The Best Dulux Exterior Colours: Dulux Weathershield

dulux exterior colours
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Delivering a lasting impression to anyone that encounters your home is all but a breeze with Dulux exterior colours.

Your home’s exterior is the canvas upon which your personal style and creative vision come to life, and it’s a taster of what is to come inside.

Arguably, the exterior is one of the most important parts of the home to get right. And, even more so if you’re looking to sell your property.

From serene neutrals to bold statement shades, I explore some of the best Dulux exterior colours from their Dulux Weathershield range, offering both affordability and a vast array of colours to choose from to match the tone of your home.

What Is Dulux Weathershield Paint?

Dulux Weathershield is a range of exterior paint which is specifically designed for use on exterior surfaces, providing long-lasting protection against weather conditions such as rain, sunlight, and temperature variations.

These paints are formulated to withstand harsh outdoor environments, ensuring durability and resistance to cracking, peeling, and fading.

The range includes various paint types, such as emulsions, gloss paints, and masonry paints, each with specific features suited for different surfaces and applications.

One of the key features of Dulux Weathershield is its ability to create a protective barrier against moisture, helping to prevent water penetration and subsequent damage to the painted surfaces. This makes it particularly suitable for use on exterior walls, fences, doors, and other outdoor structures.

dulux exterior colours
Image credit: Dulux

The Best Dulux Exterior Colours

Rich Black

If you want to create a defining exterior that demands attention, black could be a great choice.

It’s one of the best colours for maintenance too as it doesn’t show dirt, debris or mark as easily as lighter shades do.

For high contrast, pair this rich black paint with a brass knocker and letter box for a pop of warm colour.

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dulux rich black


A deep, rich brown like Conker is a classically traditional colour for exterior use, whether on a fence, table or front door.

Like black, a brown shade is incredibly versatile and durable for everyday use. It doesn’t show dirt or mark like a neutral shade, yet it can feel warmer and lighter than a black shade on an exterior.

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dulux conker


The green Weathershield paints are my favourite for exterior use, they lend that nod to the natural world surrounding an exterior and they bring warmth and depth to a property.

This deep, forest green shade adds a defining look, but adds more visual interest than a bog standard black shade. This is a perfect colour for adding some character to a front door.

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dulux heathland

Gallant Grey

The grey Dulux exterior colours are among the most versatile and popular shades for exterior use, for painting a rendered house to freshening up a front door.

Gallant Grey is a defining, almost charcoal grey shade which adds definition and modernity to whatever surface it graces.

Use this paint on the exterior of a house, front door or a porch step.

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dulux gallant grey

Oxford Blue

Up the kerb appeal by opting for a bold and beautiful shade like Oxford Blue by Dulux. This midnight blue shade delivers a rich, and sumptuous finish to a front door.

A bold shade like blue is a popular choice for a front door, delivering a bold finish that adds a defining accent to a property, but it’s a little bit warmer than a shade such as black.

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dulux Oxford blue

Misty Sky

If you want to deliver a coastal inspired feel to your property, Misty Sky is a pared back, almost duck egg blue shade that will add lightness, warmth and style to an exterior.

I am a huge fan of this colour, perfect for coastal properties and beyond on front doors, porch steps and even exterior furniture.

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dulux misty sky

Pure Brilliant White

White still remains one of the most popular colours of front doors in the UK.

Painting a front door in pure brilliant white delivers such a pristine and minimalist look, paired against a rendered or red brick property will really make the front door pop and stand out.

Just bear in mind that white is one of the least durable colours, and in a heavy traffic area it will naturally attract dust and debris, warranting much regular cleaning sessions than a darker colour door would require.

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dulux pure brilliant white


Opt for something a little warmer, and richer for your front door. Monarch could be described as a maroon colour with warm, red undertones.

This versatile colour is a great way to add impact and definition to your property, without going for a dark charcoal and black colour.

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dulux monarch

Hazelnut Truffle

A richer and more defining brown shade than Conker, Hazelnut Truffle is a shade that just reminds you of a decadent chocolate.

This deep, rich shade oozes sophistication and is perfect for adorning exterior fences and front doors.

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dulux hazelnut truffle


Front doors were designed to deliver a striking impact and Buckingham is a perfect pea green shade that will introduce gorgeous warmth and depth to the exterior of your property, however, and wherever you choose to use it.

If you’re opting for this green shade on your front door, pair with brassy tones for a complementary pairing that will deliver a layered and intentional look.

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dulux buckingham

Chic Shadow

Chic Shadow is one of the newest additions to the Dulux Weathershield range, and a great contender for a front door colour.

It is a perfectly well balanced mid grey shade, it’s not pale grey, nor is it dark grey. This versatile shade keeps an interior light, whilst it brings an air of warmth with it too. 

This neutral shade is highly complementary with other colours, and a popular neutral shade for front doors.

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dulux chic shadow

Indigo Shade

I have a lot of time for this gorgeous Indigo Shade, it has a bit of a lighter undertone than a true navy blue shade and it makes for the perfect exterior front door colour.

This bold yet striking shade is low maintenance too as it doesn’t show dirt and debris easily.

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dulux indigo shade

Cranberry Crunch

As far as Dulux exterior colours go, cranberry crunch certainly packs a punch! This hot and punchy deep red cranberry shade is perfect for that post box coloured front door.

Just don’t forget to pair it with a beautiful brass door knocker and letter box to give your front door the makeover it truly deserves.

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dulux cranberry crunch

Royal Berry

Royal Berry is a deep and sumptuous purple shade which could be described as an aubergine colour in context.

This fun and playful colour will deliver definition to an exterior, yet it brings depth and warmth into the equation too.

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dulux royal berry

Green Glade

My favourite, and might I add most on-trend exterior colour right now, it’s green glade.

There’s a lot to love about this tranquil and relaxing shade by Dulux. A fusion of sage green and olive green tones, Green Glade is one of the most perfect colours for a front door.

It sets the tone before you step inside, it’s not too dark, not too light, and the shade helps to create a relaxed and ambient setting.

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dulux green glade

Garden Grey

For a neutral shade that boasts versatility and brings an air of timelessness with it, a grey shade such as Garden Grey delivers a beautifully soft hue to the door, ultra chic when combined with darker hues of grey that bring a more defining accent.

In the entryway, add some gorgeous greenery or soft, white roses if you’re feeling fancy for a beautiful mix of tones.

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dulux garden grey

Almond White

If you love the neutrality that white brings to an exterior but not the maintenance that goes with it, an off-white such as Almond White is a perfect alternative.

With gorgeous almond and caramel undertones, Almond White is a warm white which delivers more depth and character than a traditional brilliant white does.

This exterior shade is a perfect choice for painting exterior render and front doors, a popular choice for cottages and modern homes.

Which of these Dulux exterior colours is your favourite?

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dulux almond white

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