Top 5 Dorm Room Hacks: Transforming a Student’s Living Space into a Cozy Haven

dorm room hacks

Only a few people realise that the creation of a safe learning space is actually one of the major reasons why students achieve academic success.

When you don’t feel comfortable and have to fight the chaos or the constant necessity to look for a phone charging cable or lecture notes, it can easily irritate you and make every learning objective a difficult challenge.

Luckily, it is possible to implement certain dorm room hacks to help you transform your living space into a cozy haven without costing a fortune. Think about checking one of them first, and things will catch up! 

Top 5 Dorm Room Hacks: Transforming a Student’s Living Space into a Cozy Haven

1.The Use of Mind Maps 

One of the most important aspects of making your living space cozy as a student is to ensure that you decrease those high-stress levels.

It is only possible if you focus on creating visual alerts, either with the help of mobile apps or by using mind maps (drawing a tree with branches, for example). Of course, when you are stuck with homework duties, it is safe to consider research papers from academized as a great solution even for urgent tasks. Just remember to set yourself alerts so you can avoid running into trouble! 

2. Adding Boxes Under The Desk

This is what will help you to get rid of the usual mess in the room and quickly find those cables, chargers, or paper clip notes as soon as you need them.

Adding wooden or plastic boxes under your desk will help you sort things and ensure that your valuable cables do not just remain under the desk but are always where they have to be. It allows you to avoid traumas and small accidents when your space is limited!

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3. Creation of a Leisure Zone

If we talk about comfort, you have to think of the creation of a small zone where you can relax and have some fun.

Think about a comfortable sofa or inflatable chairs that can help you invite friends over and watch a movie or just have a nice talk.

If you play a musical instrument, invest in a good stand and dedicate a small zone where your precious belongings won’t be knocked over! 

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4. Laundry Box Matters

One of the best things in addition to sliced bread and coffee machines is the presence of student laundry boxes that have wheels and carrying straps. This way, you can carry it along and move around the room freely.

When you are on campus, it can be a true life-changer as you can pack it and carry it to the laundry room! It will also help to avoid the clothes mess in your room and ensure that you do the laundry on time. 

5. Blackout Curtains

The majority of blinds that you will find on campus are of no help when you want to take a quick nap in the middle of the day or just rest before the exams.

If you prefer to sleep in a room that is pitch black, this is a true life-saver and a good investment for any college student. 

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The More Light You Add, The Better 

College students often ignore this aspect because they think having a small lamp or trying to cope with the laptop’s light should be enough. Without a doubt, when there is no daylight coming through the windows of your room, it is hard to learn.

When the light in the room becomes insufficient, one quickly feels exhausted as the fatigue kicks in. The trick is to add smart LED strips around your desk and on the wall to add more light.

It might seem insignificant at first, but you decrease the eye strain problem and feel cozy, as you can listen to music and adjust things right from your phone or any other mobile device. 


Brandon Metcalfe is an educator with a passion for creative design and writing. He loves to write and explore different ways to make student life fun and meaningful. Follow Brandon to keep things inspiring and bring comfort to your life. 

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