Discovering the Exquisite World of Italian Elegance: Atlas Concorde’s Astonishing Tile Collections

Italian tiles

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Italian tile makers are known worldwide for the quality of their products and the effort they put into researching and dictating the trends in home decor.

Among them, Atlas Concorde reigns supreme as the top brand of Italian tiles.

This article will take a closer look at the versatile and astonishing Atlas Concorde collections which you can buy here, and what these tiles can offer for your home and office design.

From the heart of Italy to every corner of the world

The story of Atlas Concorde starts in Fiorano Modenese, a small but rich in history municipality of Italy. The company started here in 1969 has now grown into the global powerhouse of ceramics – Gruppo Concorde.

With offices all over the world, Gruppo Concorde still remains true to its traditions of ethical values, innovative design, and restless research to create the best Italian tiles.

Atlas Concorde, as both an autonomous company and one of the main faces of the group, carries Gruppo Concorde’s values while effectively establishing itself as the global leader of tile making.

Just like the titan Atlas of ancient mythology who held the heavens on his shoulders, the tiles made by Atlas Concorde personify the endurance of carefully designed and masterfully crafted spaces. 

Exploring the collections

The many beautiful tile collections of Atlas Concorde furnish homes and offices all over the world. Let us explore the splendor of these Italian tiles by taking a closer look at some signature collections of this brand.

1.Marvel Dream

The complete set of Atlas Concorde’s marble-effect tiles is known as Marvel World. There are many collections worthy of representing this world of unique porcelain tiles, exhibiting the effect of timeless Italian marble.

We have chosen Marvel Dream due to its astonishing combination of classical marble look with daring touches of gemstones.

From quartz to the rare lapis lazuli, gems from all over the world lend their colours to make Marvel Dream a conveyor of Italian class in every room of the house.

Italian tiles

2. Brave

As the name would suggest, Brave is the collection of tiles for dauntless design choices. Channeling the beauty of natural stones, these tiles will give character to spaces with distinct styles rooted in darker colour schemes.

The collection includes both surface tiles and white body tiles for walls. Ranging from white to shades of grey, Brave surface tiles will help evoke a monochrome effect in line with current design trends.

Italian tiles

3. Entice

This wood-effect collection is perfect for sending the message of comfort and hospitality. Thus, whether it is your living room or office space,  you can let the guests know they are welcome with Entice decor.

Entice is made to convey the appeal of Italian oak, bringing warmth and elegance to your walls and floors. These tiles come in two variations: Natural – channeling the sensation of traditional untreated wood, and Elegant – for a polished and oiled wood effect.

Italian tiles

4. Blaze

Blaze is a unique metal-look tile collection. Coming in three shades: Corten steel, Iron, and Aluminum, Blaze tiles combine the boldness of urban design with the versatility of elegant contemporary decor options.

Inventive and tireless research of Atlas Concorde has allowed mimicking the unique colour schemes of oxidized metals. The result of it is this mesmerizing collection where technological innovation meets subtle aesthetics. 

Italian tiles

5. Prism

The colourful and cozy tiles of this collection are suitable for every space. From your bathroom to your kitchen to the living room, Prism tiles will give the soft touch of modern Italian culture.

These tiles come in 13 different hues inspired by hand-troweled resins. The tile makers of Atlas Concorde managed to recreate the intricacies of unevenly-coloured surfaces, giving a three-dimensional effect for your walls and floors as though they were touched by an artist’s hand.

Italian tiles

The Tile For Your Style

The abovementioned collections give just the taste of what high-quality Italian tiles made by Atlas Concorde can do for your home or office decor project.

The key takeaway is that this brand has tiles that can match your style, whatever it is, or even if you are still in search of it.

From always classical and tasteful marble feel to unique colours of gemstones or graphics of resin, Atlas Concorde has you covered just as they can have your home covered wall to wall.

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