. Add A Timeless Look With A Linen Blend Blind

Linen blend material for Roman blinds is timeless, neutral and it will still allow for light to pass through the fabric.

Light grey, oatmeal or cream linen blends work best in this type of setting.

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Instagram Image Credit: @athomewiththelloyds

13. Create A Fun Look With Gingham

You really can have fun with your window treatments and gingham is bold, daring and brings stunning definition to this kitchen.

Add some further black accents to your kitchen to tie the space together, and deliver a touch of modernity.

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Instagram Image Credit: @prospectdecor

14. Add A Defining Look With Black

I always advocate for the colour black in interiors as a black accent has the ability to finish off and tie the room together.

Go for black Venetian style blinds as shown below, it adds a defining look, brings modernity and will tie the room together. Plus, it contrasts beautifully with gold or brass hardware.

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Instagram Image Credit: @mllclhome

15. Lean Into Neutrals

Finally, we had to include a nod to neutrals.

Neutrals remain one of the most popular colour palettes in kitchens, and a soft oatmeal style Roman blind is a soft and beautiful finishing touch to this kitchen. Kitchens can be messy though, so it’s always worth considering the practicality of colours in a space, even if you have your heart set on it.

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