How To Layout A Living Room With A TV and Fireplace

living room tv and fireplace

Trying to figure out how to layout a living room with a TV and fireplace is one of the most common conundrums when it comes to decorating a living room.

This seemingly impossible task is one that needs careful consideration and planning, but with the right know how, you can seamlessly incorporate a TV and fireplace into the same room, without it being an eyesore.

I get it. TV’s are ugly, there’s nothing visually enticing about them, but there are solutions.

In this blog post, I take a look at all the different ways you can layout a living room with a TV and fireplace, without causing a criminal interior design offence in the process.

How To Layout A Living Room With A TV And Fireplace

When deciding the layout of your living room with a TV and fireplace you need to think about where you’re likely to position your sofa and accent chairs, as this will impact where the TV needs to be placed. Having to constantly curve your back when watching the TV will soon get old. Nailing the layout needs to combine function first and foremost, and style as the latter.

The living room is the area you will spend a lot of time relaxing so it must be comfortable, and the TV should be placed as straight on as possible, as well as not being within touching distance to the sofa.

Here are some of the most popular ways to layout a living room with a TV and fireplace in situ.

Alcove Shelving With Cupboard

Older properties such as Victorian terrace houses are renown for having dead alcove space on either side of a chimney breast. These areas naturally lend themselves to having shelving and a cupboard space built in.

Not only does it add value, but it provides a perfect place to style your favourite decorations, and a natural fit for a TV.

You will be somewhat limited by size of TV, but it means that your eyes aren’t immediately drawn to the TV as you enter the room, and the TV can be adjusted as and when required to best suit your seating position in the living room.

living room alcove shelving
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TV Stand In Alcove

For us, placing a TV in the same room as a fireplace became a little bit tricker in our small, Victorian living room. We decided to build shelving and a cupboard in just one of the alcoves which we would purely use for decorative purposes.

Built out alcoves on either side can suit some living rooms, but the symmetrical look wouldn’t have looked right in such a small room, so instead, in the empty alcove we opted for an on-trend stylish rattan TV stand which positions our sofa and seating area perfectly.

This can be a great solution as it allows for the fireplace to remain the focal point of the room, and a TV stand lets you bring a little bit of extra texture and warmth into the living space.

living room tv and fireplace
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Fitted To The Wall

If you have a lot more space to place around with in a living room then getting your TV fitted to the wall, away from a fireplace is a great solution.

It creates distance from the fireplace so it remains the central focal point in the room, and fitting a TV to the wall gives you much better control on fitting it at the most desirable height for eye level viewing.

Remember to fit it on a wall that is adjacent to your sofa and seating area for the most comfortable position.

living room tv

Affix The TV Over The Fireplace

A cardinal sin has always been placing a TV above a fireplace, safety hazards aside, it suddenly becomes the main focal point of the room and the first thing you see as you step through the door.

However, there is a time and a place for putting a TV above a fireplace. Nowadays, full hd tvs and smart TVs have the ability to show artwork when not in use, and you can get frames specifically fitted around your TV so it gives the illusion of beautiful artwork hung above your fireplace.

This is the type of TV that offers the smart frame style, but many other brands also offer this functionality so it’s worth shopping around.

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tv and fireplace

Build A TV Wall

Alternatively, a modern tv wall design is a great style solution to this conundrum. In recent years there has been a huge surge in fitted TV walls. They can combine everything from your fireplace, TV to shelving units in a clean and compact way, whilst adding value to the property too.

Be mindful that you will lose some of your room when they are built as they are typically built onto frames to effectively hide the cables and wires for a streamlined look, however, for larger living rooms these work really well and they are perfect at creating an ambient and warm space.

tv wall

Should You Put A TV Above Fireplace?

For those living rooms that can’t accommodate a TV anywhere else, it is possible to position a flat screen TV above a fireplace. If you have a working fireplace beneath you should always check with the TV manufacturer and an electrician if it is safe to do so.

Opt for a smart TV and have a frame installed onto the TV, so it looks like a piece of artwork above the fireplace when not in use. This will allow your fireplace to remain the main focal point of the room as you step inside the living room.

Where Should TV Be Placed In Living Room?

You should place your TV in an area that makes sitting and watching TV in your living room a comfortable experience. Where possible it should be placed at eye level for where you’ll be seated, and at a comfortable distance to the seating area.

Consider the layout of your furniture and the size of the TV when deciding where to place it. You may want to mount the TV on the wall or place it on a stand, depending on the available space and the style of the room.

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