What Type of Bay Window Curtains Are Best?

what bay window curtains are best

Bay windows are an excellent feature of any space, but their decoration can be difficult. Whilst architectural details provide attractive accents and enhance any room, it does creates a strange shape for the window when it comes to hanging curtains.

But with the right knowledge, bay windows can easily be decorated in curtains and blinds. If you have beautiful sash windows, or exquisite views you need to carefully think of how you want your windows to look with curtains in situ too.

What Type of Curtains Are Best For A Bay Window?

Always opt for full-length curtains for a bay window, this will help to elongate the room, whilst looking incredibly stylish. They can reduce draughts, create privacy when needed and diffuse sunlight. They will need to be fitted onto bendable curtain tracks to provide a seamless finish in a bay window.

Short curtains are a crime against interiors! They make a room look smaller than it is, and it completely stops the flow of the room.

What To Consider When Choosing Curtains?

Full-length curtains are always the best choice, but there are many other considerations that need to be made to ensure you choose the best curtains.

You need to understand what you are trying to achieve with the curtains. Is it to create total black out or just for privacy? Or perhaps you want to diffuse sunlight? Or, are they just there to hang and look good? Or all of the above?

Your answer will determine not only what fabric you need, but the lining needed too. An unlined sheer or a lined curtain is for blackout. Or indeed whether you need a double stitch, so that would require a sheer and a blackout curtain on a double track or pole.

floor length curtains

Curtain Tracks For Bay Windows

Curtain tracks from Direct Fabrics are an absolute essential when fitting bay window curtains. Without doing so you’re going to end up with a huge amount of dead space when the curtains are pulled, and it will ruin the aesthetic of a beautiful bay window.

Curtain tracks for bay windows are bendable so they can be bent into the correct shape for the bay windows. As bay windows can be so specific you do need to ensure you opt for bendable curtain tracks that can be tailor made to your own unique measurements.

It really is all in the preparation for executing bay window curtains successfully. Curtain tracks are what will make or break how they look, but fitted effectively and they will create a seamless look on your bay windows, without cutting off any space, and looking good when the curtains are pulled back too.

Pattern or Plain Bay Window Curtains?

This is a totally subjective choice. Some interior designers can nail pattern in a home look beautifully, but pattern can age very quickly unless it’s a timeless design.

I personally prefer to keep curtains plain, unless it’s a timeless pattern like a stripe. This keeps the focus on the beauty of the bay windows, and the curtains don’t become THE focal point in the room.

Instead, I prefer to bring pattern through other accessories in the room such as cushions, throws and rugs so that the curtains remain timeless, and don’t become dated by the next season.

How Else Can You Dress Bay Windows?

Floor-length curtains are not the only way you can dress bay windows. For those that prefer a more minimal look, shutter blinds are a neat, beautiful way to dress them. Or, you can opt for blinds. Venetian blinds can look just as good as shutters, but they are a more affordable option.

Then you have Roman blinds which provide the perfect cover for bay windows, whilst they add texture and character to the room. They’re well suited for more traditional, period style properties.

bay window roman blinds

Bay windows are a beautiful asset to any home, and getting the curtain coverings right will elevate them to the next level, whilst also providing their primary purpose of privacy, and blocking light. When fitting bay window curtains, ensure you have bendable curtain tracks which are measured and fitted to the right size.

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