9 Reasons Your Garden Needs A Garden Igloo Dome

garden igloo dome

The transparent garden igloo dome trend has been sweeping the world over the last few years. You may have spotted them in high-end restaurants to intimate settings in gardens.

The versatility they bring is perhaps one of their biggest advantages, from a sheltered space that can be enjoyed from winter through to summer, and an extension of your home that can be used for a myriad of purposes.

If you need any more persuasion, here are 9 reasons why your outdoor space needs a garden igloo dome…

What Are Hypedomes?

Hypedomes are hemispherical garden domes, also known as garden pods or, igloos, outdoor pods, outdoor domes, or geodesic domes

This exceptional structure seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, effectively converting any outdoor space into an inviting additional room. 

Embracing the elements, it offers a distinctive sanctuary that allows you to relish the great outdoors throughout the year.

The versatility of the Hypedome knows no bounds. It caters to various desires and needs, serving as a sheltered oasis for spending quality time outdoors, a garden lounge for relaxation, a dining room to welcome and entertain guests, a tranquil yoga den for personal serenity, a dedicated office space for enhanced productivity, or even an open-air bedroom for a unique sleeping experience. 

No matter the application, the Hypedome garden dome emerges as the perfect choice, elevating your outdoor living in every way imaginable.

garden igloo dome

9 Reasons Your Garden Needs A Garden Igloo Dome

1. All Year Round Use

That’s right, outdoor spaces with a garden igloo dome can be used from winter through to summer. 

Even when the weather is poor at the height of summer, your outdoor space can finally be used for your enjoyment, without the weather putting a stop to your plans.

Hypedomes are easy to heat in the winter and they are a perfect shelter from wind and rain during harsh weather conditions. 

Just imagine the rain hitting the dome in the winter, with a cosy throw, a good book and a mug of hot chocolate in hand, dreamy!

2. Improved Well-being

Hypedome offers an extraordinary opportunity to embrace an additional space entirely dedicated to your well-being. 

Step inside, and leave all your worries behind as you immerse yourself in a world of tranquillity and self-focus. 

This innovative dome is designed to elevate your quality of life, creating a sanctuary where you can customise the experience to suit your unique needs. 

By fostering an environment that prioritises well-being, Hypedome becomes a space that rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul.

garden igloo dome

3. Durability

Hypedome has a durable and sturdy structure. As you’d imagine, they’re made of pretty tough stuff to contend with the external elements.

They can withstand all kinds of unfavourable weather conditions, including torrential rains, violent winds, snowfall and long-term sun exposure. 

They’re made of solid polycarbonate and designed in a way that the panels overlap each other like a fish scale. 

You can sit back and relax in the winter knowing that these domes are weather, and wind resistant. 

4. Beautiful Design

Garden igloo domes blur the lines between indoors and outdoors, they can be seen as an extension of your home and they bring a distinctive and stunning focal point to any garden.

Hypedome is available in three different sizes and in a range of styles to suit your personal home decor scheme. 

They even have a ‘Mirror’ style which offers complete seclusion, perfectly blended with the surroundings. I love the contemporary, new age feel of this design.

garden igloo dome

5. Multi-purpose Space

Versatility is one of the main selling points of garden igloo domes. 

They become an extension of your home and they can be used for a whole host of purposes/additional rooms in your home. 

Here are some of the most popular uses of garden igloo domes;

  • Conservatory
  • Hobby room
  • Orangery
  • All-weather garden lounge
  • Year-round sunroom
  • Patio enclosure
  • Yoga pod
  • Home office
  • Meditation space
  • Party pod
  • Kids playroom
  • Reading nook
garden igloo dome
Hypedome S Clear

6. No Planning Permission Required

A Hypedome allows you to gain that extra space, essentially a whole new room without the costly and timely demands that come with getting planning permission for extending a house.

Plus, you don’t have to carry the cost of any expensive labour work…

7. Easy To Assemble

Hypedomes are ready DIY kits that you can easily assemble with a friendly step-by-step manual, instructional video & assembly tools provided. 

They can also be built on any type of surface as it is geared up to be set up on grass, decking, concrete and stone, a much more versatile option than the likes of pergolas.

8. Long Lifespan

Thanks to the durability of Hypedome and its construction, their expected lifespan is 15+ years and they can be fully recycled too.

Plus, any outdoor furniture within the garden igloo dome will stay protected from the weather throughout the seasons, improving the lifespan of that also.

9. A Good Excuse For A Gathering!

A Hypedome is perfect for any type of gathering, rain or shine! 

Whether it’s a baby shower, a summer BBQ or a toast to bring in the new year, Hypedome is just the perfect place for creating cosy and intimate moments without the stress of having to worry about the weather.

I mean, imagine watching the fireworks to bring in the new year from the cosy confines of the pod? Count me in!

garden igloo dome

Are Outdoor Domes Warm?

Their durable structure provides shelter from the elements. However, Hypedome also offers a range of add-ons to include insulation, ventilation, lighting, flooring and privacy products so you can turn it into an insulated, all-year-round space.

Hypedome provides one of the most versatile, durable and aesthetically pleasing structures to an outdoor space, plus you can use it your way, whether it’s for a morning meditation class or a cosy reading nook in the winter. 

Would you consider adding a garden igloo dome to your garden? How would you use yours?

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