17 Ideas For Curtains With Yellow Walls

Curtains With Yellow Walls

These 17 ideas for curtains with yellow walls make the perfect compliment without clashing with this statement colour.

Yellow in an interior isn’t for the faint hearted, but this bold and dramatic colour brings more than just a statement to a room. Yellow is commonly associated with sunshine, hope, warmth, sunshine and love, and a splash of yellow in a home is warm, inviting and gorgeous.

With it being a bold colour you do need to be more selective with the colours you pair it with, so, let’s take a look at 17 different ideas for curtains with yellow walls which will deliver a cohesive, beautiful contrast in your interior.

Do Yellow Curtains Go With Yellow Walls?

Yellow curtains can be paired with yellow walls, but ensure you go for a differing shade to avoid a wall with a block of colour as the result will be a boring, uninspiring space. A better solution is to incorporate patterned curtains which include the colour yellow, this keeps them tonally in line with the yellow walls without it being overbearing in the room.

15 of The Best Ideas For Curtains With Yellow Walls

1. Grey Texture Curtains

Yellow is a daring colour for an interior, so you might want to balance the execution of the colour with a cool neutral like grey.

These pleated grey curtains offer formality and clean lines for an interior. Go for a pale to mid or dark grey, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. You can’t go wrong with a mid-grey like this as the yellow will soften the grey, whilst the curtains add a defining point to the room.

2. Bumblebee Yellow Curtains

This whimsical bumblebee design is perfect for darker, bolder yellow walls. The curtains still feature soft undertones of yellow, with a charming bumblebee pattern all over.

The pleat in the curtains adds a bit of formality to them, pair with a black curtain pole for a more defining accent against the walls.

3. Natural Pleat Curtains

Keep the yellow walls pared back with a pair of neutral pleat curtains like this oatmeal shade. Perfect if you want to have a statement yellow wall, but keep the rest of the room relatively neutral, this would work well with differing shades of yellow from bright yellow walls to softer shades.

4. Floral Patterned Curtains

For a maximalist interior look no further. Maximalism is all about texture, pattern and bold colours that make a statement, and perhaps that is the route you’re heading down .

This type of patterned curtains are the perfect way to balance a yellow wall, it features navy blue as the main colour which is highly complementary to yellow with the most charming bold floral pattern all over. The pleats adds that extra formality to the curtains.

A floral pattern is a winner against yellow, it keeps things engaged, visual and breaks up the monotony of block colours. Patterned curtains really do add visual identity and fun to an interior, if executed correctly.

5. Voile Curtains

I have a lot of love for voile curtains. They allow gorgeous levels of natural light to continue flowing into a room whilst they still provide a level of privacy. This is a great choice for living rooms and bedrooms.

Voile curtains comes in all sorts of different block colours, white is a great, no-nonsense choice for pairing with a yellow wall. It doesn’t detract from the statement wall, but it does dilute this colour somewhat, creating a relaxed and casual feel to a room.

Voile or sheer curtains are one of the most inexpensive types of curtains too, so great if you want them as a temporary solution too.

6. Navy Blue Curtains

Navy Blue is a regal pairing for a yellow wall. A bold contrast that exudes elegance, whilst it adds a defining accent to the room.

Every room can benefit from a defining accent to help ground the colour scheme. Opt for a long drop with your navy blue curtains to elongate the room. This is just one of the reasons why curtains should touch the floor – of course, there are exceptions to this rule including bathrooms and small, quirky window sizes that need to be dressed.

7. Relaxed White Curtains

Introducing relaxed white curtains to yellow walls can help to create a relaxed, yet ultra stylish interior. Perfect for a coastal inspired theme, modern or contemporary look.

I love the feel that relaxed, floor length curtains like this achieve in a space. They give that floaty feel that will create a light and airy aesthetic.

Introduce other colours throughout the room with more statement colours.

8. Checked Pleat Curtains

Yellow may feel like it goes with barely any colours, but it’s funnily enough a really versatile colour in an interior, when paired with the right colours.

