11 Great Home Renovation Youtube Channels To Follow

home renovation YouTube channels

Home renovation YouTube channels are all the rage right now; for a good reason, it can be satisfying, cost-effective, and creative.

With so many home renovation projects and resources available today, homeowners have a wealth of options at their disposal.

One such resource is YouTube – countless channels are dedicated to home renovation and improvement! 

Home Renovation and Improvement YouTube Channels 

With the rise of popular home improvement channels, it’s no surprise that many turn to YouTube for inspiration on their home renovation projects.

Whether you’re looking for ideas on tackling a primary remodelling job or want tips on minor DIY fixes and repairs, these great YouTube channels have you covered. 

From complete room makeovers and kitchen upgrades to smaller projects like painting walls and tile floors, these channels showcase a variety of helpful tutorials, product reviews, and more.

From well-known industry experts to lesser-known DIY enthusiasts, here are 11 significant home renovation and home renovation YouTube channels you should follow.

1.Home Made New

Home Made New has become a popular channel thanks to the rise of DIY YouTubers. This channel has videos covering all aspects of home improvements, from room and furniture makeovers to kitchen remodeling projects.

On this channel, viewers can learn about different decorating techniques or how to complete a DIY project from start to finish.

homemade new YouTube

2. Sawdust Sisters

The second in the list of home renovation YouTube channels is called “Sawdust Sisters.” This channel teaches viewers how to create custom furniture pieces from salvaged wood or other materials.

sawdust sisters home renovation YouTube

3. Welcome To The Woods

DIY expert Melissa Woods created this channel and is a self taught carpenter.  This channel offers step-by-step tutorials on tackling small and large projects around the house, such as kitchen updates, bathroom remodels, ceiling makeovers, DIY shelves, and much more!

With easy-to-follow instructions in each video, it’s never been easier to take on a project yourself.

welcome to the woods YouTube

4. Home RenoVision DIY

What is the most popular DIY channel on YouTube? Home RenoVision is the answer. This channel has amassed an impressive number of subscribers who tune in regularly for its content.

With an abundance of videos that range from beginner-friendly projects like installing wallpaper and tiling kitchen backsplashes to more advanced renovations like building walk-in closets, this channel has something for everyone.

home renovation diy

5. Home Depot’s

This home renovation YouTube channel features helpful how-to videos featuring their team of experts covering topics such as painting basics, installing kitchen cabinets, and upgrading bathroom products, as well as designer tips from experts in the field.

They highlight some of their most popular products and show viewers how to make their customized creations easily. 

Home Depot YouTube

6. Paint Life TV

When asked, “What are the best YouTube channel ideas?”, Paint Life TV would be among the top contenders. With over one million subscribers, Paint Life TV offers a wealth of knowledge regarding home improvement projects.

The channel also features interviews with professionals in the field so viewers can gain insight into various techniques used by experts. 

paint life tv

7. Home Repair Tutor

With over 1 million subscribers, this channel offers a variety of topics ranging from basic DIY jobs like repairing a door hinge or fixing drywall cracks to more complex tasks like installing bathroom fixtures or wiring electrical outlets.

There’s something for everyone here, no matter your skill level or budget constraints.

home repair tutor

8. I Like To Make Stuff 

This channel is hosted by Bob Clagett, who has been making videos since 2009. Known for his down-to-earth style and detailed explanations of his tools, Bob covers everything from basic woodworking to advanced robotics projects.

His channel also features helpful tutorials, reviews, and inspiring builds to help you get started on your projects.

I like to make stuff YouTube

9. HGTV Handmade

When asked, “Which is the fastest growing channel on YouTube?” the answer is HGTV Handmade. With over 3 million subscribers, this channel provides plenty of helpful tutorials and how-to’s on everything from kitchen remodeling and outdoor decorating to painting techniques and budget-friendly projects.

Its easy-to-follow style makes it the perfect place for anyone who wants to try out some new DIY projects without getting overwhelmed by too much detail or terminology.

hgtv handmade

10. HomeMadeModern

HomeMadeModern by Ben Uyeda is one of the platform’s most popular home-improvement YouTube channels, with over 3 million subscribers at the time of writing this article.

This channel offers creative ideas for do-it-yourself projects using recycled materials whenever possible. From furniture building tutorials to outdoor decor ideas, Ben’s videos provide step-by-step instructions and clever tips and tricks for tackling various tasks around the house

homemademodern YouTube

11. Sleek-Chic Interiors

Of course, I have to throw a wildcard home renovation YouTube channel in there which is my own! I mostly share shorts from our current Victorian terrace house renovation from a bathroom remodel to a dark narrow hallway transformation.

Keep your eyes peeled for much more coming soon…

sleek-chic interiors youtube

Whether it’s tips for tackling DIY projects or advice on how to hire contractors, these 11 home renovation YouTube channels have plenty of great information to offer. So, if you’re ready to renovate your home, check out these incredible resources!

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