7 Easy How-To Christmas Napkin Fold Ideas To Elevate Your Table

Christmas napkin fold ideas
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If you want to bring the A-game to your Christmas table setting this year, one of the best ways to instantly spruce up your table is with an expertly folded napkin.

The best bit? It’s affordable and easy for anyone to have a go it. Here are 7 of the best Christmas napkin fold ideas for 2023, and step by step tips on how you can recreate it yourself for the festive period ahead.

7 Easy How-To Christmas Napkin Fold Ideas To Elevate Your Table

Whether you want to opt for the traditional and enduringly popular Christmas tree napkin fold or have a go at crafting something a little bit different to go with your table setting this year, these 7 ideas are sure to inspire your table for the festive season!

Christmas napkin fold ideas

1.Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

This is by far the most popular sought after how-to for napkin folding online.

This classic style speaks for itself and is perfect for adding to any table setting for an instant festive feel.

Go one step further by adding a cinnamon stick to the base and a star anise to finish off the tree.

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bow napkin fold

2. Beautiful Bows Napkin Fold

This is one of my favourite napkin folds, and this could be used throughout the festive period and for New Year celebrations too.

All you need is a linen napkin and a gorgeous table ring to ground the design. You can’t go wrong with a classic red or green colour, but it can work with any colour scheme you have in mind.

3. Christmas Present Napkin Fold

The present napkin fold is slightly more understated but perfect for adding a simplistic yet beautiful touch to your Christmas table setting.

As it creates a pocket in the napkin, this is perfect for placing either a Christmas table favour or cutlery. Simply grab some twine or beautiful ribbon to tie the napkin together like a present.

4. Christmas Cracker Napkin Fold

I absolutely adore this napkin fold, and whilst it’s actually called a ‘candy roll’, it looks like an English Christmas cracker and creates a beautiful addition to your table setting.

Want to give this one a go? Follow this step by step Youtube tutorial.

Christmas cracker napkin fold
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5. Leaf Napkin Fold

Although this is traditionally a Thanksgiving style napkin fold, it’s such a beautiful fold that could be used for a Christmas table setting display too.

Opt for a rich colour for your linen napkin and a gorgeous brass napkin ring to complete the look. Follow this Youtube tutorial to get the look.

leaf napkin fold

6. Stand Up Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

If you love the traditional Christmas tree napkin fold but want something a little bit more unique, this stand up Christmas tree fold creates more of a decorative element on the table and is a lot of fun to make for your guests.

This style of fold works best with ironed, stiff cotton napkins, traditional linen napkins that are often thin and flimsy will not work here. Follow this video tutorial to get the look.

Christmas Dinner Tablesetting Ideas 1
Image credit: Sand & Sisal

7. Elf Hat Napkin Fold

How cute is this elf hat napkin fold? Again, you’re going to need some stiff, ironed cotton napkins to be able to recreate this look.

Go one step further and finish the look by attaching a red pom pom to the top of the hat. These add such a fun and festive addition to a table setting that your friends and family will love.

Which of these Christmas napkin folds will you be trying this year?

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