What Colours Go With Denim Drift Dulux?

denim drift dulux

Denim Drift Dulux exudes warmth and depth in an interior, a perfect shade for an inviting living room, bedroom, or hallway.

Opting for a warm shade is perfect for lifting a space, even in rooms with no natural light as there isn’t any light to bounce around the room.

Thinking of adding it your your colour scheme? Let’s take a look at Denim Drift Dulux and what colours pair beautifully with this shade.

Is Denim Drift Blue or Grey?

Denim Drift has blue undertones, but it can appear both blue or grey depending on the light. Pairing it with similar colours will also bring that respective colour out in the shade.

Always get a tester pot and paint a patch in the chosen room so you can see how the colour looks at different times during the day, natural and artificial light will have an impact on how the shade looks in the space.

Is Denim Drift A Warm Colour?

Denim Drift has warm blue undertones, paired with other blue shades and it will bring warmth and depth to the space. Pairing it with grey colours will bring out the grey tones which can make Denim Drift feel like a cooler colour in a room.

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denim drift

What Colours Go With Denim Drift Dulux?

Tonal Combinations

Denim Drift has warm blue undertones which means it pairs well with other tonal combinations.

Both Breton Blue and First Dawn are beautiful, yellow tones shades that work in harmony with Denim Drift. These colours could be incorporated into a room with zonal sections, painted furniture, or they could be the subject in another room. Breton Blue provides a great defining accent in a room.

denim drift dulux

Neutral Combinations

As it’s such a highly versatile neutral colour, it also goes well with other neutral shades including Sapphire Splendour and Misty Mirror.

These colour combinations are perfect for a minimal or modern style decor scheme. Misty Mirror is a beautiful pale grey shade whilst Sapphire Splendour helps to ground it and define the space. This shade could work effectively on doors, skirting and architraves to add definition to the room.

denim drift dulux

Designer’s Choice Combinations

Whilst I personally think neutrals and tonal colours are the best pairings for Denim Drift, Dulux recommend a couple of daring orange shades as a match.

Moroccan Flame is a sunburst orange, adding vivacity and warmth to a room, whilst Apricot Crush is a much softer, almost peach shade. A great colour if you want to create a coastal inspired room.

denim drift dulux

Denim Drift & Black

If you’re creating a modern looking interior decor scheme, incorporating black is a perfect choice. A black accent is a defining characteristic of modern design, and it provides a defining and grounding accent against the neutrality of Denim Drift.

Black should be used sparingly with interior hardware details such as door handles, small pieces of furniture like console tables or side tables, and as an accent on decor accessories such as prints.

Denim Drift & White

An off-white is a great pairing for Denim Drift because it’s on the same neutral spectrum, however, if you want to really lift things and provide a stark contrast, bright white is a great choice.

If you’re using Denim Drift on the walls, lift the room by painting the ceiling and skirtings with a bright white paint. The contrast from the walls to the ceiling will draw the eye up as you enter the room, helping the room to feel larger than it actually is.

Denim Drift & Cream

Cream shades bring a much warmer aesthetic to space than bright white, and it’s a much more forgiving colour against imperfections and scratches.

This warm neutral is a beautiful pairing for Denim Drift, incorporate it by layering different textures too, think boucle, wool and calico to name a few.

Just remember to use the undertones as a guide when picking other like colours, but you can experiment with bolder pops of colour too if you want a more maximalist decor scheme in your home. Happy painting!

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  1. Hi Nicole , I was just looked for a bit of advice on choosing colours. We are looking at Denim Drift , for a feature wall.
    I was wondering what colour grey be best with it. For the other walls.
    I would really appreciate your help and advice.
    Kindest Regards,
    Karen Gorman.

  2. Hi Nicole, I’m considering painting a feature wall in my entry hallway in Denim drift three quarters high with a wooden topper with blackhooks on but need a light neutral colour for the rest of the hallway landing and stairs as not much natural light. I’m thinking dulux Timeless but wondered if you had any suggestions. Carpet is neutral greige and entryway wood vinyl oakish colour.

    Many thanks


    • Good morning Zoe, that sounds gorgeous! Love Timeless, it has a yellow undertone so will bring some warmth into the equation. I’d also looked at frosted dawn which is part of the Dulux Light + Space range of colours, it is a lumitec formulation which has light-reflective particles which are designed to make small spaces feel bigger and can help in spaces with limited natural light too. Hope that helps! Nicole x


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