Planter And Lamp: The Latest Technology For The Home

planter and lamp

Technological advancements are driving the interior decoration space to new heights.

With environmental consciousness holding a soft spot in urban home decor, Biophilic designs are a transformative approach that rejuvenates interior spaces by reconnecting with nature with a blend of innovative technology. The magical touch of science combined with sustainable efforts gives rise to impeccable decor that adorns your home.

We all know how beneficial adding plants to our homes can be, from air purifying qualities to even being a booster for metal health.

So, let’s have a look a closer look at how adding natural elements such as plants can elevate the overall aesthetics of your home, whilst bringing up to date technology along with them that won’t stand out in your space like a sore thumb…

Technology That Brings More Life To Home Decor

1.Connecting With Nature In True Sense

Remember how everyone keeps motivating you to stay in touch with nature? Companies like Bioo Lux brought this thought to life with a real lamp acting as a flower pot. The perfect blend of technology and nature.

The best part is that you can switch it on by touching the plant (acting like a biological switch). This activates the lamp that imparts a soft and warm light throughout the room.

This amplifies your well-being and ensures a lovely time when planning to dine with family and friends or if you fancy some reading.

biolux plant

2. Serenity In Chaos

Thanks to modern lifestyle, a lion’s share of our time is spent indoors.

In such a hustle and bustle environment, having a safe haven to embrace natural resources and recharge using immersive technologies is a remarkable ideation. It helps you find moments of serenity and tranquility.

Be it flowing water, integrating natural light, or using organic materials, you will love the instant touch of calmness that promotes your mental health.

Now, if you work from home, positioning your desk or working space by a window which has access to lots of natural light will pay dividends over time.

Natural light have been proven to help boost mood and productivity, an absolute must if you do spend most of your day at home and aren’t commuting to an office.

natural light office

3. Empower Physical And Emotional Health

Your health is intrinsically linked to your surrounding environment.

It is more than crucial to decorate this space by keeping in mind your profound connection to nature. For that, you can foster spaces with Plants that help in improving both air quality and evoke a stress-free zone that helps in soothing the mind and enhancing the overall vitality.

Now, if keeping plants alive isn’t your forte, there are plenty of houseplants worth getting to know that are low maintenance and can practically survive a drought, if needs be. Some of the best plants for a low maintenance life include snake plants, succulents, bamboo plants, peace lily and succulents.

Fake definitely isn’t best when it comes to plants and interior decoration as you won’t benefit from them in the same way as real plants.

house plants

4. Boost Productivity And Ignite Creativity

Today, the greatest prized possession is creativity, and when you have such high-end plantar technology stimulating your mind, the results are pretty amazing.

Plants don’t just add a pop of color but also amplify your home’s ambience. Your home becomes a superb place where your focus gets stimulated and problem-solving skills advance to the next level. 

But, how exactly can plants boost productivity? Well, there are a number things that happen as a result of having houseplants which can trigger productivity and a clear mind.

Plants help to purify the air, whilst cleaner air leads to better overall health and reduced sickness related absences. The presence of plants has also shown to reduce stress and anxiety levels, and with that, it can lead to improved concentration, decision making and overall wellbeing.

And, being surrounded by greenery can help to boost your mood too. It’s pretty incredible how much the natural world can influence and help us on the inside too.

house plants 2

The Bright Future of Interior Design

The future belongs to the use of technological advancements that enrich lives with better health and create a sustainable impact on nature.

This idea of innovative and sustainable decor holds a promising future in the upcoming years. With people becoming closer to nature, it is time to opt for companies that truly resonate with this notion.

You can even check out the limited-edition lamp by Bioo Lux that incorporates this sensational technology, which switches a planter on when you touch it.

So, go for companies that redefine interior design and be a part of the lateral shift towards reconnecting with Mother Nature. Sustainability is going to become even more of a driving force behind our interiors as the years go by.

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