This checked pleat is an absolutely beautiful style of curtain that pairs so well with yellow walls. This brown almost earthy green shade of colours is the perfect contrast. It provides a defining accent whilst it can add a modern rustic feel to a room when paired with a slim black curtain pole. Beautiful.

9. Black Curtains

Creating a modern interior? It may feel a little daring at first, but black curtains are highly complementary with yellow, from pale to mid and darker shades.

Not only does it offer a defining accent to the room, but they provide great blackout curtains. A perfect solution for most rooms in the home including bedrooms and living rooms.

10. Yellow Patterned Curtains

Tonally style the space by introducing yellow patterned colours. You can still tie the colour palette together this way, as well as bringing in additional colours through the pattern for more variety and visual interest.

I personally think that patterned curtains are one of the best ways to work with a stand out yellow wall. It’s maximalist to the max, and these Orla Kiely curtains are stylish, eye catching and bring a modern twist with them too.

11. Beige Curtains

White and cream are two no-nonsense options for a yellow interior. Beige or cream provides a less stark contrast and some cream shades tend to have yellow undertones anyway so it makes a good tonal pairing.

I love these thicker style type of curtains, they bring warmth to the room whilst their structure is formal, and beautiful in a space.

12. Blush Pink Curtains

If in doubt, there’s always pink! A blush pink shade of curtains looks sensational with a yellow wall, whether it’s more your candy coloured shade of yellow or a more bolder shade.

Always opt for floor length pink curtains, and you can incorporate some with a pleat which will add formality and structure to the space whilst breaking up the monotony of block colours too.

13. Green Velvet Curtains

Green velvet curtains add an absolutely sumptuous, elegant look to an interior. I adore the richness this brings whilst it adds depth and character to a space.

This emerald green velvet shade looks sensational against yellow walls.

14. Teal Curtains

Not a fan of navy blue? Teal curtains are another great complementary shade for yellow walls, it keeps things less defined and neutral but they add lovely warmth to a room.

Perfect if you’re wanting to created a laid back, coastal inspired room.

15. Brown Curtains

Yes, yellow and brown really do make a great colour pairing together! Opt for a dark brown as opposed to a pale brown shade to keep the room well defined.

Pleated curtains will add formality and structure to the space, but you could consider a more laid back style too.

16. Striped Curtains

Adding stripes to an interior is one of the best ways to elongate the length of the walls, whilst also splitting up that monotony of block colours.

These striped curtains are perfect for yellow walls. The monochromatic style keeps the room well defined, whilst the tassel detail adds fun, visual interest. This would look beautiful in a nursery with sunny yellow walls.

tassel curtains
Lana Monochrome Tassel Voile Panel

17. Green Patterned Curtains

Green really is a great pairing for yellow walls, and this green leaf patterned pair of curtains adds a fresh and fun impact on your interior design.

This style of curtains are perfect for tropical, coastal and maximalist inspired interiors. Shop around for your favourite pattern. I’d try and feature the same colour green in the rest of your interiors for a cohesive pull.

Do Gray Curtains Go With Yellow Walls?

Absolutely. Gray is a perfect pairing for yellow walls, it’s a baseline neutral that will balance the boldness of yellow, whilst it provides a different neutral contrast to the likes of white and beige curtains. Pair with charcoal grey curtains for a more defining accent, or opt for a paler grey to keep things light and airy in the space.

What Colours Go Well With Yellow Walls?

Yellow walls are not a hindrance in an interior, they can meld beautifully with a range of different colours and patterns to achieve a creative, fun and casual look, where required. They can be paired with bolder colours including navy blue, hot pink and black, to a more neutral scheme including white, cream and brown. Try working pattern into the room too to break up the monotony of the block colour.

There are so many different options for curtains with yellow walls that will help to create a beautiful interior to suit your tastes and needs. Which style of curtains is your favourite? Have I missed any other alternatives?

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