How a home lift is the ultimate improvement for your home

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Ever considered adding a home lift to your property? We’re not talking about those big, industrial aluminium lifts you get in a parking lot. But something that will add value, and serious style stakes to your home.

Interested in learning more about home lifts, but not sure where to start?

In this article, we’re going to take a look at home lifts, their benefits and why they really are the ultimate improvement for your home.

What Are The Benefits of Installing A Home Lift?


One of the primary, and obvious benefits of installing Domestic Lifts is the accessibility for those with mobility impairments or injuries.

Home lifts can be a smart, and stylish addition to a home, whereas stair lifts encroach into your space and are generally a less desirable thing to use.

With a variety of Platform Lifts and sizes you can find the right one to suit your space, whilst lifts can be accessible with wheelchairs too, depending on the measurements you choose.

Property Value

A home lift is considered a luxury feature, offering full accessibility and convenience, making it more desirable to potential buyers.

The additional accessibility can be seen as a selling point for some buyers, especially those that require a lift for mobility.

It can also be an indicator of a well-maintained property, which can be attractive to buyers, adding instant value to the property.


Being able to get to the floor of your choice in your home at the touch of a button brings convenience and ease to your lifestyle. Home lifts are a great solution if you have two or more floors in your home.

Fed up of carrying your groceries, furniture, prams and children up flights of stairs? It makes everything easier, from cleaning to running stuff from the ground floor and up, to checking on your children at night.

A home lift can take the weight for you, giving you freedom,, and bringing a time saving aspect into your life.

Up The Style Stakes

We’re not talking about those ghastly aluminium lifts with mirrors inside that make you feel claustrophobic.

Home lifts can be specifically designed to suit the needs, and taste of your home. With a variety of design concepts and finish combinations to choose from, you can add a lift to your home that actually becomes part of the home decor look. Whilst bringing accessibility and convenience into your life too.

Fact in point. I mean, home lifts are an art feature when they look like this! At Cibes UK, their home lifts are designed to adapt to your space, based on Scandinavian design, and suitable for use anywhere in your home.

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The Cost of Installing A Home Lift

The costs involved in installing a home lift can vary depending on where you’re installing the lift, the spec, size and finishes that you select for your lift.

It can also be dependent on the amount of construction work required to install the lift, labour costs and refurbishment (making the area good once installed).

On average, a basic home lift can cost anywhere between £15,000 to £30,000, while a more advanced, custom-designed lift can cost upwards of £50,000 or more.

Do You Need Planning Permission For A Home Lift?

Depending on the specific circumstances of the installation, you may need planning permission for installing a home lift.

Factors that may affect whether planning permission is required include the type of lift, the location of the installation, and the size of the lift. Always seek professional advice before you start installation.

Even if planning permission isn’t required, you will still need sign off from building regulation to ensure that the lift installation is safe, and complies with the Building Code and any other relevant regulations.

A home lift really is the ultimate improvement for your home, if you have a young family, it future proofs your home, brings added convenience and it can become a central focal point of your room, wherever you choose to locate it. What do you think about home lifts?

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