What Colour Works With Mussel Kitchen Units?

Kitchen trends are continually changing, whilst grey and moody blues are still favoured throughout kitchens for a versatile statement, mussel kitchen units are one of the fastest growing kitchen trends that seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

Apparently, mussel literally did just appear out of thin air, yet it’s becoming one of the most searched for kitchen unit colours. Did you know mussel was a thing (not the seafood thing?).

I digress. Neutral, minimal interiors are one of the most popular interior decor trends, and much why mussel fits in perfectly with that.

It’s a muted colour that that has long been used throughout interiors, if you’re looking for the closest colour match to Mussel, you can find it with one Farrow & Ball’s colours, Shaded White.

shaded white farrow and ball paint colour

Colours can look vastly different from one room to the next which can cause issues when trying to choose the dream colour for your kitchen. I’m sure we’ve all said the words ‘let me look at this in a different light’ (Pst, there is a scientific reason behind this, keep reading to find out).

In this article, I explore what exactly the colour Mussel is in kitchens, what colours work well with it on kitchen cabinets and how to be sure it’s the right colour for your home.

What Colour Is Mussel In Kitchens?

Mussel is a muted neutral colour which can appear as a cool greyish cream in a kitchen. A perfect complementary colour for other earthy colours.

It could also be referred to as the hottest interior buzz word of the year, Greige.

What Colour Works With Mussel Kitchen Units?

As mussel is considered an earthy neutral, there are a variety of colours that work well with mussel kitchen units. However, as it’s a light neutral, you need to be careful not to mix it with too many like colours to avoid it being washed out.

Mussel & Black

If you’re looking to achieve a modern farmhouse style kitchen, black is one of best contrasting accents for mussel kitchen units.

A black, or black marbled worktop will create a striking contrast to the mussel, yet providing an ultra stylish finish.

If black feels too daring for your kitchen you could incorporate this through gentle accents such as interior hardware details such as taps, kitchen handles and sockets and switches.

Mussel & Light Oak

If you want to be in keeping with a warm, neutral style cottage kitchen then light oak worktops are a perfect complement for mussel kitchen cabinets.

Whilst it is still considered a neutral pairing, the oak brings warmth and depth to the space as well as being highly durable and hardwearing as a countertop.

Mussel & White Marble

We don’t know how long mussel will be a trending colour, but when you position it with a classic material such as white marble the finished look is classy and timeless, so you know your brand new state of the art kitchen won’t be dated after only 6 months use.

I think this is one of my favourite colour combinations, such a clean and minimal look. Definitely opt for white walls for a fresh, striking contrast.

Mussel & White

Yes, mussel is an earthy neutral and can be paired with other earthy like colours, but you do need to be careful that the colour doesn’t end up feeling wishy washy in a kitchen. You do need a contrasting colour, and white really is the perfect colour match.

Bright white will provide the perfect foundational colour on the walls, giving the perfect backdrop for Mussel to do its thing on the kitchen cabinets. It will also help your kitchen space to feel larger, and airier.

Mussel & Sage Green

Where mussel is a greige, neutral colour, it contrasts beautifully with a darker sage green in a kitchen. You could opt for a two tonal kitchen design which incorporates two sets of colours into your kitchen cabinets.

As demonstrated here, the sage green carries the mussel, but makes a welcome pairing that sets the mussel shaker kitchen apart. It also helps to frame the kitchen island as a focal point in the room.

mussel kitchen cabinets

How To Decide If Mussel Is The Right Colour For My Kitchen?

Choosing the right colour kitchen cabinets is a big decision, and one that should not be impulsive.

Looking at the colour mussel in a kitchen showroom or online is not enough. Colours can look completely different in different lights, and during different parts of the day.

This is why there is lots of different thoughts on what mussel looks like as a colour, I’ve seen it referred to as a mushroom colour, greige, beige, cream and off white colour.

The reason colour can look completely different in different lights can be due to natural light sources, and when the lights are on, it can depend on what the CRI (colour rendering index) of the bulbs is. This is why a certain colour might look amazing in a showroom, it’s probably likely they have high CRI lighting, yet at home you may not.

The best thing to do it to always get a sample of the colour. Take it home with you, and position it in your kitchen. Look at the colour against natural light, and during different parts of the day as the light sources change. This will give you an indication as to whether mussel is a right fit for your kitchen.

Mussel is an incredibly versatile colour that I think we will be seeing in many more kitchen renovations to come. Pair it with the right colours and it can create a killer kitchen combination that is timeless and classy. What are your thoughts on mussel for kitchen cabinets?

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