5 Most Exotic Flowers Around The World

exotic flowers

Exotic flowers are something we rarely see in gardens in the UK, or shelves in a flower shop, but they can bring a completely new aesthetic to an interior…

Fortunately, there is a huge variety of exotic species that are not particularly delicate, and nowadays ordering flowers online in London is easier than ever.

Although you may need to pay a bit more attention to exotic flowers, their look and fragrance are definitely worth the additional maintenance.

Looking for something a bit unusual? Let’s take a look at these 5 exotic flowers can be kept as houseplants or make part of a beautiful bouquet.


Anthurium, also known as the flamingo flower, is very popular both as potted plants and in a cut form. This trendy plant attracts every eye with its extravagant flower, shape, and colour.

Over time, more than 1000 species of the flamingo flower have been developed, naturally or by man.

This exotic flower comes to us from the tropical rainforests, Central and South America. But one place in the world is particularly popular and famous for the flamingo flowers – the Caribbean.

In the past, the flamingo flower was rather hated in terms of indoor plant selection, because at that time this extravagant beauty was considered ugly and even vulgar.

However, like everything in life, opinions change. Especially in the age of social media platforms, flamingo flowers became increasingly popular.

Not only is it pleasing to look at, but it also looks great in pictures, and in no time at all it was hitting the gram…

As a houseplant, anthurium can reach a height from 15 to 40 inches, and a width of up to 25 inches. The plant grows rather upright with dense leaves around the colourful part. The stems of the plant are a light green colour and are rather on the thin side, so be careful with these, because they can easily be broken.

2. Protea

Protea is perhaps the most unusual flower in the world…

When you see it for the first time, you don’t even immediately understand if it is a flower or a fruit in front of you.

This African plant is especially popular with florists because with such a unique inflorescence any composition becomes something out of this world. More often in bouquets, protea serves as a compositional center, around which other floral elements are built.

Protea is the national symbol of the Republic of South Africa. In the 19th century, kings grew them in the garden, and barely anyone could actually buy them. Now the situation has changed and almost anyone can buy protea flower (if they manage to find it). Bouquets with protea are usually given to creative people and connoisseurs of culture.

3. Amaryllis

Without a doubt, Amaryllis is an odd flower, because even in winter it proudly carries huge flower funnels on strong flower shafts, which push up from fist-sized bulbs.

Usually, this easy-care plant shines in red and is not very picky about the overall conditions. Nowadays, amaryllis is kept as houseplants, they can overwinter indoors and with proper care will bloom profusely again the next year.

One important thing about amaryllis – it is poisonous. In South Africa, locals used its deadly juices as an arrow poison. Modern amaryllis, which is popular as houseplants, are also slightly poisonous, but the toxin is mainly in the bulb.

The red, pink, white, or striped flower stars of the amaryllis, which can grow up to 5 inches tall, are perched on stems up to 25 inches high. Unusual and still quite rare are yellow amaryllis.

4. Bird of Paradise

The bird of paradise flower is the best-known member of the Strelitzia family and is valued worldwide as an exotic cut flower.

Native to the Cape region of South Africa, this majestic beauty is also known as the King Strelitzia, a literal translation of its Latin botanical name. However, it also grows in the Canary Islands and Madeira. What few people know, this flower can also be cultivated as a houseplant in a tub or in the winter garden.

When it comes to the flowers, it quickly becomes apparent how the bird of paradise got its name. Flowers are made up of green, bright blue, and/or red bracts, from which six orange petals rise like a rooster’s comb. With their colouring and unusual shape, they are indeed reminiscent of a bird. The sturdy stem, on which the magnificent flowers are found, also fits perfectly in a vase.

5. Lotus

If you are into yoga, you have probably seen the lotus flower as a symbol at one time or another. It looks beautiful, but it also has many meanings in yoga and spirituality.

In Buddhism, it is the symbol of purity of heart, faithfulness, creativity, and enlightenment. You may also have heard the term “flower of life.” In fact, Buddhist belief sees the lotus flower as Buddha’s birthplace. Love, life, and rebirth are also among the long list of meanings attributed to this majestic flower.

Basically, there are two types, the Indian lotus, and the American lotus. The original sacred flower, the white Indian lotus flower, probably has the greatest symbolic significance. It represents spiritual purity, which is found in pure divinity. In other words, the white lotus flower, also called pundrika, symbolizes spiritual perfection and is associated in Buddhism with the enlightened Buddha.

There is also the blue lotus (Utpala). Lotus flowers in this colour embody constancy, endurance, and wisdom, meaning that the person can control one’s senses. Here, too, there is a connection to yoga; after all, it is precisely this control of one’s own perception that is a central aspect of meditation.

The red lotus, Kamala, also has a special meaning. It stands for innocence, love and passion, compassion, and a pure heart. In addition, lotus flowers exist in the colours yellow, purple, and pink.


  • What is the Rarest Most Beautiful Flower?

Middlemist’s Red is the rarest flower as it can be found only in two places in the world. The first is in London and the second is in New Zealand.

  • What is the Most Popular Bouquet of Flowers?

A big bouquet of roses has long become a classic and the rose is the most popular flower in the world.

  • What Flower Last the Longest in a Bouquet?

It would be chrysanthemums, as they can last up to 3 weeks.

  • What is the #1 Most Sold Cut Flower?

The popularity of flowers is not constant. Even though roses are the most popular flower of all time, in 2022 tulips became the most-sold cut flower.

  • What is trending in flower arrangements?

Since Viva Magenta has been declared the colour of the year, in 2023, palettes of deep, rich pink hues will take the floral industry by storm.

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