What Our Interiors Will Look Like In 2050, Predicted By AI

interiors 2050

Do you ever wonder what our world, and interiors might be like in decades to come? Us too, so we asked AI to predict what our interiors might look like in 2050.

Trends, colours and interior styles will inherently change, but there’s no denying that technological advancements and devices that will make our modern day lives even easier than they already are will be at the forefront of interiors in decades to come.

If you think interior life can’t get any better, just wait until you see what AI has served up for you. Ready to get interior inspiration 30 years forward in the future?

What Our Interiors Will Look Like In 2050 As Predicted By AI

A Look Inside A Bathroom In 2050

Other than smart lighting and automatic shower systems, bathrooms still remain one of the largely untapped rooms in a home that will likely see huge advancements in the way we do things by the time we hit 2050.

Self-cleaning & Self-sanitising Toilets

Whilst self-cleaning and self sanitising toilets are widely available throughout other parts of the world, they will be commonplace in 2050, there will be no more need for that toilet brush that idly sits next to the toilet, and it means more time for relaxing.

Smart Mirrors

For the times that we won’t be living in our virtual reality headsets, they’ll still be a need for a mirror. These smart mirrors will completely revolutionise our lives from a practical and physical perspective.

They will have built-in augmented reality features, providing personalised skincare analysis, makeup tutorials, and style recommendations.

Think Youtube but integrated into your smart mirror for the most unique, personal recommendations. It’s your new BFFE.

smart mirror 2050

Water-saving Fixtures

The world continues to lean towards a more sustainable future, and lack of resources will be even more of an issue in 2050, but smart water saving fixtures that are part of our integral bathrooms can help with no extra work or input required by you. Plus, they’re not ugly features that have to be fitted onto taps or showers, they work internally in the background.

Showers and taps will have advanced sensors that adjust flow and temperature based on user preferences – simply use the voice activated function to shout up from the hallway, if required.

Voice Activated Shower Systems

AI in 2050 is all about making life even easier than we thought possible. There will be voice-activated shower systems with programmable settings for personalised water pressure, temperature, and even aromatherapy.

Spa day? You won’t even need to leave the house now for this level of relaxation.

AI-powered medicine cabinets

You’ll never forget to take your medicine again. It’s the new age pill pots that list the days of the week.

AI powered medicine cabinets will seamlessly integrate into your interior, they’ll be disguised as contemporary artwork when not in use.

They will manage medication inventory, provide reminders, and offer health-related recommendations.

interiors 2050
AI generated image of a bathroom in 2050. Artwork disguised as a self administering medicine cabinet, self drying bath mat that can take health readings and state of the art shower that is unique to your personal requirements.

A Look Inside A Kitchen In 2050

Kitchens are by far one of the most advanced as it currently stands, and also one of the easiest rooms to predict where we might be in 2050.

Expect huge leaps in technological advancements, and no-more scratching your head on a Sunday night trying to plan the next week of meals for the family.

Automated Cooking Systems With AI-powered Chefs

Yes – the much awaited technology that means those days of cleaning and cooking on repeat will come to an end.

The automated cooking systems with AI-powered chefs will be capable of preparing gourmet meals with precise measurements and innovative techniques.

This means that not only will it be easier to stay on plan with your eating, but the AI chefs will ensure that no waste is made making meals more economical for the family.

kitchen interior 2050

Advanced Food Storage Solutions

There’s nothing worse than buying food and a few days later realising it’s gone off (which has nothing to do with the takeaways you opted for instead).

But advanced food storage solutions in 2050 will preserve freshness for extended periods, minimising food waste and making things more economical too.

Yep, They’ll Be Robot Assistants Too

I mean, it wouldn’t be 2050 without robot assistants. They will be centre stage to help with cleaning and dishwashing to ingredient preparation and grocery management.

There isn’t much you will have to do in your kitchen.

In terms of interior style, sleek cabinetry that works on motion sensors will be prevalent and whilst AI thinks a virtual robot station like this might be a feature, let’s hope interior designers find more seamless ways to integrate them into our homes.

interiors 2050

A Look Inside A Bedroom In 2050

Bedrooms will forever be that place of relaxation and tranquility after a long day, but with the rising demands of life there’s going to be an even bigger need to help us switch off from our daily lives in an easy and convenient way.

Smart Beds

The bed always has been the focal point of a bedroom, but it will really come into its own in 2050.

Smart beds will automatically adjust firmness based on your body and needs. They’ll be no more half leg in half out when it gets hot as there will be temperature control throughout.

Lighting plays an integral part in our interiors and will even more so in decades to come, the smart beds will have lighting to optimise sleep quality.

Virtual Reality Sleep Environments

VR is already infiltrating our lives in small doses, and with the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro this month – the pace of VR is quickening.

In 2050, VR will rule most of our lives. There will be virtual reality sleep environments that you can slip into when you climb into bed, they will allow users to choose their preferred ambience, from tranquil beach scenes to space exploration.

It’s the dreams you never want to wake up from. Escaping your daily life whilst you’re awake just got real.

bedroom interior 2050

Integrated Biometric Sensors

Integrated biometric sensors will be the norm in 2050. They’ll be able to monitor sleep patterns, providing personalised insights and recommendations for better rest.

Voice-activated Systems

Voice activated systems are not new, most homes will already hold some kind of voice activated control. But, it’s still going to be dominant in our homes and go some way into controlling most aspects that can require manual intervention.

In 2050, voice activated systems embedded into the home will control curtains, lighting, and soundscapes for optimal relaxation and waking routines.

Advanced Wardrobe Systems

There’s nothing worse than putting away laundry. Well, you won’t need to do that in 2050.

Advanced wardrobe systems will have the mechanics for automated folding, sorting, and outfit selection based on weather forecasts and personal style.

Simply ask what style you’re looking for and the wardrobe will provide, this will probably be based on initial learnings from the AI before it can effectively become your style guru.

interiors 2050

A Look Inside A Living Room In 2050

Living rooms will have more technological advancements to help with the pressures of life, this room will still be a place of relaxation, but it’s going to step up a gear or two as we arrive into 2050.

Interactive Holographic Displays

Deciding what interior style crime you need to commit when adding a TV to your living room won’t exist anymore. Interactive holographic displays will replace traditional televisions, allowing for immersive entertainment experiences.

When not in use, they can be used to link up to your VR system to display a scene from your favourite location, or why not check out how the surf is kicking up on your local beach? All you got to do is ask.

holographic display

Smart Furniture With Built-in Sensors

Comfort and function are pretty much at the height of how our homes will adapt to us in 2050.

Most furniture will be classed as ‘smart furniture’, sofas and arm chairs will have built in sensors so they can automatically adjust to optimise comfort based on the individuals preferences.

Self-cleaning & Self-adjusting Furniture

You’re not going to be lifting a finger come 2050. Not only will there be smart furniture, but they’ll also be self cleaning and self adjusting furniture.

They’ll maintain cleanliness and arrangement based on usage patterns. We’re holding onto the hope for self plumping cushions too.

Voice-activated Personal Assistant

Immersive entertainment will be at the forefront of living rooms, and judging by how great home life will be, staying in IS the new going out in 2050.

There will be a voice-activated personal assistant in every home, they’ll help you control lighting, temperature, and entertainment systems. The future is coming.

interiors 2050

AI is gaining in quick succession and who knows whether these predictions will come off. What might seem absurd and unbelievable right now is how we perceived life 20 years ago, the future of interiors is coming and function wins.

What do you think of the AI predictions for our interiors? Are you excited for the future with AI?

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